You Have Email Leads – Now What?

The money is in the list – wrong! If you have been in the internet marketing world for any length you have no doubt heard the phrase, “The money is in the list.” Although it is true that everyone online should be building a list, the money is not in your list. The money comes […]

Are You Looking For Business Ideas Online?

The word to describe business ideas online is – abundant. The global economy has shifted things around but that has not altered the availability of opportunities. There is more opportunity than any time in history and it is more affordable to start your own business ideas online. The internet has opened the doors to the […]

7 Ways To Make Money On The Internet

Is how to make money on the internet a struggle for you? The internet has been exploding in growth consistently for the last 15 years. Technology and social media is rapidly changing the way we connect and communicate. There has also been a significant increase in the opportunities for entrepreneurs merging into the internet marketing […]

The Art Of Public Speaking

Do you shake at the knees at the thought of public speaking? Join the club. Public speaking is right up there in the fear category along with death. That’s wild when you you think about it. People actually fear public speaking almost as much as they fear death. How do you feel about standing up […]

Create Success With Youtube Video Marketing

Crush it in your business with Youtube video marketing… How are you delivering your marketing message in your business? Blogging is a great long term strategy to build your brand and provide lots of great content for your audience. The game changer is really Youtube video marketing. More than 65% of the bandwidth used on […]

Effective Social Media Strategy

Are you on track with your social media strategy? The internet first revolutionized the way we do business and now there has been another significant shift the last few years. Social media networks have changed the way we connect and communicate. You must have a social media strategy that will attract your ideal customers. Social […]

Are You Doing Online Presentations?

Are you using the 3 P’s of success? The 3 P’s of success are preparation, presentation and persistence. This is the foundation of your business. Regardless of whether you are doing network marketing or  online presentations you need to master the 3 P’s. Network marketing used to be all belly to belly or in person […]

Are You Doing Relationship Marketing?

What is relationship marketing and does it work? It has always amazed me when I train people in marketing and I bring up the term relationship marketing. I get this strange look as if they don’t know what I mean. What happens when you meet someone for the first time? You usually start a conversation […]

Are Home Business Opportunities For You?

The global economy has shifted…have you? The landscape of the global economy has done a massive shift since 2007. Long term careers and permanent jobs with lots of benefits are fading away. The new trend that is exploding is home business opportunities. Companies have downsized and outsourced and this has actually pushed people to step […]

Are You An Email Marketing Ninja?

Are you tapping that vein of gold known as your list? Do you have a blog or a website? What are you doing to capture emails? I have looked at a lot of websites and asked people, “Do you have an optin box on your home page?” When you see that classic look and response, […]