Is Crowdfunding A Solution For You?

Crowdfunding is Quickly Becoming a Worldwide Phenomenon The global economy has been spiraling out of control since 2008. Governments all over the world have been scrambling to put the pieces back together. A new twist on an old concept has been experiencing rapid growth and is seen as a viable solution for many. Crowdfunding is […]

Do You Know How To Get What You Want?

Do you know how to get what you want out of life? This might sound like a trick question. The majority of people (over 80% according to the book The Passion Test) ) are not passionate about what they are doing, then this means a lot of people don’t have the answer. The truth of […]

Are You Investing In Yourself?

What is the one thing that all investors look for? Every investor that I have ever talked to always asks one common question. What is the R.O.I.? (return on investment) Investors always want to know what they are going to get back for what they are putting in. There are lots of investments that give […]

Do You Know The Meaning Of Success?

Do you have a definition of the meaning of success? What does success look like to you? I’m certain that every person you asked that question to would have a different answer. If you read a lot of business books the meaning of success is all about financial wealth. In reality it has been revealed […]

Guaranteed Results Creating A Business Plan

Is creating a business plan really necessary? Have you ever started a business? Have you ever heard the term “winging it?” Can you imagine getting on a plane and the pilot comes on the intercom and says we are about to take off for a destination but we are not really sure how to get […]

Taking Personal Responsibility For Your Results

What exactly does it mean taking  personal responsibility for your results? Do you play the blame game? Every time something doesn’t go according to your plan you like to point fingers. You might not, but a lot of people like to blame others for not achieving their goals or results. What happens when you point […]

Do You Focus On The Power Of Thoughts?

Is the power of thoughts an illusion or reality? I guess one way to determine if there is any truth in that is to think about your own life. What do you think about most? What shows up in your life? Is there a match? The Law of Attraction makes a direct connection between the […]

Do You Have A Relentless Marketing Approach?

Do you have a never say die attitude? Everyone that has succeeded has failed! As a matter of fact every successful person has failed more times than they have succeeded. What do you do when you fall down? Do you stay down or do you get back up? It’s not about how you start, its […]

The Psychology Of Success

Understanding the psychology of success Do you know anyone that wants to be a failure? Of course not. Everyone wants to be successful. Then why aren’t more people successful? What is the secret to success? Is it only people born into rich families that are successful? There is a dictionary meaning for success and then […]

How To Succeed In Business Today

What does it take for you to succeed in business today? Are you an entrepreneur? Are you looking to take the bold step into entrepreneurship? Where do you go to find the answers you need to succeed in business? Did you know that success leaves clues? You know that the internet and technology is changing […]