Can You Really Have It All?

The truth about having it all…

Do you believe that you can have it all? You will hear a number of motivational speakers that will get up on stage and tell you , “you can have it all.”

First of all, what exactly does that mean? It sounds exciting in concept but when you drill down, having it all, like success, means different things to different people. One of the great challenges that most people don’t get, is that in order to be great at even one thing requires a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Unless you have figured out a quantum physics formula that will give you more than 24 hours in a day you are going to have to deal with 24/7/365 like the rest of us.

So, when you are buying into that story of having it all, you have to decide what’s really important to you because you will have to give up something to be great at other things.

10,000 hour rule of greatness

Malcolm Gladwell , in his book Outliers talked about a number of factors for any elite person who has mastered their craft or expertise. One of the principles that he came up with was the fact that these so called chosen ones, actually worked very hard and practised more than anyone else.

It was determined that 10,000 hours was the actual amount of time that separated the good ones from the outstanding ones. There was no magic pill, no special gifts, no luck involved. It was hard work and practice, practice, practice to become great. It was the same for musicians, athletes, business owners or writers.

First imagine that you have to put 10,000 hours to become great and then you have to maintain that. 10,000 hours at 6 hours a day is 4.56 years at 7 days a week and 365 days a year. How much time is there for anything else?

Have It All

Have It All

Breaking having it all down into chunks

One of the techniques to prevent people from going into an overwhelm state is “chunking”. You take the macro idea and break it down into smaller chunks which puts into realistic perspective.

The areas of life that are usually referenced with having it all are finance, health, relationships and spirituality.

Having the financial freedom to do the things you enjoy when and where you want.

Maintaining a healthy eating, sleep and exercise balance. Having good relationships with your significant other, family, children and friends.

Having the peaceful state of mind in your spirit,mind and soul.

This is where it all gets interesting, because this is a lot for anyone to juggle. The commitment to excellence in all areas is a lifetime journey.

Wealthy people that focus only on money neglect their health, spirituality and relationships. Financial freedom but no time freedom. Time freedom but no financial freedom. Excess in any area and your life is out of balance.

How often have you heard of people chasing success at any cost, and the cost is high, and all they end up with is their work and money. No meaningful relationships to share that with.

Are you starting to understand the challenge of putting this entire jigsaw puzzle together?

What do you have to do to have it all?

The first thing you have to do is decide exactly what it is that you want? You need a blueprint with a specific outline of how you going to get what you want.

This process includes defining what are your priorities.

Let’s use Michael Jordan as an example. He wanted to be the best basketball player on the planet. This is no small feat because there has been a lot of great ones. Thousands of hours later he was successful at the university level before going on to becoming a professional. Then the real work began.

He did go on to become the greatest player ever, but at what cost? He spent many days and weeks away from his family. His health was in excellent shape and financially he could do anything he wanted to. His relationships with his family suffered and ended up in divorce. He won 6 NBA championships, and 5 MVP finals awards so the sporting world adorned him the greatest player of all time.

Michael had a passion to play baseball professionally and even as gifted of an athlete as he was he had to give up basketball to work on his baseball skills. He became at best a mediocre player in baseball. Michael did his baseball trial in the middle of his basketball career and went back to the NBA (national basketball association) to win his last 3 championships.

So its all about priorities and what’s important to you. There is compromise and sacrifice to make to have it all.

Have It All

Have It All

The passion to have it all

There is no doubt that you will need a fierce determination to have it all. Very few have reached the pinnacle of life and planted the flag claiming to have achieved it all.

It is a quest to reach your potential. Every year more and more people do amazing things to open our eyes up to the possibility of achieving greatness in  all areas of life.

No one does it on their own so you need good relationships around you to help you back up when you fall. You must possess passion. Its not about what you get but about what you become.

Passion is the fuel that will drive you to be better than you were yesterday. You must commit to the process because there will be times when you question, “Is it worth the effort?”

There is so much potential within each one of us. If you have love and happiness in your life you are on your way.

Remember it is a journey and it is your life. What price will you pay to have it all?

Going through the many changes of your life

When you begin your quest to have it all you will have a belief about yourself and the world around you. As you progress along your journey you might find that your priorities have shifted and therefore you make changes to your desired end result.

The competitive world wants you to focus on more while the spiritual side of you is going to want to be at peace and have your life filled with love and happiness.

The great part about happiness is that it is a choice that you can freely make at any time. Happiness is a choice of living in the NOW moment.

In your pursuit of having it all remember to stop and appreciate all that you have and always be grateful.

Remember it is all about priorities and balancing the four major areas of your life. Enjoy the ride.

Have It All

Have It All


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