Are You Struggling With Your Internet Business Ideas?

You are not alone if you are struggling with your internet business ideas

The internet is an exciting and scary place to be launching a new business.

It’s exciting because the potential is there to tap into a global marketplace.

It’s scary because there are so many opportunities that it can be confusing which one to choose for you.

The internet can also feel like a maze because with the rapid pace of technology development you can get lost.

What is your passion?

It pays to take the time to do your due diligence to discover the variety of ways to make money online and see what resonates with you.

If you plan on having a business that lasts you want to make sure you love what you do.

Otherwise you will fail because there are always obstacles on the path to success.

I like to make reference to the road to riches online as being  preceded by M+M’s.

Mindset and mentor(s).

You will need both to succeed.

Internet Business Ideas

Internet Business Ideas

Starting online business with no experience

Have you ever heard anyone say there are no real opportunities out there?

The exact opposite is true on the internet.

There are too many internet business opportunities to choose from.

Starting online business from scratch can seem like an overwhelming challenge, but only if you try to figure it all out on your own.

Most entrepreneurs started their business online or offline with little or no experience.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates never had any business experience and they seemed to do okay for themselves.

It’s amazing what you can do with determination, persistence, desire and a hard work ethic.

Two other very important components to be successful starting online business is to be coachable and to apply what you have learned.

The basics are invest (in yourself and in your business), learn, apply and teach.

You might not look at yourself as a teacher but it helps you to better understand what you have learned and you will become a more effective communicator.

What are some of the advantages of building internet businesses?

How many hours are there in a day?

I know, dumb question.

Can you work 24/7/365?

No one can.

You can leverage internet businesses because if you set them up right your business will never sleep or take a vacation.

When you publish content or set up campaigns and have traffic running to those campaigns it never stops.

You get to leverage tools, systems and resources to do the work for you.

Internet Business Ideas

Internet Business Ideas

Do you know how long your content stays on the internet?


I have made money from work I did 5 years ago.

Someone lands on your blog or website and sees an interesting course, product or service and they click on it and buy.

You wake up in the morning with an email that says, “you just made another sale.”

How cool is that?

You could actually set up a few campaigns or promotions and then go away on vacation and when you come back you made more than what your vacation cost you.

This is leverage.

Once you get this you will never want to go back to strictly the”time for money treadmill.”

If you want to read a great blog post on some internet business ideas go check it out here.

Internet business opportunities are everywhere you look

There has always been lots of opportunity available to anyone who is seriously looking.

The difference today is there are too many internet business opportunities to chose from.

I will caution you with one thing.

If your focus is first and foremost for you to make a lot of money you will fail.

You have to first be looking at how you can provide value to others.

How can you help other people solve their problems or pain?

You want to be thinking long term and the best strategy is to create a tribe of raving fans who can’t get enough of your stuff.

Lots of people wish and hope to be successful but very few are willing and committed to the process which includes serving others.

Find a mentor(s) who you resonate with and follow them.

I have seen so many of our students who came to us frustrated and struggling.

When I ask them what their focus or strategy was, “their answer was they didn’t have one.”

Know exactly what you want and have a plan of action to achieve it.

Otherwise you will be like a blind driver behind the wheel of a car.

It is not if you will crash, but when.

Make money while you sleep with multiple income streams

Would you like to make money while you sleep?

I have been building businesses that generate residual income for the past 14 years.

Most of them were traditional businesses until about 5 years ago.

I recognized clearly that building internet business ideas was the future.

Internet Business Ideas

Internet Business Ideas

I understood traditional business so I thought that the transition to online business would be easy.

Man, was I ever wrong.

I struggled for the first 3 years because of two main reasons.

  1. I was not clear on what I wanted.
  2. I tried to figure it all out on my own.

The cool thing about the internet is that once you set up one income stream, you just rinse and repeat.

You can set up multiple income streams from the same business model.

You have to figure out the right strategic process for what you are promoting.

Wallace D Wattles wrote in his book, “The Science of Success”, to be successful you need to do certain things in a certain way.

The day I reached out to some mentors is when my internet business shifted.

Warning: not all so called gurus have a vested interest in your success.

I found this out the hard, expensive way.

Getting to know people on the internet is not quite like meeting them in person and determining if you can know, like and trust them.

If you want to get 100% FREE access to the best step by step internet marketing training you are in the right place.

Regardless of your level of experience or even if you have never made a dime online.

You will experience a breakthrough, no credit card required.

Go check it out here and you can thank me later.

Do you build a traditional business or build internet businesses?

Are you trying to figure out which is the right way for you to go?

I have built both types for the past 30 years (internet for 5 years).

Both cost you time and money to get set up.

Since I have been following the step by step training of my mentors I have started to experience more success.

I remember my first $25.00 day, my first $100.00 day, my first $1,000.00 day and my first $3,000.00 day.

I’m not talking about sales I’m talking profits.

I woke up one morning to an email that said you just made another sale and my commission was $3,000.00.

That’s better than coffee.

I personally am shifting all my efforts to building internet business ideas because I can have time freedom and financial freedom.

Depending on the type of traditional business you build, you usually have to invest a lot of capital, deal with staff and you usually can’t scale them up without a serious injection of capital.

You can build internet business ideas from the comfort of your home, have the same tax advantages of a regular business and leverage tools, systems and resources.

I don’t know about you but I’m not thrilled about dealing with all the issues just on staff as I have a lot of clients, business associates and friends who have traditional businesses.

The stories they tell are enough to keep me away from that game.

You have to find what works for you and if you take your business seriously it will pay you seriously.

Internet Business Ideas

Internet Business Ideas


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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  1. Excellent article David, gives one a lot to think about.

  2. Ken Sandstrom says:

    Great points on taking the time to research what you want to do. With no passion, it becomes a “job”

  3. Excellent post David! I totally agree that you gotta work on your mindset and have the right mentors! Thanks for sharing this!

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