Are You The Example For Others to Follow?

   What do you believe about yourself?                    Do you consider yourself a leader?  Do you believe that you have influence over others? The truth is that by default, everyone is a leader. You are a sister, brother, son, daughter, some one’s best friend or you are […]

Listening for Success

Knowing How to Listen is Critical for Success Are you a good listener? Listening for success sounds like such a simple thing to do. After all, you are all born with two ears and one mouth. You would think it would be twice as easy. Unfortunately it does not work like that. If you take […]

Finding Your Someday

Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,Someday…. Did you ever notice that there is no Someday on the calendar? You hear a lot of people talking about someday they are going to start that business, someday I’m going to go on a diet, someday I’m going to quit smoking. Unless you use a different calendar then me, someday never ever […]

What Does Freedom Look Like to You?

What is Your Definition of Freedom? What is interesting is when you ask people what they want more of, the common denominator is often freedom. Everyone has their own idea of what freedom would be or look like. You want financial freedom, time freedom and freedom to be with your family more. For most this […]

Travelling The Road To Success

What is Your Perception of Success? The interesting thing about success is that many people have a false perception about what it takes to achieve it. Success also has as many definitions as there are people on the planet. Too often success is defined in terms of how much money one has. To some successful […]

Self Education vs Formal Education

Which One is More Important? I guess it depends on who you talk to. Self education and formal education are both important. Some jobs in the marketplace require you to have a university degree but with the massive shift in the economy the last 6 years there is less emphasis on who has a degree. […]