Are You Looking For Business Ideas Online?

The word to describe business ideas online is – abundant.

The global economy has shifted things around but that has not altered the availability of opportunities.

There is more opportunity than any time in history and it is more affordable to start your own business ideas online.

The internet has opened the doors to the future and it is becoming more common for people to start a global business from the comfort of their home.

The days of starting and finishing a career in one place are over.

The situation is not if there is any opportunity out there but how do you pick one as there is so much to choose from.

The rapid expansion of social media has created a whole new sector of business as all business owners are struggling to learn the new ways of marketing.

The internet and more particularly social media has completely altered the ways we connect and communicate.

The visionary thinkers like Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, is on the cutting edge of leading a business revolution.

Technology and out of the box thinking has transformed the way we look at business and the world is at your fingertips with the click of your mouse.

Business Ideas Online

Business Ideas Online

Are you looking to create your own online business idea?

What are you passionate about?

What skills do you have?

Entrepreneurship is often about finding a solution for a problem and sharing it with the world.

You don’t have to be a true visionary like Steve Jobs to create your dream lifestyle.

You can start your own home based business part time while you are still employed.

Let’s take a look at some of the great ways to start and grow your own online business idea.

Blogging is one of the fastest growing trends because of your low start up cost.

You can get a wordpress blog theme for less than $100.00 and then along with hosting for about $15.00 a month you are ready to roll.

You will need a few plugins that will enhance your site and an autoresponder that will allow you to capture names and email addresses.

This will all cost you about another $200.00 and if you need someone to set it up for you you can get it all done for less than $1500.00

Compare that to a franchise for about $300,000.00-$1,000,000.00 and it looks very reasonable.

Plus you don’t have the headache of employees and massive overhead.

If you want to know some of the top tools and resources I use and recommend go to my tools page.

What are some of the countless other options to create your freedom?

Do you love social media?

Social media marketing is exploding and all businesses both traditional and online are looking for the secret sauce to extend their reach to new markets.

Social media has not been around for that long.

The first phases of social media such as Facebook and MySpace  were simply designed to be only social sharing sites.

The interesting thing about the internet and social media is that they present the possibility of things going viral globally at lightning speed.

The old traditional ways of branding a company used to take many years and billions of dollars in advertising.

Facebook alone currently has about 1.6 billion users.

Learning the art of social media marketing to explode your online business idea would be a smart choice to make.

Business Ideas Online

Business Ideas Online

Affiliate marketing is a great online business opportunity because you don’t need a product or service.

You simply promote someone else’s product or service.

You simply create a landing or capture page to collect names and email addresses.

You then drive traffic to those pages.

Amateur internet marketers push people directly at a sales page or their offers.

Pros use a process with a lead magnet, collect the names and emails and then build a relationship with that new list of potential customers.

If you want to read a full blog post on this process click here.

Effective internet marketing strategies

There are basically two types of internet marketers.

You have those who are transaction marketers and typically they will sell anything and everything to make money.

They are not concerned about providing you value or solving your problems.

They are doing their business with one specific goal.

To fill up their bank accounts.

Don’t get me wrong, profit is not a dirty word.

The other type is a relationship marketer.

One who creates value for their customers and looks after their customer after they have bought the product or service.

The relationship builder creates a customer experience.

They sell or promote only products/services they either use or they know the source to be reputable.

Let me ask you a question.

How do you like to be treated?

Chances are you like the idea of a good customer experience with value.

If you plan on being in business for the long term then use the smart internet marketing strategies that build know, like and trust.

Youtube video marketing is hot, hot, hot…

Everywhere you look today there are videos.

Give people the choice to read a great blog post of 1500 words or watch a video and the video wins 95 out of a 100 times.

You can create a Youtube video channel for FREE.

You take out your smart phone of which most have a HD camera on them now and you start having conversations on video.

You don’t need to be a fast talking slick salesman today to do video marketing.

You simply look at your video is another variety of content that will provide value for your audience.

Business Ideas Online

Business Ideas Online

You learn and then you share what you have learned to give value.

Videos are a great online business opportunity to promote any product or service.

When you are talking into the camera simply imagine yourself having a conversation with another person.

How would you be talking?

Take the sales hat off and put on your authentic value giving hat on.

People are looking for solutions to their problems or pain and they want to be educated to make the best decision for what they need or want.

Just be your authentic self.

The right business ideas online will create financial freedom for you

Do you want to life a life by default or a life by design?

The magic does not happen by pushing some special button on your keyboard.

Success is the result of hard work, discipline, persistence, consistency and learning and applying the knowledge you learn.

After 35 years in business and the last 5 years online I would say the three top things to achieve success are:

  1. Find the right mentors who resonate with you
  2. Invest into yourself with personal development to create the right mindset
  3. Stop trying to figure it all out on your own and doing it by yourself

One of the best ways to succeed is follow the blueprint of someone who you know, like and trust.

One of the best internet marketing strategies is to listen and follow the steps of your mentors.

Sounds simple but human nature often times interferes because we want to reinvent the wheel.


Stop it!

An online business opportunity opens up the door to think globally and remember a global online business works 24/7.

How would you sleep at night knowing that your business is still working and when you awake in the morning you have emails that advise you that you have been paid a commission?


How would this change your life?

If you want to look at a 100% FREE access step by step internet marketing education and training program that is shifting people into profits faster click here.

Business Ideas Online

Business Ideas Online


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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