Are You An Email Marketing Ninja?

Are you tapping that vein of gold known as your list?

Do you have a blog or a website?

What are you doing to capture emails?

I have looked at a lot of websites and asked people, “Do you have an optin box on your home page?”

When you see that classic look and response, “What is that?” you know you are speaking to someone who is not generating profits online.

Email marketing is one of the greatest ways to monetize your blog.

If you play your cards right and follow some of the steps I am going to outline you will see that is a virtual gold mine that can turn into an endless stream of money.

The whole premise of which I am basing this information is that you are an authentic servant leader who provides tons of value for your customers and potential customers.

You need to be serving your customers lots of value to create know, like and trust.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

Content is king

You have probably heard the expression that “content is king.”

Mari Smith the social media maven has a quote that states,”Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the house.”

When you take a look at the the search engines and social media networks one of the major criteria to get better ranking is engagement.

That is one of the strongest parameters that signals to the search engines that people enjoy your content and are engaging by liking, sharing, tweeting, commenting and Google+ it.

There is an 80/20 rule of push/pull marketing that if followed will gain you raving fans who will spread the word about you and your content.

This means that you are providing value 80% of the time in your email marketing campaign and 20% is promotion of products or services.

Nothing talks louder than word of mouth and this is especially more ture today than ever before because everyone has a network of contacts or even better, multiple networks of contacts.

What do you want them saying about YOU?

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Best email marketing practices to follow

You have started to build solid relationships with your list with value based content.

If you have done your research properly you will have a good idea of what your list is struggling with.

An effective email marketing campaign will take your followers on a journey that will allow them to get to know you better.

Another best email marketing practice is taking the guesswork out of the equation and using surveys to find out what problems or pain your followers have.

Its amazing that when you ask people how you can serve them and what is there # 1 struggle, they will tell you.

Then you provide them with a solution.

Another best email marketing practice is to have a call to action in your emails.

Don’t assume people know what to do.

Tell them what to do in a polite manner.

Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Solutions

Using lead magnets or giveaways in your optin forms

What is the main reason to create online content?

To build an audience to get leads.

What is the purpose of blogging?

To get more leads.

What can you offer to make your target market toss and turn at night if they don’t optin?

A lead magnet is simply a report, a document, a video or some form of value based content to give away in order to get a name and an email address.

Name is important because the open rate on personalized emails is much higher than just a hey you.

The Law of Reciprocation works miracles because people are more inclined to purchase something from someone who has given something of value for FREE.

If you want to read a full blog post on lead magnets click here.

Monetizing with your email marketing campaign

The lead magnets significantly increases your optins.

It is more difficult to get someone from your cold market which is most traffic that you generate to buy immediately.

There are a couple of psychological approaches to use to get your list built for FREE.

One approach is to have a lead magnet that goes to a sales page that has a low price point offer where people are less resistant to spending there money.

You can stop there and you still have them on your list to do follow up email marketing.

This generates some revenue to neutralize your upfront costs to generate traffic.

The interesting thing is that once somebody has purchased from you, you could also add an upsell with a higher price point because they are now a committed buyer.

Another best email marketing practice is to segment your lists.

Once someone has become a buyer you want to move them to a new list.

You can also segment your list based on the information you get back from the surveys.

This allows you to drill down another level to an even more specific demographic.

The more refined your targeting is the better chance you have of offering exactly what email marketing solutions they are in need of.

Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Solutions

The rules of engagement with your list

When someone from your list has engaged with your content you want to promptly respond.

Sometimes questions prompts people to engage more and when you are using social media make sure you put short questions or short interesting statements and a call to action to get them to engage.

When you are interacting in social media networks be social and authentic.

If you act interested in them they will find you interesting.

Tell your story or your journey to success so that they will relate to a real person who started just like them and worked through the inevitable obstacles that everyone faces.

Your email marketing list will become like your tribe if you are following the 80/20 rule.

They will look forward to your emails instead of, “not another email from so and so.”

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Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns


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  1. This is article is quite helpful for since I’m still on the process of really figuring out how email marketing can effectively work for me.

  2. Lorraine Menza says:

    I agree, your email list has become your warm market, and there was something about you or what you offered that made them get on your email list. Provide that list with daily value, and they will be more likely to buy from you!

  3. Email marketing is by far the most powerful strategy to sell something to your target audience. And segmenting your lists is the key to increasing conversions aka getting more sales! Thanks for the great article David!

  4. Cool post, engagement is so key. most won’t take the time. Do that and you stand out

  5. Hey David, thanks for the great advice on how to handle your list. Story telling is one that will keep their interest peaked for sure.

  6. Becoming an email marketing Ninja is truly the way to not only building relationships with your audience but also to growing your income!

    Now lots of people indeed have no clue or simply are too lazy to learn a better way and build a long term business.By sharing value and impacting others positively! What Jonathan Budd recently called “Sustainable Value”

    Now once you have your email list growing nicely thank you very much…Its important to segment it and Focus on those engaging with & responding to your content With the kind of information they are looking for and your offers These are your Core subscribers and are WARM, so instead of juts promoting content send them a monetized offer too in a special email with some more value!

    Its also important to move your Customers into a new list so you don’t keep bombarding them with what they already bought unless its a renewable tangible product! Again this is segmenting!

    Thanks for sharing David!

  7. You are right David I’ve noticed this personally that when I started to share my story with my email list I saw an increase of 15% on email opening rates. This is a very important topic you’ve shared with us today thanks a lot =)

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