Are You Stuck In Your Comfort Zone?

Are you fired up or are you on cruise control?

Are you passionate about what you are doing?

Did you know that over 80% of Americans (according to the book The Passion Test) are not passionate about anything?

A lot of those people have shifted into their comfort zone and they are stuck.

Are you one of those people that can’t seem to get yourself motivated to go after your dreams?

Tony Robbins has often stated that people generally do things for one of two reasons.

  1. They do things for pleasure.
  2. They do things to avoid pain.

The danger zone or comfort zone is right in the middle where you are not motivated enough to go for the pleasure and you are not experiencing enough pain to change.

Some people refer to this place as purgatory.

Do you know people that get up, go to work (a job that they likely hate), come home and have supper, do a few things with the family, sit in front of the TV and then off to bed.

The next day becomes like the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray.

Same thing over and over again.

Is this you?

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

How to get out of your comfort zone…

The precursor to any change in life is awareness.

Awareness usually comes as the result of something that has gone wrong in your life.

You have something significant that happens that jolts you out of the normal state of mind you are in.

Awareness can also be an option that you voluntarily choose.

You don’t have to wait until that negative event to shake you up to create change.

Mental conditioning is very powerful as you may not even realize that you have just hit a point and you go no further.

If you are surrounded by people who have no ambition and are negative your only chance is to remove yourself from that environment.

Have you ever heard about the “lobster theory”.

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs when you place a second lobster into a trap.

The natural instinct is for the lobster to get out, so when the second lobster tries to escape, the first lobster will grab it and pull it back in.

It will not let the other lobster climb out.

You will have to climb out of the trap to get out of your comfort zone.

A personal growth action plan can shift your mindset

If you want to get out of your comfort zone you are going to have to invest into you.

Everyone gets stuck in their comfort zone at some point in their life.

Even successful people can fall back into old habits.

Here is a great quote to pay attention to.

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

When you invest into a personal growth plan you will become more and more aware of your thoughts.

Once habits are formed they are registered in your subconscious mind forever.

If you are not taking action to move forward you can easily slip back into old habits.

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Becoming aware of your environment..

It is very common for some people to surround themselves with people who have no ambition in life.

When you consider the percentage of people who are not passionate about anything it is likely that these people are also very negative.

The influence that your environment plays on you is huge.

It becomes a real challenge to know how to change your mindset when you are surrounded by negative people.

Do you sometimes feel that you have no support system to get out of the rut you are?

Sometimes getting pushed down into a deeper area of pain can serve as a catalyst to take action to climb out of the mental trap.

Once you become aware you have to make a conscious effort to keep pushing yourself to create positive change.

This is where a personal growth program can help you get mentally, emotionally and spiritually stronger.

Caged, Comfortable or Charged -Which life Is Yours?

The power of conditioning

Most people are not aware of the level of conditioning that you have been subjected to.

There was an experiment done with elephants.

They were chained to a post in the ground and they were only able to walk a limited distance.

After several years of this conditioning the chain was removed and the elephant never went past the distance of the chain that had bound it.

The comfort zone is that false sense of security that everything is good.

Instead of feeling fired up to wake up to another day most people roll through life on the same plane.

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

There is a huge gap between the human potential and what we have achieved.

Science states that we use about 10-12% of our true potential.

When you look into people’s eyes you can see an emptiness and a blank look that shows someone who has given up hope.

This is that comfort zone of life that will give you a life by default instead of a life by design.

How to change your mindset..

What are some of the things you can do to change your mindset?

The very first thing is become aware of what you are doing and stop doing it.

Here are 5 easy steps how to change your mindset.

  1. Start reading good books – books that expand your mind and teach you knowledge and skills
  2. Listen to motivational CD’s – or watch Youtube videos that inspire you
  3. Take an inventory of your 5 people you spend the most time with – and change to more positive like minded people
  4. Start a regular exercise program – this allows you to de-stress and builds up your health
  5. Pay attention to what you eat – because food influences your moods and energy levels

Find something that you are passionate about and start doing that.

If you settle for a life of mediocrity then you will have to deal with this later on in life.

A group of people in their eighties was asked how they felt about their life and most of them had regrets for the things they did not do.

When you think that there is between 85-88% of potential inside of all of us being untapped, imagine what is possible.

Now that you know what to do, what will you change?

The worst part is that most people already know what to do.

They just don’t do it.

If you give people a choice between getting paid to do nothing or working hard to create a great lifestyle most will choose paid to do nothing.

Why is that?

Sorry to be so bold but after 35 years in business, most people are just lazy.

I have not seen many people who actually have a a valid excuse for not living a great life.

The question for you is, “What are you going to choose?”

A life of mediocrity or a life of greatness and pushing yourself to the limit, learning and growing.

There are results or there are excuses.

Your life.

Your choice.

Do you want help to step up your game?

Do you want to work with positive like minded people who have a vested interest in seeing you succeed?

Click the link to claim your FREE membership now and get started learning and growing.

Anything is possible!

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone


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  1. I was discussing this with girlfriends the other day of people being not having vision in their lives. Believe that fits in the middle place you were talking about.

  2. Very important to stay around the right people with books, audios, events and masterminds. Because we not only need to change our mindset, we need to keep it on track.

  3. That blew me away David when you started this post by saying 80% of people are not passionate about anything. I can’t even imagine that as I wake each day grateful and so excited to see what the day brings. Passion is so important to living life that you want. And I used to be one of those people going to work to a job I hated. I guess the more people become aware of being able to live life differently can then make different decisions. Your post shares some really valuable and helpful information.

    • Welcome Lynn. Most people are blown away by that stat. I listened to an interview with the authors of the Passion Test book and it is staggering and scary to think that lots of these people are the leaders of our schools, communities and governments. Time for a serious mind shift.

  4. Change happens where our comfort zone ends! I think most people are pain-avoidant rather than gain-seeking … and that holds them back from realizing their goals!

  5. action is the cure to get out of your comfort zone

  6. Lorraine Menza says:

    Getting out of your comfort zone means learn something new and then take action!

  7. wow David awesome post and very informative…get out of your own way sometimes and you can get our of your comfort zone…take action, there are lots of people who will help… thanks for sharing

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