13 Reasons Why People Succeed

Do you see yourself being successful?

What is success? Ask any 25 people and you will likely hear 25 different answers. The answers to what is success might be different but the things that make you successful are the same.

The principles or foundation of success is kind of like a cake recipe. It takes certain ingredients put together to make up the end result. As in any recipe when you forget an ingredient the result is not the outcome you were expecting. When you apply the following 13 ingredients into your success cake you will achieve the desired outcome.

The cool part is that if you want a bigger success cake you just double or triple or quadruple the amount of the ingredients and voila – more success.

Why People Succeed

Why People Succeed

Why People Succeed:

1) Attitude: When you have the right attitude you will deal with things in a much better way. Life happens on your journey and a good attitude goes a long way to keep you from losing perspective. Having an attitude of gratitude for all the things in your life, including the challenges and people that push you to your limit. Be grateful for all of it.

2) Accountability: You need to be accountable for your decisions and actions. This really boils down to you taking responsibility for the life you have and the one you want to create. It all starts with you. Being accountable means that people can depend on you because you keep your word. Keeping your word is powerful because people want to work with people that say one thing and do what they say. This is being congruent.

3) Commitment: There is a process to achieving success and being committed to the process is essential. When you make bold statements like “I am committed to…” there becomes an expectation because you stated it. This includes when things go wrong. Many companies or relationships give up far too soon because that appears to be the path of least resistance. Commitment is sticking it out through thick and thin until the end.

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4) Desire: A white hot burning desire to achieve success is the fuel to keep you going. How bad do you want it? You will find people and situations that want to knock you down or steal your dreams and that burning desire makes you push forward. Do not get desire confused with wishing and hoping that things work out. A burning desire does not settle for second best. Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

5) Discipline: There are days you will wake up and you just don’t feel like doing it. This is where the discipline kicks in and you show up -do the work, show up -do the work again. If its success you want, excuses won’t cut it. To the degree that you want to succeed you must have that same degree of discipline. Repetition of the seemingly boring mundane things will pay off in the end when you have mastered discipline.

Why People Succeed

Why People Succeed

6) Integrity: People want to do business with people they know,like and TRUST. Integrity is being honest in your dealings with others. It is respect for others. It is doing the right thing even if it costs you short term. Without TRUST nothing works, with TRUST people give you their all. Integrity lets people believe in you and it extends credibility. This is one of the main pillars in an organization, a community or a family. Remember TRUST is something that takes a long to earn but virtually no time to destroy.

7) Learning: Always be learning. The world is changing at warp speed and keeping up is essential to survive and thrive. Your appetite for learning should always keep you hungry. Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power, so learning the what is the first step and learning the application of it is the second step. Learning expands the mind and continues to increase the unlimited capacity of your potential.

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Why People Succeed

Why People Succeed

8) Not Afraid To Fail: F.E.A.R. is false evidence appears real. To be successful requires that you fail. Read any autobiography of any great achiever and the biggest breakthroughs in success came after a failure. What would happen if you reframed how you interpreted failing, What if you thought, “If I fail, the worst case scenario is I will learn.” Failing simply means you did not get the desired outcome. Do it again, and again, and again, until you get it right. This allows you to overcome fear because it is only a perception, and one that you can change instantly.

9) Persistence: When obstacles appear, and they will, persistence is having the determination  to continue on. Successful people take on the mindset that having persistence is simply the courage to face whatever appears in front of them as another opportunity to move forward. Persistence is using the power of your mind to interpret things differently than people who give up because things are not working the way they want. Applied faith and courage will allow you to persist beyond any obstacle.

Why People Succeed

Why People Succeed

10) Personal Development Plan: If you ask any successful person what is the greatest resource in industry they will you the people. The best ROI (return on investment) is what you invest in yourself. CANI…(constant and neverending improvement) should be your mantra. What you invest in you gives an infinite return. In the end its not how much money you make but who you become. What you feed your mind and how you take of your health are all critical to achieving the best version of you. Better you = better quality of relationships =better quality of life.

11) Plan: Having a plan which is really your blueprint of what you want and how you are going to get it. This becomes your guide that enables you to track your results. Like a pilot you need to know when you are off course. A plan creates clarity in the mind where all things are first imagined.

12) Take Action: Nothing gets accomplished without action. Thinking about something will not get it done. Thoughts are things in the mind and when you take action, that’s when things start to happen. If you want a little result, take little action but if you want a massive result you must take massive action. The great part about massive action is that you reach a point where you develop momentum and this where real energy begins to flow.

13) Work Ethic: A mind at rest stays at rest. A mind in motion stays in motion. Hard work never really killed anybody. Work is something that needs to be applied both mentally and physically. How you interpret it is also significant. If you look at work as something that you want to do as opposed to you have to do, you will find a dramatic difference  in the amount of effort required. Do what you love and love what you do and you will never consider work the the same way.

The crossover effect

If you look closely at all these attributes require for you to be successful in business they also apply to your personal life. Its funny how life is all connected together that way. Improve in one area and it spills over. The end result becomes a better version of YOU. This all translates into a better quality of life and a more fulfilled life.

The world becomes a better place when you become better. The challenge for many people is they don’t know how to get there on their own. Do you want to work with successful people who consider these traits as the principles to life and being successful. Click the image below and experience what is truly possible.

Why People Succeed

Why People Succeed


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