Are You Stuck In Your Ways?

Are you looking to venture into the world of entrepreneurship?

The global economy has taking a drastic right turn in the last 7 years and people are scrambling to find their way.

The trend is now heading in the path of entrepreneurship.

There are usually two types of scenarios that are becoming more commonplace.

You have recognized this shift happening and you are moving towards this new trend.

You have put the blindfolds on and you are waiting to be tossed to the curb like millions of others.

If you want to become an entrepreneur you need to develop a new mindset to be successful.

As Albert Einstein quoted, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”

One of the constants in the world is change and the thing everyone resists the most is change.

Do you see where the conflict comes in here?

It is a challenge to meet the demands of the future if you are stuck in your ways.

Stuck In Your Ways

Stuck In Your Ways

Formal education versus self education

If you take a quick step back you will clearly see why so many people struggle with the idea of entrepreneurship.

For the first 20 years minimum almost everyone around you including parents, teachers, coaches, friends and family are telling you what to do.

This means that your subconscious mind is bombarded with commands of what someone else thinks is right for you.

Then when you turn 21 some of these people might turn to you and ask the $64,000.00 question, “What do you want to do with the rest of your life?”

Now you have the lens turned on you and you feel the need to figure it out.

Stuck In Your Ways

Stuck In Your Ways

The world is changing and all forms of education have to adapt to the changes.

Businesses are downsizing and outsourcing more than ever before to reduce costs and technology is allowing us to be more productive working in this global community.

When you consider how fast the world changes now making the decision to spend $60,000.00-$80,000.00 to get a degree in university that takes 4 years is more difficult.

Formal education certainly has its application in the marketplace if you want to be a professional like a dentist, doctor, lawyer or scientist.

The challenge comes after graduation whether you will be able to get a job in your chosen field.

There are lots of highly educated people who struggle to find work in their chosen profession.

It seems that the world is gearing more towards entrepreneurs because you can actually start a global business on the internet from your home for less than $5,000.00.

Are you evolving or staying stuck in your ways?

The world is changing , “Are you?”

It used to be normal to create a business plan that would roll out for up to 10 years.

Now if you do a plan for 5 years it is a stretch because of the magnitude of changes in the marketplace.

Stuck In Your Ways

Stuck In Your Ways

The key word that all businesses are struggling to come to terms with is “adaptable.”

Take a look at Kodak who invented the digital camera, gone, and Blockbuster, gone.

It is more important than ever to look at the business world through a different lens.

You can’t just grow up with the idea of go to school, get a good education and then you will be set for life.

Amazon is one of the first companies to really take on the giants and now they are creating cutting edge technologies to transform business.

Some of the giants like Walmart are running to catch up with Amazon.

If you create an environment that is adaptable and you are a visionary then you are creating a mindset that is open to endless possibilities.

Are you looking for business ideas to start?

The internet, otherwise known as the information highway is a great place to start looking for business ideas to start.

There is more opportunity now than at any other time in history.

There is actually too much opportunity for most people, simply because they don’t know what they want.

There is 5 generations in the marketplace and 4 generations in the workplace.

This has never happened before and it presents a whole new set of challenges for businesses and entrepreneurs to deal with.

As an entrepreneur you cant target everyone so you have to choose a niche and a target market.

Contrary to popular belief most generation outside of Generation”X” are tech dependent not tech savvy.

If you are trying to find the right business ideas to start for you I have a few key components to factor in:

  1. Identify what you are passionate about because you will have to work at it everyday. ( most people don’t know)
  2. Select a target market within that niche and focus.
  3. Position yourself as an authority in your niche.
  4. Do not use money as your motivator. (this is the recipe for failure)
  5. Understand that everyone has a problem or pain that they want a solution for. (Become the provider of that solution)
  6. Always be learning to stay ahead of the curve.
  7. Serve people value. (the more people you serve value to the more you will be compensated)

How to start a small business today

As the global economy continues to change every year it creates problems for those who are stuck in your ways.

At the same time for others who have a vision and the entrepreneur spirit there is an abundance of opportunity.

You can start a small business today part time from your home while you are still employed.

Network marketing is a low cost entry opportunity or you could start your own internet marketing business.

Stuck In Your Ways

Stuck In Your Ways

There is an abundance of knowledge and training available through the internet.

Internet marketing has a number of different ways that you can discover to start a small business.

Click the link to read a great blog post on the seven different ways to get started in internet marketing today.

Do a little research and you will quickly discover that there is endless possibilities.

The time for you to take control of your future is now.

The most important thing you can start right now is to “believe in yourself.”

Invest into your personal development and continue to grow and be adaptable.

Understanding the psychology of human nature

If you give most people the opportunity to push a button and it will fill up their ban account or work hard to get it, what would most choose?

You guessed it, the so called magic button.

That’s why so many internet marketers write compelling sales pages that make you believe you will virtually win the lottery if you buy their products.

Most people would opt in for the path of least resistance.

This is human nature.

Another human dilemma is looking for shortcuts.

There is no shortcut to success.

Brian Tracy, a great business coach quoted, “You have to pay up front and in full to achieve success.”

It takes discipline to decide what you want and to work hard to get it regardless of the obstacles.

Re inventing the wheel is another human dilemma that causes people to lose money and that most precious non renewable resource, time.

If you recognize that all successful people have mentors you will start looking to find a mentor for you to follow.

If you follow the right mentors yo will learn the strategic process that helped them achieve success and you just need to follow it.

Tweaking, testing and tracking is a part of any strategic process but you don’t need to re invent the wheel.

Follow the system that has guided others down their path to success and you will shorten your learning curve and attain success faster.

You can either expand your mind or stay stuck in your ways which ultimately means more struggle.

You can get access to your free membership today that will help guide you down the path of internet marketing success.

Click the link and claim your free membership today.

Stuck In Your Ways

Stuck In Your Ways


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  1. Awesome post David. If people are stuck in their way, they aren’t ready to start any type of business. Your post broke down the steps on where they can go to get started in any business, thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree with you David the moment you find the reason why you do what you do things will fall into place and that will be the best moment to invest in our education. Great post very informative thanks for sharing!

  3. if you want different results then you have to do something different. cant be stuck in your old ways

  4. Lorraine Menza says:

    Most of the times people stay with the familiar because to step out of that is uncomfortable.

  5. Great content David! I appreciate the fact that your actually took the time to write this post and provide such value. I know it’s your passion but a lot of people are stuck in their ways and you just gave them the empowerment that they need to make a change for the best and start on a new path.

    Thanks for the empowerment David.


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