Being the best authentic you is empowering

Discover the amazing authentic YOU…..

Have you ever wondered what it means to be the best authentic you possible?The world is so busy trying to tell you what you should do, when you should do it and how you should do it.How could you possible become the best authentic you when you are being pushed and pulled in all directions. It starts with your parents,then teachers,friends and bosses.How many people have actually asked you what you want and who you want to become?Inside of everyone is an amazing authentic person waiting to break out and show the world who they really are.You are that lump of coal waiting to turn into a diamond and shine.



Letting go is essential to being authentic….

Authentic meaning is really about you getting in touch with your inner self and just being YOU.Unfortunately most of you have developed falsely interpreted images of who you are.Things may have happened to you when you were growing up and often times there is some type of abuse such as mental,verbal or physical or even sexual.This creates a trauma and it gets stored in the subconscious mind.When something is repeated over and over it gets embedded into you.True or false this gets taken on as your reality.This can prevent you from becoming authentic.One of the important things to learn is to let go of all of that and just be yourself.Do you try to please people?This is very common for mothers because they put their children and family first.How can women become authentic when it is always about someone else.Letting go is a challenge for all of us.


How to be your authentic self…..

Authenticity is about being who you are with the flaws included.It’s ok ,we all have them.Letting your hair down and saying it’s alright if you make mistakes and you aren’t perfect because the truth is no one is perfect.You give all your power away when you constantly do everything for others and nothing for yourself.When we define authentic, it is about the person inside ,not the one on the outside trying to be what everyone wants them to be and do.Forgiveness is also important if you want to be the best authentic you possible.Forgive others for what they have said or done and more importantly forgive yourself first for any mistakes you made.Forgiveness and letting go is about surrendering and freeing yourself because you truly are enough.Let the world discover the authentic beautiful YOU.

What would you do if you were free to be your authentic self……

What would you change?You have dreams,right.You deserve the best of whatever life has to offer.Authenticity definition is about breaking free of how others have defined who you are and becoming the best authentic you.Imagine that you could do anything and then go do it.Living the life of your dreams is possible if you decide to work on your inner self and let that manifest into what you really want.What makes you happy?What are you passionate about?Every moment you are not being your authentic self you are living a lie.Get rid of the guilt,worry and fear of what others might think.True friends and people who really love you will accept the authentic YOU.Step out of the shadow of others and into your authentic light now.



What is authentic leadership?

Most businesses  have managers and owners who like to control people? This is real sign of insecurity because the real asset of any business is people.What most people want is love,happiness,respect,connection and contribution. Someone who is authentic and steps into a leadership role will empower people to use their imagination and creativity.When you allow people to contribute this creates a real human connection.The real power begins when you become authentic instead of suppressed.Take network marketing companies for example;they are great cheerleaders to motivate you but are more often looking out for themselves.This is what we call being  non congruent when what you say and what you mean are different.It is rare to find an authentic leader who empowers others to rise up and realize their full potential.If you are interested in a business where the leaders are truly authentic then click on the link below and discover authenticity first hand.If business is not your thing then I hope you gained some valuable insight from this article.For those of you wanting more click on the link below and watch the FREE video.




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