Become A Youtube Marketing Rockstar

Youtube marketing is badass when you get it right…

Are you doing Youtube marketing for your business or website?

Youtube has totally transformed the marketplace as the the marketers edge goes to people doing Youtube marketing versus text based posts.

When you stack up the statistics it is overwhelming when you look at Youtube video marketing.

Video on landing pages of your website makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google. Number of seconds spent on links on Pinterest 64.67, Facebook 127.44, Twitter 123.1, LinkedIn 133.1 and Youtube 227.82.

If you give people the option to read a text post or watch a video they are 5 times more likely to watch a video.

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google which owns Youtube.

Pinterest and Instagram share images and they have exploded in growth so with videos and images emerging in the marketplace it is smart business to shift to this type of marketing.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing

How to get Youtube views

There are several strategies to get more exposure with online video marketing.

One way is to use PPC (pay per click) which is paid advertising.

The cool thing about PPC is once you can master it you can easily scale it up by purchasing more clicks.

Youtube has some very smart people behind it so if you try to game the system you will not win long term and you could get your FREE Youtube account shut down.

Why risk that!

There are 5 main components to increase Youtube views to get your videos ranking.

1) There are people liking your video.

2) There are people who put comments on your video.

3)  There are people who share your video by embedding the video links on another website.

4) Another significant criteria to rank your video is having people watch the entire video.

5) The final piece to get your videos ranking is to have lots of backlinks.

Think of the views on your videos like the bounce rate on your blog posts.

If someone lands on your website and then clicks off because they didn’t find it interesting you lose value in Google’s eyes.

Same thing applies for a video.

It’s not counted as a view after so many because they only watched a portion.

These are all the SEO tactics to increase Youtube views.

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Youtube video syndication

Youtube video marketing is a very inexpensive way to get more exposure for your business when you use strategies like video syndication.

There are groups of people working together to help grow each others business by applying all the criteria that Youtube requires (less the backlinks).

If you are able to connect with a video syndication group you can easily gain a lot of traction.

Remember the first 4 criteria is likes, comments, embeds and full views.

The participants simply go in and do all these 4 steps to help three other people increase Youtube views.

They in turn will go into your videos and do exactly the same.

It’s simply called cooperation and it creates a win/win scenario for everyone involved.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing

Keep it simple and be authentic

Do you remember when you would see videos running on TV or the internet before the days of Youtube.

Things have changed a lot and now instead of companies doing the branding you are seeing people  becoming their own brand.

People like to do business with PEOPLE they know, like and trust.

Online video marketing is a great way to build your brand and get your marketing message out there.

You don’t need expensive equipment and you don’t need to be producing slick high end videos.

Remember, the people at the other end of your video are real people like you and me.

A video creates a genuine connection face to face.

Be authentic or just be yourself and provide value with the content of your videos.

The key is always serving value to others.

You want to stand out from the noisy crowded marketplace not blend in.

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Online video marketing strategy

The 3 Secrets:

1) How to get floods of targeted traffic

2) You don’t have to be an expert

3) It’s not hard to do this method yourself

#1) Reverse engineer the process. If you start with what you want to accomplish as the final outcome and work back to the introduction.

– Laser targeted keywords

– Laser targeted videos

– A congruent landing page

– Exact title on key phrase will get more views

– If the video and CTA (call to action) is congruent with the keyword then they will choose to come to your site. You need a well designed page.

#2) You don’t need to be a video expert

– Laser target one keyword and the topic

– Grab attention of the viewer in 7 seconds  (Say something like hey guys…chances are you have landed on this video because your’re searching for “Keyword”)

– Soft but direct CTA (call to action)…not selling in these pre-sell videos

– Building know, like, trust – relationship building

– Get them off Youtube asap…direct them to your controlled environment like your blog

– You need to appear real and authentic

#3) People worry about competition

– Competition is good

– It only matters about the competition you have on the first page of the keyword you want to rank for

– Find a sub niche and a keyword in a market that doesn’t have much competition

Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing

Online video marketing tips

You want to focus more on the full views than any other criteria.

This is where video syndication groups will come in into effect.

This allows you to outrank other videos and channels.

Youtube also factors in your total channel views and number of videos.

You want to implement time stamps which means you run through your video and find key points of focus and at what point they start and you list the time and that topic so people can fast forward to the exact point they want to focus on.

Your videos should only be about 2-3 minutes.

You want to name your Youtube channel using a keyword in the name.

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Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing


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  1. Thanks for all the great info on YouTube marketing. The stats about viewing times were especially eye-opening.

  2. Lorraine Menza says:

    I love using video, because I usually go to youtube for most of my answers to my questions. I recommend anyone in network and internet marketing to use video!

  3. Thanks David for the wonderful Youtube ideas that is one area that I am lacking in, I don’t know what is wrong with me, I know how to and it adds a lot more value to your blog posts, when I get to the part about making the video and the webcam comes on I freeze up. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas with me it is just what I needed to get moving on it.

    • Welcome Liz. It is all about taking action. It’s okay to make mistakes at first. We all do. The more you practice the better you get.

    • Liz Just Do It Anyway…Just DO IT my friend! Video Marketing is the craze at the moment its trending. when Facebook encourages something you know its surely cooking.

      David Some cool tips here. Syndication is very important WHY? because no one watches your video within 24 hrs of posting it, Then i wont rank on YT unless it gets a mob of views thereafter over 100 of them Simple. Its an unknown rule. Lots of people just post and dont know the back end rules 🙂 So its super important to promote your vidoes as son as you post them on YT.

  4. Vahagn Aris says:

    Awesome Youtube Marketing tips here David! Some of the tips I learned just now. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. thanks for sharing these Youtube marketing tactics

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