17 Universal Principles of Success and Achievement

The key to success and achievement

Napoleon Hill defined the following 17 universal principles of success and achievement as a blueprint that will guide you on the path to riches. Do you want to be rich? Do you want to figure it for yourself? How would you like to follow in the guided footsteps of Dr. Hill ? Napoleon Hill spent his lifetime studying over 500 of the wealthiest men in America and the insights that he shares here is a culmination of his work.

Success Principle # 1: Definiteness of purpose – you need to know what you want. Sounds simple. Do you know what you want? Having clarity on what you want and what your goals are will create a success consciousness. Decide on a major goal in your life professional or personal. How much time will it take for you to achieve this? Is it attainable? Is it measurable? Write it out on a 3X5 card and place it where you can see it every day.

Success Principle # 2: Form a master mind group of two or more people. There is a unique power when two or more people work in harmony to attain a specific objective. Define a definite purpose for the master mind to achieve. Determine a benefit for each member and insure they get it. Design a plan for how each member will make a contribution. Each member of this collective must be accountable to the group.




Success Principle # 3: Applied Faith. Having and being in a state of mind of total belief that your goals, plans, objectives and purpose will manifest in the physical world. You must have a total conviction that all that you desire and plan will come to be regardless of what is going on in your life at this moment and more importantly what experiences you have had in the past.

Success Principle # 4: Pleasing personality. Having a pleasing personality helps you overcome one of the primary causes of failure – the inability get along with others harmoniously. Whatever you want to achieve in life, you will need the help of others to attain it and a pleasing personality opens doors. This is something that you can change by having an attitude of gratitude .

Success Principle # 5: Going the extra mile. Rendering more and better service than you are paid to deliver, doing it all the time, because it is the right way to serve people. This is a great trait that will separate you from the pile because it is lonely on the extra mile. This shows your commitment to excellence by going above and beyond what people expect.

Success Principle # 6: Personal initiative. It is imperative that you use your inner power to start an action. Followers wait for someone to tell them what to do but leaders take personal initiative to rise up with courage to act.



Success Principle # 7: Self Discipline. You must have the ability to control your thoughts and emotions. It is the only thing in life which you can have complete control over. The challenge will be great to maintain the course through all the obstacles you will inevitably face. Self discipline will keep you focused and in control of yourself.

Success Principle # 8: Controlled Attention. This is the highest form of self discipline where you focus all your mind’s faculties and direct your energy towards your objectives. Maintaining your focus on your goals helps keep you in balance and on track.

Success Principle # 9: Enthusiasm. Generating a vibrant enthusiastic approach to achieve your goals will attract and inspire others to cooperate with you. It serves as a magnet because real enthusiasm comes from within and makes people want to be a part of what you are doing.

Success Principle # 10: Imagination. Tapping into your creativity power by way of your imagination makes you unstoppable. The mind does not know the difference from what is real and what your imagination visualizes as being real. The greatest example of imagination is in the creation of movies. They move us to tears even though we know it is not real. This is powerful.



Success Principle # 11: Learning from adversity and failure. Life happens to everyone. You will experience hardship, obstacles and yes – failure. Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. Life is not about what happens but how you deal with what happens. Failure is one of the world’s greatest teachers.

Success Principle # 12: Time management. Everyone gets the same amount of time every day. 24 hours. You can use this precious non renewable resource wisely or you can waste it on countless distractions. Do a journal on how you spend the time in your day. This will either move you towards your goals or away from your goals. Pay attention to the minutes.

Success Principle # 13: Positive mental attitude. Having a positive mental attitude fills your bucket up with positive energy. Having a negative attitude will drain you. Approach everything with an attitude that you expect the best result. Since learning plays a big part of success choose to look at any set backs or failures as an opportunity to learn. Its simply referred to as keeping it all in perspective.

Success Principle # 14: Accurate thinking. The accurate thinker recognizes all the facts of life, both good and bad and assumes responsibility of separating and organizing the two. You get to choose those that serve your needs and rejecting all the others. Sorting through the good and bad means you will have to become a proficient thinker but practice makes perfect.

Success Principle # 15: Take care of your health. Working hard on your business and disregarding your health will catch up to you. Its about balance. Lots of money and poor health makes no sense. Your health especially as you get older will determine the quality of your life. Poor health, poor quality of life. Pay attention to your habits of what you eat, drink and sleeping.

Success Principle # 16: Cooperation. Working in harmony with others will get you where you want to go faster than by yourself. No one can achieve success on their own. Collaborating and cooperating with others makes things easier and more productive.

Success Principle # 17: Cosmic habitforce. There is an infinite intelligence that is the resource of anything and everything in the universe. Learning to get synchronized with this force allows you to manifest in your life that which you think. Thoughts are things because everything in the universe was first imagined in the mind before it came to be. Anything is possible!

Manifesting the achievement of the life of your dreams

These 17 universal principles of success and achievement will put you on the path to personal achievement and a life of unimaginable success and happiness. If you set unrealistic expectations for yourself you will meet with disappointment. Learning these principles is one step but you also have to apply them. Go after your dreams and use these principles to achieve them.

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