Are You Minding Your Mentors?

If you are in business do you have mentors?

One of the great challenges in everyone’s business journey is how to get out of your own way.

Seriously, the biggest problem anyone has in their business is usually how to master themselves.

This is why so many successful business leaders and mentors always say, that you must have a personal development program or you will fail.

You need to work on yourself more than you need to work on your business.

Ask any successful business person if they figured it out on their own?

Every one of them will tell you that their business changed when they started to use mentors.

Let me ask you a question, “Would you listen to yourself with no experience and very little knowledge, or someone who has already been there and done it?”

Then why do so many business owners try to take on all the obstacles and challenges of business and try to figure it out on their own?

Business Mentor

Business Mentor

Why do you need business mentoring?

Here’s one of the tricky parts.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Building a business is somewhat like a puzzle.

You have a whole bunch of pieces to put together and until you have some experience you don’t know if a piece is missing or how it should all go together.

Business mentoring is the smart way to go because it can accelerate your path to success.

A business mentor is like having a guidance system to keep you focused and on track.

You can either learn a great deal from other’s failings (because even the mentors have failed) or you can go out and fail more often yourself.

Your choice.

Now, before you misunderstand something, even with business mentoring you will fail.

Failing is a part of the journey to achieve success.

A business mentor will help you to potentially avoid costly mistakes and the all important loss of time.

Time is a precious non renewable resource that no one gets back.

Imagine how much easier it would be if you get to pick someone’s brains who has achieved what you want to achieve.

How to develop your leadership skills.

If you are a business owner you need leadership skills.

The first and most important person you are going to lead is yourself.

Even if you are a solopreneur you are going to be a leader.

You will always be in need of other’s services in some capacity to help you grow your business.

Here is a great article on leadership skills. Click here to read.

A leader is someone who empowers others to become greater than what they are.

Business Mentor

Business Mentor

Your mentors will have developed their leadership skills and if you aspire to be a business mentor someday then you must also develop the skills required to be a great leader.

Business mentors are people who can help you develop yourself on all levels and hold you accountable for your actions.

Business mentors play many roles to help you succeed and become bigger than your problems.

The road to success is laden with lots of obstacles and knowing which direction to take when you reach the fork in the road could mean the difference between success and failure.

Mentors help to equip you with the knowledge to make better decisions.

How do you pick a mentor or mentors?

There are several types of mentors that you can engage with to help you succeed.

There are mentors for your personal development, mentors for your specific niche and mentors for things like leadership skills.

You will start to follow business leaders with the intention that you want to use them as your mentor and then either you or your mentor could make a shift in the direction they want to go.

You have to understand that it is a process to filter through many people until you find what works for you.

Here are a few components to consider.

  1. Find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve
  2. Find someone who resonates with your –  lots of people deliver the message but some just resonate more with who you are
  3. Find someone who you feel has similar values and core principles
  4. Find someone who spends more time asking questions than they do talking – making you think about things is more important than just receiving advice
  5. Find someone within your niche for the specific guidance of your business

Here is a great article to read about how to find mentors. Click here.

Online mentoring for those in internet marketing

If you are engaged in an internet marketing business you need online mentoring from someone who has a broad range of experience.

There are so many ways to create success online and you have to choose your specific strategy in your niche.

You have social media, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click),  affiliate marketing and blogging to name a few.

Business Mentor

Business Mentor

No one does it all.

It would be an overwhelming task.

You need to identify what niche and what marketing strategy you will use.

My suggestion is for you to find what feels right for you because you are going to have to wake up every day and work at it to be successful.

Online mentoring is a little more tricky to find the right business mentor for you because you won’t always have the same opportunity to meet them to know if they are right for you.

The key to success with business mentoring

I have been through many different types of mentors over the span of 30 years in business.

When I transitioned from traditional business to internet marketing 5 years ago it was a big challenge for me because I had a relationship with many of my coaches.

This allowed me to get to know them and connect with them in a personal manner.

It did take time to find the right people who I felt comfortable with and more importantly with the right integrity.

Business mentoring was one of the smartest moves I have ever made over the past 30 years.

It fast tracked my business and put me into profits faster than I imagined.

The key to almost all success is finding a systematic approach and following that system exactly.

Why try to reinvent the wheel when someone hands you a success blueprint.

Model your mentors and you have the opportunity to shorten the length of your learning curve which means you save both money and time.

Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring


David Thompson

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  1. Lorraine Menza says:

    One of the keys to success in internet marketing is to find a great mentor. A person who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear!

  2. Your right David, you need to find the right mentor. My sponsor decided it was time to move on. I was a little confused at the time, but I always believed that every thing happens for a reason. And it did, a person in my business just opened a coaching section that you could join, I have was very happy that he did. I had already trained with him and followed him for over a year. Thanks David for sharing how to find the right mentor and why people really need a mentor.

  3. I am a newbie to the business and tried it without mentoring for a while — kept going around in circles. I have since gotten a couple mentors for different issues. Yes, for me, it was important to work with someone you resonate with and has the same ethics and belief systems.I am much more focused now. Thanks for the post David.

  4. I agree with you David every successful person I had the opportunity to meet told me they got there because they had a coach. I believe a coach is one of the best investment we can make on ourselves. Great post and thanks for teaching us how to qualify a good coach!

  5. There are mentors for every and any department of your life if you want to live your life by Design and cut the journey to your desired results shorter. Much shorter. So yes Minding you mentors is a great way of putting it.

    You indeed dont know what you dont know and Learning from someone’s mistakes and skills is in my books the best way to set one self up for success!

    Most of us when we first start out have no clue what we need to succeed. So its great to put out information that will help both newbies and struggling Internet marketers.

    Thanks for sharing

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