Building The Trust Factor

The one thing that changes everything

Have you ever pulled on a thread that was loose and it seemed to unravel the whole sweater or at least leave a gaping hole? This thread is like the symbol of trust that is inter woven in all relationships at all levels throughout our lives.

Trust is the bond at the core of families, personal relationships, business, organizations, teams, governments and countries. If trust exists then there is a confidence extended to those being trusted.

The faith and belief in others through trust creates a solid foundation of which unlimited potential can be realized. Take trust away and you will see the very fabric of society at all levels from family to government collapse.

Trust is very often neglected, abused, misunderstood and greatly underestimated.

Building know, like, trust

Who do you like to buy from or do business with? People you know , like and trust. Who do you like to be friends with? People you know, like and trust?

You can apply this to every area in your life. Trust is that pillar that makes you credible. Trust is something that is earned not given. When you look at the best relationships in your life, you will find the most common factor that people identify is TRUST.

In today’s instant gratification world people rush to build relationships and extend trust to the wrong people. Good relationships take time in your personal life and in your professional life.

Know Like Trust

Know Like Trust

The two sides to the Trust Factor

What is the most common thing that people associate with trust? Honesty or integrity. Trusting in this sense means that you believe people. You believe what they say and that their word is their bond.

One of the obvious examples to use is whenever there is an election and the politicians come out of the woodwork meeting people, kissing babies and shaking everyone’s hand like they are your new best friend. The water cooler conversations about politicians always seems to revolve around whether you trust what they are saying or not.

The other side of trust is often overlooked. That is the competency side. Does someone have the core competencies to accomplish what they say they will? The trust factor of competency is just as important as integrity.

You are an integral part of a team whether that team is family, sports, business or work. If you are not competent people will not have faith in you or trust you. Integrity and competency are like two sides of a magnet. One cannot exist without the other.

Where does trust begin

Trust like love and other qualities begins with self. If you do not trust yourself to be both honest and competent then you will experience great difficulty in building quality relationships. The good part is that you can easily develop yourself into a trusting person.

Integrity should be one of your core principles that you live by if you want to attract the right people into your life. Having the desire to be good at what you do goes a long way to establishing your credibility. Do you know people that say one thing and do another?

When your inner and outer values are not congruent you will be in conflict with yourself. It all starts within you. Strip away the false beliefs and get to know the real you and if you don’t like what you see, change it.



Building teamwork skills starts with trust

Very often when speakers and trainers talk about certain components of business training they forget to connect the dots to how it applies to you as a person as well.

Take team building for example. You have your team at work and you have your team at home, called your family. You have your team of friends and your team in sports.

What happens in any of these areas when the trust factor is high? You have faith and confidence in others. You take people for their word.There is a connection and you feel comfortable confiding your innermost thoughts.

What happens in any of these areas when the trust factor is low? There is a negative energy always swirling around. You feel uncomfortable saying confidential things. You have this sense of looking over your shoulder wondering what the others are up to.

Remember, someone has to take the lead and show the way. Giving people chores (family) or responsibilities (sports/work) to do let’s people grow into a trusted credible person. Lead by being the example for other people to follow. This is how all great teams are formed.

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Trust Factor

Trust Factor

Using the trust factor in your marketing strategy

Psychologists have done scientific studies and proven that when trust is given to others, it is often reciprocated back. The Law of Reciprocity is a fact that when something is given to others they feel compelled to return it back in some form.

In the case of business it could be buying the product. It is more challenging in the b2b marketing environment where it is more competitive by nature.

Take the company Zappos for instance. Zappos is an online shoe and clothing store. To gain the trust of its customers it offered a guarantee of free shipping and delivery date. It also pushed the envelope a little bit further by offering FREE return shipping to anyone who was not satisfied with their order.

Now, let’s put this into context. Shoes and clothing being bought by women who have never touched or tried them on. Many companies would not trust their customers enough to give it first before they get it in return. Zappos has become enormously successful because of this marketing strategy.

The trust factor is the pillar that you can build your life around

You have to ask yourself what you want out of life. What are you willing to give in exchange? You will make mistakes, you will fail, you will fall down.

The best part is that this is all part of your journey. Trust in yourself enough to know that you have the strength to get back up. Know that you can right the wrongs and you can work to restore what has been lost.

The real danger is that you stop trusting yourself and you stop trusting others. You can be independent but you also have to be interdependent and this is built on the foundation of trust.

Show the way and be the way for others to follow. Your greatest self is waiting to be discovered. Trust it!

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Know Like Trust

Know Like Trust


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