11 Reasons to Start Your Own Home Business

Is starting A Home Business Right For You?

These are very interesting times we are living in. Depending on what generation you are from I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind about starting your own home business. The corporate world structure that existed for many decades has been eroded and people are being left to figure it out on their own. It has become abundantly clear that corporations and/or the government will not be looking out for our well being, and if you still believe that then you need to WAKE UP. The challenges to start a home business are not as risky and the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages . Here are 11 great reasons why becoming an entrepreneur are good for YOU.

Create Your Freedom

Create Your Freedom

Spend More Quality Time With Your Family

One of the number reasons is more time with family. Ask almost any parent and the quality time with family is very precious and your kids only grow up once. The demands from a traditional workplace put lots of pressure on families. You get to plan your schedule so that you can enjoy your kids activities and still get your work done.These are the memories that you get to cherish for a lifetime.

Do You Like To Travel?

This is another incredible benefit to enjoy. Most jobs give you limited time per year for vacations and often its not when you want but when you can take your vacation. Ask almost anyone and they will list off several destinations around the world that they would love to go. Where do you want to go? Do you like beaches in winter, taking a cruise to Alaska, going to the Caribbean, the Grand Canyon or maybe that Ski vacation you always wanted. Imagine being able to go when you want and where you want.

Time Freedom

Do you like the idea of someone telling you when you have to be at work and when you can leave? Always having to ask for time to take the kids to that appoint or lesson or game. The constant juggling of time because you have to live by someone else’s schedule. What if you had that power? What would you do? Having the flexibility to fit things in based on your priorities. Dare to dream.

Financial Freedom

Did you know that the average income of home business owners is higher than than those with jobs? Being in the drivers seat financially gives you options that most people only dream about. What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you spend time with? You get to make new choices of  where you live,what kind of house you live in, what kind of education your children will have,what kind of car you drive and where you vacation. Anything is possible.

Tax Advantages

Do you like paying taxes? Of course not. Most people don’t. Their are significant tax advantages when you operate a home business. You don’t need a franchise or a garage or a shop to get access to the same tax privileges. You need to consult with a tax specialist in your area to get the facts on what you are eligible for. Common things like home office, cell phone (business use portion), computer, internet, meals at restaurants( business related), travel with your vehicle, office supplies and other business related expenses. This also applies even if you only have a part time business while you are working a job.

Fire Your Boss – You Are Your Own Boss

How many people do you know that say how much they love their boss? How about YOU? Their job is to get as much out of you for the benefit of the company as they possibly can. Its all about company profits and usually at your expense. Let’s face it, if most businesses treated people like the valuable resource they are, then people would be happy and productive. You are the resource that makes the company work. And they keep asking for MORE all the time. If you can do it for them you can do it for YOU! If you want to take a look at a business model that could work for you, click the link now and see how average people have shifted their life.

No More Commute

I know, I know, you really look forward to that typical 1 hour commute to get to work and all that construction that makes you late. Everyone loves to get stuck in traffic twice a day for 40 years. Right. I don’t think so. Imagine, if your commute is down to your kitchen to make a coffee and head off all the way to your spare room or basement office. That would be your new commute. You build your schedule, if you have to go out around the job hounds who fight that traffic madness daily.

Create Your Freedom

Create Your Freedom

Low Start Up

The typical home business can be started today for a fraction of what it cost to set up a conventional business. Franchises are super expensive and it is still no guarantee for success. You have literally 100’s of home business opportunities available to you from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. You can get started with no employees and a computer and an internet connection. You should have a small marketing budget but today so many home businesses have a done for you structure whereby they offer the product, distribution, they collect the payments,administration and all you do is the marketing. And you can start part time until you build up your income.This low risk is very attractive to the new entrepreneurs today.

You Decide What You Are Worth

When was the last time you got a raise if you have a job? Probably didn’t even meet the cost of inflation. Do you like the idea that someone else has determined what you are worth? How would you like to give yourself a raise anytime you wanted? Once you understand the home business world you can often find systems to leverage to work for you and to get a raise all you do is scale up your business. Remember, the system, (in the right business) here is one to check out now, can increase your income without you working harder and more hours. That’s exciting !

Network Marketing

If you understand leverage, and by that I mean using other people’s time and other people’s money you will see the incredible power of leverage. A network or team of people that you build and guide can build a lifetime of freedom. The true philosophy of this home business model is people helping other people to succeed. Like Zig Ziglar put it, “If you help enough other people get what they want , you can get what you want.” In any business model that you serve people with value you can create as much wealth as you want. And you get access to business training and the untold story of personal development which filters in to all areas of your life and relationships.

Create Your Freedom

Create Your Freedom

Take Charge of Your Life

You may have heard the expression that if your not working on building your dreams then your building someone else’s dreams. Which would you prefer? If you had the mentorship, training, support and encouragement would you step off that comfort zone ledge and go for it? Its ok if you are afraid. Everyone is when they first take that plunge. But if you keep doing what you are doing you are going to keep getting what you already have. Is that enough for you? Do you deserve better? Its really just a choice. Click the image below and you will be amazed at what is waiting for you. Be bold and take the step to take charge of your life NOW! Click the image!

Create Your Freedom

Create Your Freedom



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