Are You Making Excuses And Blaming Others? Stop it!

The road to success is paved with good intentions

Do you like to take the path of least resistance?

Are you someone who stands up for themselves and accepts the responsibilities for your decisions and actions?

Most people unfortunately like to take the easy road instead of the higher road.

Taking responsibility for what you have done is the noble way but it is so much easier to point the fingers at other people.

Do you know anyone like this?

Of course you do.

Blaming others is a convenient way out or so it seems.

You must remember that when you are pointing the finger at someone else there are 3 fingers pointing back.

Is it time to shift your life to one with no excuses?

Because there are no good excuses.

Are you making excuses or making progress?

Personal accountability is really just you owning up to something that did not go right.

After all you are human, mistakes is part of the game of life.

Making excuses is an avoidance of responsibility.

You see kids do this often.

Something happened out of the sight of the parents and when there are two kids involved generally it turns into the blame game.

What causes this?

Why is it so difficult to just say, I did it and it was a mistake?

It is about the perceived action taken by others and the repercussions that you will have to face that causes this.

Things that start out as innocent little courses of action as a child can manifest into a full blown habit when you step into the real world as an adult.

These ingrained habits will cause lots of problems in your relationships on all levels.

How many times have you heard, “its my parents fault for how they raised me.”

Now that’s a real adult approach to the situation!

Making Excuses

Making Excuses

Making excuses does not make the problem go away

Insecurity is one of the culprits that make us point away at others.

When you are growing up parents generally are ready to hand out some form of punishment whether it be verbal or physical.

It’s all in accordance with the idea of correcting something that was wrong.

As a child you may not have all your mental capacities working at the highest level but once you have seen some form of punishment dished out you want no part of that.

So, thus it becomes Johnny’s fault.

You develop a sense of fear and the magnitude of this fear is based on how harshly the punishments have been handed out.

The more harsh the reaction from your parents or teachers or other authority figures the more you will guard yourself against the possibility of punishment.

I’m sure you know what I mean when I refer to the guilt complex.

What is unfortunate is that parents don’t sit down with their children and get them to understand there are consequences for their actions.

If you instill fear into them with only punishment for making bad decisions and mistakes then they will just develop a complex and defer the consequences onto others by blaming, which is really a form of a lie.

Making Excuses

Making Excuses

Once you understand there are no excuses

Do you make mistakes?

Of course you do.

No one is perfect.

Most people make mistakes every day albeit little or big ones.

If you want children to grow up with a sense of respect, honesty and responsibility then they need to be taught that without waving the threat of punishment over their heads.

If you don’t correct these early childhood patterns your life will turn into an excuse/blame fest.

It’s like saying it’s always Johnny’s fault.

I don’t think so.

Can you imagine how this making excuses and blaming others in your life will have a direct impact on all your relationships?

Do you know people that live like this?

You can get away with these actions as a kid but what happens if you carry this into the real world as an adult?

Its not your parents fault, its not the government’s fault and its not your significant others fault.

If you really want to own your life you need to take 100% responsibility for your choices, decisions and actions.

If you want to use a simple way of beginning to correct this, each day point in the mirror as if you are blaming someone else and see how you feel. Not nice , is it!

Your life experiences become your teacher

When you step into the real world as an adult you will have accumulated 20+ years of experiences, some good and some bad.

The education system does not teach you how to deal with relationships, emotions, finance, raising a family and being responsible.

You will carry on with the habits and beliefs that you have acquired from your upbringing.

Making excuses and blaming others will likely be a part of that for the majority of people.

Now, the consequences of these actions of blaming others and making excuses will fall directly on your shoulders now.

You can put a mask on and pretend to hide it or become 100% accountable and go about correcting it.

This is where the commitment to yourself and to your life will shift your life in an entirely new direction.

Owning up to the consequences of your actions will enhance your life experiences and improve your relationships.

Whether you become successful in any/all areas of your life is 100% up to you.

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Making Excuses

Making Excuses

Making the shift from excuses and blame to no excuses

Once you have made the commitment to becoming the best version of you possible you will feel and see the change in the world around you.

You free yourself from the idea that it is anyone’s fault.

Becoming successful in any area of life starts with you.

It’s all great that your parents and other family members and authority figures grew up to leave their influences on you but now it is YOUR LIFE and you get to choose.

What will you choose?

Continue the lies of blame and excuses or step into your greatness and taking 100% personal responsibility.

Anything is possible!

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Making Excuses

Making Excuses


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