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As a man thinketh

If you were to carefully examine what you are thinking on a daily basis and what you hold in your mind to be true, you would see a parallel of what is showing up in your life. The degree of abundance you have in your life is directly related to what you think. Science has revealed that 87% of what we are exposed to on a daily basis is negative. This leaves countless impressions on your subconscious mind.

Watching and reading the news will leave you with the impression that the world is a nasty place that is falling apart at the seams. Everything is corrupt and there is crime everywhere. All of this influence shifts your mind to believe that the world is a bad place but with a little probing we actually find that there is far more good in the world but the news media only focuses on the negative crap.




What are you thinking?

When you are growing up your parents and family make up the majority of influence on you. If you were fortunate enough to be raised in a positive, supportive, loving encouraging environment then chances are you got a head start on believing in yourself. There are usually still some limiting beliefs that have been passed down to you. Once you start to have friends you became exposed to their family and beliefs. It continues on with teachers, coaches and other authority figures.

By the time you are in your teen years you have made up a story about yourself based on all these influences in your life. Right, wrong or indifferent you have a story you have bought into about YOU that you believe to be true. This story is going to run your life unless you change it.

Shifting gears into the real world

The moment you leave your family to go live on your own the reality of how you think is now going to dictate your actions. You have to become responsible now. As always whenever we see something better than what we have we will express, “wouldn’t it be nice to have that”. You will be exposed to abundance in many forms and you can either wish and hope for things or you can go to work to attain them. Abundance might seem to be only what everybody else has but in reality it is there for everyone.

Start to look more closely at your thoughts. Pay attention to what you watch and read. Look at the friends and people you associate with. These are all influencers in your life. This drips on you every day and its interesting how such subtle things end up becoming a part of you.



Building a powerful mindset

One of the most difficult things to do is letting go of what we think and how we see ourselves. We need to unlearn first before we can learn new things. Making a conscious decision to change the influencers in your life. Stop watching negative news. Start reading good books that will open your mind and insert good thoughts. If you want to experience abundance in all areas of your life the most important thing you will have to change is YOU. It starts with your thinking.

Having an abundance of money by itself would be like when you were a kid on a teeter tooter, you will be off balance in other areas. You can attract abundance but only if you invest in yourself and understand that learning and growing is a life long process. Building a better mindset opens the doors of abundance to fill your life with wonderful things. Better health because without your health you have no quality of life. Better relationships. Better financial wealth.

Creating overflowing abundance in your life

Have you ever seen someone and said, wow, they have it all. The result of someone having it all is them having put the investment into themselves to becoming better. Anything is possible when you put in the effort to change and grow. Having a great life is not about how much money you have , its about who you become on the journey.

One of the characteristics of great people is they have an attitude of gratitude. You can complain about anything you want in life, all day, every day. In reality most people I have ever met had far more to be grateful for than actual complaints. You have two eyes and how you DECIDE to look at things changes everything. Be grateful all the time.

One common practice I have in my daily routine is listing 10 things I am grateful for. Try it and see how it shifts the feeling within you, especially if you are having a bad day. Attitude of gratitude is a real game changer.



A common misunderstanding of abundance

I have found it fascinating to see people who think that when they work on one side of their life that that’s the only part that improves. Who you are as a person shows up at your job or in your business. Who you are in business shows up at home. Some one who is a jerk at work does not go home and suddenly become Mr. Wonderful. Nice people don’t go to work and become jerks. When you improve one area it spills over into all areas of your life. The other common misconception is, “if I only had more money I would be a better person”. No you won’t. More money just makes you more of what you already are, period! Abundance does not just happen. You have to think the right thoughts and do the right actions to change what is in your life.

Here is a great quote to understand how the process begins and where it takes you. Think about it. Maybe it’s worth adopting into your life to live in the abundance that you want.




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