Are You Living The Fear Game?

Is Fear Holding You Back From Achieving Your Dreams?

Do you have the confidence to try new things or do you hold yourself back? Is it the fear of failure or what others will think that stops you with exploring or trying new things?

You have probably heard the expression that perception is reality. Your perception of yourself is often something that you have carried forward with you from your childhood.

If you were fortunate enough to be raised in a family that instilled confidence in you then you are more likely to be a person who is courageous in attempting new things.

If you were raised in a negative environment then you probably have struggled with your self esteem, believing that you’re not good enough. 

Fear Game

Fear Game

The root cause of fear…

One of the interesting things to note is that all parents love their children. Depending on what generation your parents came from and how they were raised they developed a belief value of what love is. Most parents teach their children as they were taught.

My parents were born before the great depression so a mindset of scarcity was what they were raised with. The scarring of this mindset was always evident in our house.

The mindset that we carry through life sometimes goes back several generations and the way it gets changed is when a higher level of awareness is realized and you interrupt the pattern.

You can easily see that the mindset of fear can carry forward for many generations until someone recognizes it and does some work on themselves to reset a new pattern.

The key in conquering the fear game is becoming aware that you are in it. Awareness is the precursor to change.

The cause and effect of the fear game

Getting back to fear, which is something that can motivate you or paralyse you. It is based on your perception of reality and the story you bought into about you from when you were young.

What does fear stand for? The acronym for fear is False Evidence Appears Real. It is all perception.

When you start to realize that you can push the reset button any time you want you will begin the self empowering phase of your life. It really is all about choice. You choose to stay best friends with your fear because it’s what you know or you choose to make the shift away from the fear game.

It might feel uncomfortable at first but once you start to break the walls of fear down you will create a new mindset of endless possibilities.

Fear Game

Fear Game

The delusional Fear of Failure

Are you really afraid of failure? Failing is an absolute must if you want to succeed. There are a few other false beliefs that people attach to their mind.

One is the fear of rejection. When you were growing up you may have directly experienced this or seen someone that has. Maybe it was with your parents. Regardless, the one thing you associated with rejection was PAIN. No one wants to feel that.

Maybe you are suffering from fear of criticism. Parents or authority figures in your life may have subjected you to criticism and when you are young the sting of criticism can have a lasting effect.

How about the fear of blame? Were you ever blamed as a kid for doing things? All of these emotional triggers can add up and take its toll when you reach adulthood.

Once you understand all these fears are part of the mental game, you can choose to shift your mind away from the fear game.

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Fear Game

Fear Game

The Fear of Success

Is this true? Are people actually afraid of succeeding? How can we possibly go through the fear of failure and the fear of success?

Remember the fear game is a mental game. You can make up anything you want.

People are afraid of success because of the stories they believe on how people become successful. Many believe that all successful people get wealthy by taking advantage of others. They don’t want to be judged like that.

People are afraid of the new expectation put on them. You will have to watch over your money so others won’t steal it. Others just don’t feel that they deserve to be rich.

I challenge you to go out and find a bucket a fear and show me exactly what it looks like. Exactly, you can’t fill a bucket with a perception of reality.

Take a look at history and you will see every successful person had to overcome fear to reach the pinnacle of success.

Imagine if Michael Jordan was too afraid to take the last shot to win the game and championship.


Turning the page and living with No Fear

The question is that once you recognize that you are in control and all it is, is a new empowering choice or a new empowering decision, what are you going to choose? Do you want to move forward or stay stuck in fear?

The sad part is that if you choose to stay stuck then you will have to deal with a big consequence as you enter the sunset of your life. This reality will be the pain of regret. This weighs heavy on your soul.

Everyone has so much potential. Science tells us that you normally use between 10-15% of your true potential. Imagine that 85% is still resting dormant in your inner self. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Subscribe to a new belief about yourself and push your reset button to live a more fulfilled, happier, joyful and successful life. After all it is your life, you get to choose, right?

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Fear Game

Fear Game


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