Breakthrough The Fear Barrier

Is The Curse of Fear Holding You Back From Achieving Your Dreams?

Do you have the confidence to try new things or do you hold yourself back?

Is it the fear of failure or what others will think that stops you from exploring or trying new things?

Have you ever heard the expression, “perception is reality.”

Your perception of yourself is something that you have created and carried forward with you from your childhood.

If you were fortunate enough to be raised in a family that instilled confidence in you then you are more likely to be a person who is courageous in attempting new things.

If you were raised in a negative environment then you probably have struggled with your self esteem, believing that you’re not good enough.

Fear is only a perception of what you define as reality.

At any given time you can shift from a fear mindset into a mindset of empowerment.

The key component to any change in your life comes from awareness.

This is the precursor to change.

The Power Of Fear

The Power Of Fear

Where does this fear perception come from?

In the first 22 years of your life you are surrounded by people (mostly family, friends, coaches) who play a significant role in how you think and feel about yourself.

That’s 22 years of conditioning of positive or negative impressions that you are subjected to.

From of all these life experience’s you create a story about yourself that you have bought into.

Fear is something that plays a role in everyone’s life.

When you are a kid you just go out, play and have fun.

You are not even aware that every word and action that you observe is being stored into your subconscious mind.

All this accumulated information and interactions are what you make up your story from.

My parents were born before the great depression, so a mindset of scarcity was what they were raised with.

The scarring of this mindset was always evident in our house.

My parents were afraid to spend money because they had none as children growing up.

All the impressions that were installed into them created a scarcity mindset.

It is very typical for people to create their mindset from the environment they grew up in.

The mindset that you carry through life sometimes carries forward several generations.

The way it gets changed is when a higher level of consciousness is realized and you interrupt the pattern.

You can easily see that the mindset of fear can carry forward  until someone recognizes it.

This becomes the opportunity to do some work on yourself to push the reset button and create a new pattern.

How To Overcome Fear

How To Overcome Fear

The power of fear can be your best ally or your most formidable foe.

Getting back to fear, which is something that can motivate you or  paralyse you.

Your life is made up of many choices every single day.

You will either be moving forward or staying stuck depending on what story you have bought into.

What does fear stand for?

The acronym for fear is “Face Everything And Rise” or “False Evidence Appears Real.”

Your choice!

It is all perception.

Let me ask you a simple question,”What is preventing you from making changes in your life?”…it’s called a new choice or decision.

What’s the difference between “I can” and “I can’t”?

It’s only what you believe.

Either way you are right.

Psychologists have determined that we are either moving away from pain or moving towards pleasure.

If your thought process is full of limiting beliefs, it makes you believe that the risk of pain is greater than the risk of experiencing pleasure, so, therefore,  you will not move forward.

When you begin to realize that you can push the reset button any time you want you will begin the self empowerment phase of your life.

It might feel uncomfortable at first but once you start to break the walls of fear down you will create a new mindset of endless possibilities.

The fears you do not climb become your walls.

How To Have More Confidence

The three primary forms of fear

There are many fears that control people from living an empowered life.

The three most prominent fears are:

1) The fear of failure

2) The fear of rejection

3) The fear of death

The fear of failure is based on low self esteem and lack of confidence.

In reality everyone will fail countless times in their life. (That is if you are attempting to achieve anything)

So what.

I chose to reframe I failed, into the worst case scenario, that instead of looking at it as a failure I will learn something.

The fear of rejection also comes from low self esteem and lack of confidence which is all part of the story you have bought into about yourself.

The ironic thing is that the most successful people in the world have experienced more rejection than anyone.

Life is not about what happens, it is about how you deal with what happens.

The fear of death is based on how you process the thought of death.

If you look at death as being final and forever it can overwhelm your mind. (often this depends upon your spiritual beliefs)

It’s ironic because the two things that are assured of in life are taxes and death.

You could also add a fourth major fear in there; the fear of public speaking.

Although it does not apply to everyone, it petrifies people.



8 ways to overcome fear

1) Hang around more positive people

2) Listen to CD’s in the car and at home that empower you and make you feel great

3) Develop better coping mechanisms… drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and gambling are all poor choices for coping – listening to music – going for walks – setting realistic goals

4) Meditation..learning to quiet the mind is a powerful way to shift into empowerment – it gives you that calming effect to refocus

5) Reading good books – books that make you think, grow and inspire you

6) Self empowerment… this starts with shifting the mind chatter. Asking yourself better questions. Instead of saying”What’s wrong with me?” say”What more could I do right?”

7) Take action… when you make new decisions and choices take action to install new habits – the faster you act the better

8) Exercise…this is a great way to burn off stress and release the bad chemicals in the body and produce the good ones like serotonin

How To Overcome Fear – Burchard

Creating a paradigm shift from fear

The question is, that once you recognize that you are in control and all it is, is a new empowering belief or a new empowering decision, what are you going to choose?

Do you want to move forward or stay stuck in fear?

Let go of your limiting beliefs and live a life filled with abundance instead of mediocrity.

The sad part is that if you choose to stay stuck then you will have to deal with the consequences as you enter the sunset of your life.

This reality will be the pain of regret.

This weighs heavy on your soul.

Each of you has so much potential.

Science tells us that you normally use between 8-12% of your true potential.

Imagine that 87% is still resting dormant in your inner self.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Subscribe to a new belief about yourself and push your reset button to live a more abundant, happier, joyful and successful life.

After all it is your life, you get to choose, right?

The power of choice is your’s to make, so choose wisely.




David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!


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  1. Wow – this is packed full of awesome stuff! I especially like the part where you say having limiting beliefs, it makes you believe that the risk of pain is greater than the risk of experiencing pleasure, so, therefore, you will not move forward.

    Yes, there ARE consequences whether you are stepping into your fear or staying where you are. Great tips!!

    • Welcome Michelle. We all have to take risks in our life to make bigger gains or wins. Every time you stretch that comfort zone life becomes bigger and we can be even bolder the next time.

  2. WOW, great share today David. Causes me to reflect on my own life. Definitely sharing this one.

  3. It’s shocking really when you look at how many people are not doing what they love because of fear. One thing that really stood out for me is: Fear is only a perception of what you define as reality. Great tips on ways to move through fear

  4. Wow David, so much value here.
    Fear is a crazy thing. I truly believe it’s an illusion. It doesn’t solve anything to know that to be the truth. Lots of people know and say they know…still hold themselves back.
    This is a great article to help that

    • Welcome Steve. Fear is usually from the story everyone has bought into about themselves when they were young.It’s cool when someone educates us that we have the reset button to create a whole new story.

  5. Hello!!

    Thanks for this content… I’ve been dealing with several fears for years, and I can tell you, your perception and how you train your mind, and emotions to work different in order to have them work in your favor, is everything and all you can do to change.

    Thank you for the post, really, many people need it.


    • We all have fears Jana. Most are buried deep in our subconscious minds and we have turned all this into our habits. We need to peel the onion called our life one layer at a time.

  6. action cures fear. if you keep at it the fear will go away.

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