How you can keep it all in perspective

It is important to maintain a proper perspective… Do you find yourself getting upset over little things or do you keep it all in perspective? Do you have an open mind or are you narrow minded?The challenge of keeping things in perspective is that you have so many influences playing on you.If you are going […]

He who persists wins the battle…

What you resist about you persists about you… Do you resist change? Like the saying goes what you resist about you persists about you.You must learn to let go. When you combine strength,courage and determination you get persistence.Persistence is the key to overcoming the obstacles and challenges that you will be faced with in your […]

Perception is reality or grand illusion.

What is your belief of perception is reality… What is your self image?You generally have an image of yourself based on your life’s experiences and the influence of the people closest to you.Perception is reality is all about the story that you have bought into and subscribed to as yours.If you really want to achieve […]

Personal breakthroughs that shift your life.

How to create epic personal breakthroughs…. Are you struggling how to overcome fear? Are your limiting beliefs holding you back?You need personal breakthroughs to take you to your next level.The question is,how do you know what is holding you back?Most of you have a belief system that stems back to your childhood. You were fed […]

Live purposely and get out of your own way

To live purposely is to follow your passion… Are you in control of your life or do you find yourself scattered all over the place? If you are not living purposely and intentional then you might want to do an evaluation to shift this?Living purposely means that you have defined your passion and you are […]

How to make a difference in business and life

Do you know how to make a difference? Do you have influence over others?How to make a difference should be a life mantra of everyone.Do you realize that you have a powerful influence on the people around you? You might not be aware of it but the words you speak and the actions you take […]

The Law of IFisms

The world around you will decide how you live, or you will discover the power of choice to create new meaning for that gift we call life. Life is a wonderful thing when you believe and create.

Understanding Your PURPOSE in Life

Life’s most universal question “what is my purpose or meaning in life”. We search far and wide to answer this question. We look to others to try to answer it for us. In reality we have had the answer within us all along. It is part of you when you are born into this world. […]

Manifest Success

And the Answer Is? Have you ever had a challenge, a question that just nags at you? One of those questions where you knew the answer was HERE, right on the tip of your tongue, at the edge of your consciousness? Perhaps you are wondering what the next action step is, to manifest your goal. […]