An Effective Strategy For Marketing Blogs

Are you getting results marketing blogs?

Marketing blogs may seem simple enough but if you don’t have a strategic process or system you are wasting time.

At the beginning most people jump online, create a blog and just start blasting information in all directions.

That’s fine if you are doing it as a hobby.

If you want to be effective marketing blogs you need to have a sound plan in place or your audience will end up as scattered as you are.

What is your passion?

What is your purpose?

Ultimately you want to love what you will be writing about because you will be doing it daily or at the very least 5 times a week if you want to be successful.

Your audience will easily be able to tell if you truly love what you are doing.

The energy and enthusiasm that you do anything with seems to come pouring out whether it is in a blog post on a video you will be shooting.

People love and are attracted to enthusiasm.

Marketing Blogs

Marketing Blogs

Online marketing strategy for your blog

Your online marketing strategy for your blog should start with a plan of positioning you as an authority in your niche.

Are you a professional in some area or are you really good at something?

If you are already a professional, such as being a pro golfer, you already have credibility.

This is something that anyone can take advantage of.

This puts you ahead of the game because you already have instant credibility.

Know, like and trust is what every authority aspires to build.

An authority figure is someone who is a servant leader that is providing value to others.

Do you want to learn how to position yourself as an authority in your niche?

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Your strategic marketing plan for marketing blogs

Marketing Blogs

Marketing Blogs

Now that you have your blog set up you need to start the promotion side of things.

Writing your blog posts and shooting the videos is just the beginning.

Promotion is where you create the value and make the money.

What is the first step in your strategic marketing plan?

You have a optin box to capture names and emails because you will get most of your sales from your email list.

A great way to attract them to give you their name and email is with an ethical bribe known as a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a PDF, a training or a video that will create a solution for their problem in business or life.

Let’s use the example of a pro golfer.

You would create a video or document outlining how they could shave 5 strokes off their score fast.

That is worth it’s weight in gold to a golfer and now they will love you for that gift.

To understand more about lead magnets click here.

Blog marketing is always a strategic process

Now you have your email list starting to build.

You set up your social media accounts to engage more people.

Make sure you engage people and serve them lots of value on your social media networks.

Don’t try to sell too much on social media and try to get them moved over to your blog as quickly as possible.

You don’t own the data or the space on social media but you do control your blog.

You want to capitalize on all the social media opportunities you can because most of it is free except your time.

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How to monetize your blog…

Now you are ready to start making some profits.

Your list is growing daily and you have been giving them lots of value.

You are entitled to be doing some promotions of products  or services.

Make sure that what you promote is:

  1. A great product or service that you would stand behind
  2. It is congruent with your blog and what you are talking about
Marketing Blogs

Marketing Blogs

The easiest way to start monetizing is promoting other affiliate products.

You find the best products out there and promote it to your list.

This is a good beginning but ultimately you want to create your own products (info or training) later on.

You make 30-70% on affiliate products.

You make 100% of your own products.


Content marketing strategy…

Your content marketing strategy should include lots of videos.

When you pump out videos on your blog you are 53% more likely yo get on page #1 in Google.

This is where you will pick up lots of great free organic traffic.

“Content is king, but engagement is Queen and she rules the house.” – Mari Smith

You want to be creating great content that gets people to like, share, comment or in the case of videos watch the entire video.

Here are some great steps to follow in your content marketing strategy:

  1. Audience build… create that list and keep it growing…this is your gold mine
  2. Interviews – you can interview other experts or you can have someone interview you.
  3. When you interview other authorities they can validate what you have been telling your audience all along.
  4. Reviews – take travel sites for instance – everyone loves reading or watching a video review of a resort, golf course, vacation spot or something they are going to buy.
  5. Big ticket item – you always want to be thinking of a big ticket item that you can promote to your list – once they have bought from you they trust you – you can then offer them other products or services at a much higher price. You gave them lots of value for free, great value on the low ticket items and so they trust they will get tons of value from your other stuff. Make you you always over deliver. Once they are gone, they are usually gone for good.

Internet marketing strategies to think about.

It is not always your customer who buys from you.

You want to keep in mind, “Who do they know.”

Take people on your journey.

This allows them to get to know the real you.

After all its all about them, not you.

Always teach them something.

Provide solutions to their problems or pain.

Think like a media company.

How can you get your message out there?

Where can you put your face and name to build your brand?

If you limit your marketing then you will get limited results.

Marketing blogs is a long term approach so think of it as a marathon not a sprint.

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Marketing Blogs

Marketing Blogs


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  1. Hey David you are right, you need to provide value and be a servant leader, learn how to monetize your blog and 80% of work is good promotion and monetization strategies. Great advice and you are doing this!

  2. David, these are some great points about blog marketing. Being an authority and providing value are super important. And I really enjoyed the quote about engagement being queen 🙂

  3. Be a servant leader, Lead By example BE DO HAVE…It works.

    Learn how to monetize your blog This is where the sauce is. It takes time to build Authority and rank, it takes one bad post to wipe it all away. Promoting one’s content is where the work is. And Once one knows the tricks of automating content creation, they are halfway the mark.

    Very comprehensive article on Effective blog marketing strategies!
    Thanks for sharing David!

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