11 Reasons Internet Marketers Fail

Common denominators why internet marketers fail…

You have probably heard the expression, “Success leaves clues.” The interesting thing that internet marketers don’t often pay attention to is that “Failure leaves clues also.”

Most people have little knowledge when they are looking to start a business.

Have you ever heard anyone say to find someone who has failed and model them? Of course not.

The right thing would be to find someone who has been successful at whatever you want to do and to model them.

This sounds really simple, right! Then why don’t people listen?

Lots of people have bought into the idea that knowledge is power.Wrong!

Applied knowledge is power.

Internet marketers have a different set of challenges in front of them than offline business owners do.

There are countless numbers of tools, systems, software and almost always all these tools don’t come under one roof so you have to strategically put them all together in a system that you can manage.

You have to have some technical skills, some marketing skills, communication skills and you have to keep up with the warp speed changes of the internet.

I am going to outline 11 common reasons why internet marketers fail to be successful.

Internet Marketers

Internet Marketers

Internet Marketers – fail to plan, plan to fail

If you have an internet marketing business you might want to look at these reasons and see if any of them are holding your business back from going to the next level or off the ground.

The journey of a business always starts with a plan.

Internet marketers have so may pieces of technology and marketing to put together that the business plan is often overlooked.

1) Don’t know what you want. Most internet marketers start with the concept of wanting to make a lot of money.

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Clarity is a good thing before you start your journey.

2) Try to figure everything out on your own. Internet marketing is very complex if you don’t understand it but simple if you do.

Find a mentor that can simply the process for you.

Your other alternative is to spend YEARS and mucho deneros $$$ trying to put the puzzle together.

Work with your strengths and find people to compliment your strength’s.

If you do things you hate and are not good at then you will not make through the success tunnel.

Learn to get out of your own way!

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3) Lack of discipline. It takes discipline to start and build a successful internet marketing business.

There will be days you just don’t feel like it but it has to get done.

I didn’t say it would be easy but it will be worth it.

Internet Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing Tips

4) You keep looking for the easy button. The path of least resistance is not the path of success.

There is no magic button on your keyboard that you push and it fills up your bank account.

Any one that try’s to sell that is fooling you.

If you want to be successful at anything you have to put in the work.

You can leverage with the right systems, tools and resources but you have to do the work.

5) Spending time being busy versus productive. Example, writing a blog post is the  start of the process and promotion is what makes you the money.

Always spend 4 times longer on productivity versus busyness.

Checking emails, social media and other activities can be a time sucking vortex if you let it.

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6) You set unrealistic expectations. Success does not happen overnight.

If your goals are too high you will give up when you are not hitting your targets.

Creating a lot of small wins at first gives you encouragement to keep going.

Once you have a process in place and its working for you then you simply scale it up.

7) You have no consistency. If you do a lot of little actions each day it will lead to bigger wins in the long run.

When you first start doing anything you usually are not that good at it.

Practice, practice, practice on a consistent basis and you start to get better and faster.

Never give up!

Internet Marketers

Internet Marketers

8) Stop chasing shiny objects. Every day there are new plugins, tools and software being launched.

You don’t need it all.

You will feel compelled to buy a lot of it but you will need to restrain yourself because most of it you will not learn or use.

Find the mentors you want to follow and stick to them.

Good mentors give you value more often then they try to sell to you.

Get used to unsubscribing from all those lists.

It will wear you out.

9) You don’t follow a proven system. Unfortunately there are a lot of empty promises being sold by internet marketers.

There are lots of great systems out there that work.

Find one that resonates with you.

The good internet marketers have great reputations and they only endorse things that they believe in and know that work.

10) You don’t build a list. If you look at a lot of blogs there is no optin form to stay plugged into you.

If you want to be really successful in your internet marketing business you will first -build a list and second – build a relationship with your list.

The money is in your relationship with your list.

11) You don’t build a brand. You don’t position yourself as an authority in your niche.

One of best internet marketing tips I have received from one of my mentors is to build yourself as the brand.

Opportunities and products come and go.

You become the authority and thus the brand.

People do business with people they know, like and trust.

Internet business opportunity

If you were looking for an internet business opportunity, what should you look for?

5 main features I look for (after 25 years experience)  is training (leadership), support, culture, product and compensation plan.

If you don’t have the first three the rest does not matter.

There is lots of opportunity for internet marketers.

The question is, “What resonates with you.” I look for the 5 features and knowledge that I can transfer to whatever I want to do.

If you learn the right knowledge, have the right tools and systems then you can apply it to anything you do.

All business needs more traffic, leads and conversions.

Take a close look through the internet marketing tips above and see where you can improve.

Are you looking for an internet marketing opportunity with all the above components?

It’s not all about how much you make, instead it is about who you will become in the process.

If you want to work with abundant thinkers who will help you succeed on your journey then click the link and watch the FREE video.

Is it time for you to shift your business to the next level?

Internet Marketers

Internet Marketers


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