Are You Doing Online Presentations?

Are you using the 3 P’s of success?

The 3 P’s of success are preparation, presentation and persistence.

This is the foundation of your business.

Regardless of whether you are doing network marketing or  online presentations you need to master the 3 P’s.

Network marketing used to be all belly to belly or in person presentations.

The internet has expanded this approach because by doing online presentations you get to connect with a global community.

This is using a tool (internet) to leverage your most valuable resource, time.

Lots of businesses are adopting the online presentations because it is more economical and time efficient.

Today’s webinars and online presentations have come a long way.

The technology is advancing more all the time so that you can have thousands of people on at the same time and the system is still stable.

I was just recently on a live webinar broadcast that used several channels and there was over 100,000 on at the same time.

Imagine how much leverage this is for your business.

Online Presentations

Online Presentations

Let’s start with the first P – preparation

There is nothing worse than sitting through a presentation that somebody has not done their homework and prepared for.

You need to do some planning and research so that you know your subject.

When you know your stuff you speak with confidence and your posture signals that you know what you are talking about.

The more you study and do your research the more you will be able to address any issues and answer any questions that your audience might have.

Preparation is knowing what type of audience you will have regardless of whether it is online or in person.

You want to have an idea of what they are there for and you want to be able to wow them with your information.

Do you want to learn about the 3 P’s for your business?

Education + knowledge + confidence + communication skills = success.

Do you want to have access to a system that will grow you from the inside out?

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The next P – presentation.

The first rule is never do a presentation that you would not want to sit through yourself.

Think about it.

Have you ever been in a conference or business meeting that you could not wait to get out of.

Minutes felt like hours.

The old style  presentation used to be done almost exclusively with power point.

The problem with power point (unless you are doing an online presentation)  is that you risk boring people to death with slides.

This takes away from any interaction with your audience if you totally depend on power point.

Science has done a lot of studies on men and women’s brains and the conclusion is that they have many differences in how they process information.

This is where the preparation part comes into your presentation.

You need to know who your audience is, age, gender, background and why are they there.

Online Presentations

The third P of success – persistence

There is no doubt that you will run into obstacles in any business that you will be involved with.

Online presentations have their own unique challenges because you are dealing with technology.

Persistence is a key component of success.

Og Mandino, a famous business coach, had an expression, “I shall persist until I succeed.”

There is no way out but through the doors of success with this attitude.

You will encounter struggles and obstacles and you need persistence to keep on keeping on no matter what.

Persistence will allow you to have breakthroughs to reach your goals and objectives.

Average people see struggle and effort as something to grind through.

Successful people see struggle and effort but they hold it contextually different.

Successful people turn obstacles into opportunity.

Online presentation tools

The online presentation tools you will need are a subscription for webinars and you also have access to hangouts with Google for FREE.

The webinars allow you to do screen sharing or you can create a power point.

Some online presentations can also be done by using a white board with you mapping out the blueprint of your product or service.

The great thing about online presentations is that everyone gets to sit in the comfort of their home and relax.

I often prefer leveraging the online tools because of the time factor.

No travelling for anyone watching.

Do you want to learn to master the presentation?

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Online Presentations

Online Presentations

Online business ideas to promote

Are you looking for some great online business ideas to promote?

What about your own product?

There are lots of home based business opportunities you can promote.

You can promote affiliate products.

There are lots of great systems out there that people need to know about.

It is very simple if you teach what you have learned.

There are blogging courses, copywriting courses, social media marketing or video marketing courses you could teach.

The online business ideas are in abundance for you to build an internet marketing business with.

Being consistent with your online presentations

The more you practice the better you will get.

You need to develop effective presentation skills to be successful.

One of the most effective presentation skills is knowing how to keep engaged with your content.

When you are doing online presentations you don’t get to see your audience.

One way to keep track of their engagement is through the chat tools on webinars or hangouts.

The comments will give you a gauge of how engaged your audience is.

The more interaction you can create by asking questions and getting them to put something in the chat box gives you an idea of you still have their attention.

It takes great communication skills to hold people’s attention for 30 min. – 1 hour.

Make reference to their common problem and provide a solution.

Master presenters like Steve Jobs would build tension and release tension during their presentations.

This is building up your audience for a great ending.

Do you want to learn the skills to be successful doing online or live presentations for your business?

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Presentations Online

Presentations Online


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  1. That P word persistence is in every acronym isn’t it? Great information David!

  2. Hi David,

    Doing Online Presentations is now the norm for the discerning Marketer or business owner.

    Frankly speaking I love The Camera…I love scoping even as I grow with it.
    I love sharing value and I dont love Google HOA lol!

    So I use The new Blab in Beta. Its awesome. Google hang outs on speed. Super cool you should try it. I login via Twitter!

  3. Lorraine Menza says:

    I have done several online presentations, and yes, I agree with you it does take preparation!

  4. I love these three Ps because if you do not operate with them it leads to their archenemy, the other 3 Ps (Piss Poor Performance).

  5. Great info David thanks for sharing…I need to get busy on this.

  6. Great info David thanks for sharing…I need to get busy on this. tweeted for you

  7. They say, whoever holds the clicker…succeeds quicker
    great post David

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