Are Your Social Media Marketing Strategies Working?

Are you using social media marketing strategies in your business?

The internet marketing buzz the last few years has been all about social media and videos.

The social media explosion has shifted the way we connect, engage and communicate.

Social media has grown so fast that most internet marketers forget that it is still the new kid on the block in marketing.

Technology is changing at warp speed and it is very challenging for entrepreneurs to get a grasp on social media marketing strategies.

Facebook encouraged business owners to jump on their platform to create and build a following.

This was especially challenging for all the big corporations as their brand identity was a logo or a corporate image.

Social media was designed to be exactly like it sounds, social-media.

Then Facebook did a very predictable thing.

It turned on the monetization component and shifted its algorithms.

This forced another change in the social media marketing strategies of business because most of your followers could no longer see your posts.

The key to business today is being adaptable.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies

If you want to stay in the game you have to play the game right

Big corporations have had the most difficulty transitioning to social media marketing.

Big business is slow to change and this whole idea of creating a new form of branding your product or service is a big shift.

I have seen many businesses make the fatal error of jumping on social media without a clear plan or strategy.

Taking the old ways of doing business into the new marketplace is no longer effective.

You need a plan, or a formula, not hope marketing to get results.

One of the other major factors is that no one owns or controls the data or information once you post it on social media platforms.

There is a strategic process to capitalize on your social media strategies in order to get significant traction.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies

One of the key components to get results and create success from your social media marketing strategies is to understand the rules of each platform.

If you try to cheat or game the system all your work and efforts could result in the equivalent of the Google slap days.

You could have your account or page terminated in an instant.

How effective is it if you walk into networking events (which are social) and you try to sell?

You get little or no results.

Social media marketing is about introducing yourself and building relationships.

What is always at the other end of all the messages that we send using technology?

Exactly, another person, not a machine.

Its all about the relationships

How do you create raving fans?

You provide value and create an ultimate customer experience.

Simple, right!

Then why don’t more business owners and entrepreneurs get it?

If you apply the Pareto Principle you will experience success in any business.

The Pareto Principle is the 80/20 rule.

You provide value and solutions 80% of the time and you promote 20%.

Don’t ever forget how powerful the mouse or touch screen commands are, one click and your potential customers are gone.

Learn how to effectively build and nurture relationships in your social media strategies and you can win the game.

Social media and advertising

Facebook has more users than any other platform.

The good thing is that they have more people than any other form of social media.

The down side of it is that they every type of demographic in the marketplace that is still very used to Facebook as a personal sharing platform.

The first thing to establish in your business is your target market, if you don’t already know it.

If you want to have an effective social media and advertising campaign you must identify a target market.

Facebook, like Google does not like network marketing, affiliate marketing and make money from home business models.

You have to be careful how you approach your target market.

If you are too aggressive you could get your account shut down.

Facebook offers a great opportunity with their PPC or paid advertising because it is still very low cost per click.

Facebook also offers a very specific and highly targeted traffic generation opportunities.

The traffic for highly targeted buyers is still not as great as Google.

When was the last time you went on Facebook looking for shoes?

That is changing but for now you can certainly capitalize on the low cost of clicks on Facebook to generate more traffic that you can push towards your blog or website.

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Social Media Marketing Overview

Your Social Media Strategies starts with a blueprint

Before you launch any campaign on social media you need to have a plan.

You need to select the right platform that works for you.

Figure out where your ideal customers are hanging out and master that social media platform.

Most entrepreneurs have a personal page but Facebook also allows you to build a business page.

Make sure you keep these separate.

Three of the components that add value to your business page are posting motivational and inspirational quotes.

These always resonate with everyone.

Don’t be spammy by trying to push your stuff at people.

Remember that you don’t own the real estate on social media.

They make the rules regardless of what platform you are using.

Decide what is your outcome.

My recommendation is that you connect, engage and communicate with your followers.

Provide value and solutions to their pain or problems.

Use your social media and advertising as a way to get more followers and then direct them to the real estate that you own, your blog or website.

This is where you can get them to subscribe to your list and then you start building and nurturing that relationship.

Be careful of the social media marketing tools you use

Everyone wants to explode their business fast and there are some great automated tools to help you.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of social media marketing tools that will get your accounts shut down.

I use a tool called shareaholic that allows you to push your content into a wide array of social media sites in minutes.

There are automated tools that jump into the category of blackhat and these strategies will always get you in trouble.

Don’t use social media marketing tools that are aggressive such as building hundreds of Twitter followers a day.

Imagine what is possible for one person to do in one day and stay within that range when using social marketing tools.

Remember that these platforms have very sophisticated software and high level people that can detect unusual activity.

Besides, you want to be building a relationship with your followers as you grow.

Research the tools that you are interested in by asking questions on forums to see what others are saying.

Be strategic with every step in your marketing and always be tracking your results so you know what to change                                                                                                                                                              and what things to stop doing.

Some very simple do’s and dont’s for your social media marketing strategies

There are always free methods you can  use to grow your followers but these are all time based.

When you want to scale your business you need to have PPC (pay per click) strategies.

For example on Facebook if you try adding too many friends by sending friend requests per day you will get reprimanded or shut down.

Like Google, Facebook and the other social media platforms have spent many billions of dollars building their business.

The last thing they want is bad internet marketers upsetting all their customers.

There is no get rich quick on social media so be patient and build your list.

You don’t need millions of followers to make a fortune.

Imagine a loyal tribe of 1,000 followers who buy from you year after year.

What would that be worth to have loyal customers?

Look at the trends in the marketplace and recognize the shifts.

Most strategies only last for a few months now.

I can never stress enough to treat your followers or customers how you would like to be treated.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies


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