Change is good…how about you go first.

Why is change such a difficult thing for most people?

Do you have a hard time creating change in your life? The ironic thing is  the only constant in the world is change and yet people’s fear of the unknown from change leaves them stuck. The dilemma is letting go of that fear or plunging into change. Countless studies have been done and one common theme is that if you hang on to limiting beliefs about yourself you will resist change. What you resist about you persists about you. Change in the world is inevitable and if you do not change and adapt you will get left behind. If you looked at change as a gift to get out of your comfort zone then your life will take on a new meaning.


Change is not easy but it is simple.

What we seem to do often is think about change and talk about change but so few of us ever engage in the act of change. Waiting for that perfect moment…such as the old thought process of I’m going to create my New Years Eve resolutions on New Years Day, meanwhile indulging in the usual excesses of December. We eat more, drink more, sleep less, pack on the pounds and talk about that diet or fitness program we will start in the New Year. Change that you promise yourself to start tomorrow never happens because when New Years day rolls around you are still in the mindset of I will do it tomorrow.

Change creates growth and growth creates change.

To get the benefits and what you want make a slight shift by taking the word years out of the phrase New Years Day. This turns it into New Day which makes it a now moment. Change happens now because you can’t change what happened in the past and the future has not arrived yet so by living in the NOW you become conscious of the moment you are in. Each day is a new beginning. With or without our cooperation life will move forward and bring about change. You can either become a willing participant or a struggling resistor. If you embrace the moment of NOW it will reward you handsomely. There are two things that are powerful motivators for people. Moving towards pleasure or moving away from pain. Embracing change brings pleasure and resisting change will bring lots of pain and regret.



Change takes time so be realistic.

We live in a world of demand for instant gratification. Depending on where you are in your life, most changes will take time because you have to unlearn and detach from any limiting beliefs. If you set unrealistic expectations you are setting yourself up for failure .This brings to mind the story of the bamboo tree. Once the farmer plants the bamboo seed he waters it every day for 4 years before the tree even breaks the surface of the ground. When the bamboo finally emerges after 4 years it grows 60 feet in the next 90 days. This story reminds us that any change will need time to take root before the actual benefits are realized.

Get out of your own way

It is very common that the biggest challenge any of us face is that person we see in the mirror every morning. You know who I’m talking about. YOU! We let our egos  and pride get in the way of moving forward with the necessary changes that will create the life we always imagined . The longer you put the change off the harder it gets because that little voice in your head ( and we all  have that mind chatter) will try to keep you right where you are. Every successful person out there has a mentor. For some it is a parent, a teacher, a coach or a friend. Let me ask you a question, “If your thinking and actions got you where you are and you are not happy, why should you keep listening to yourself?”


Making change always seems like a crossroads.

Life is a journey and ultimately the path you choose is up to you. You certainly don’t remember but when you were a baby and tried to walk for the first time you fell down. Now, as a baby you would courageously get back up and try again and again until you were walking. Your parents certainly did not say well if you didn’t get that right on the first try you might as well quit now. Change is like that. You change and if you like the result you keep going and if not you keep changing. It’s a process and by embracing this process you will get excited because it creates new moments of inspiration. Nothing will ever be perfect enough if you keep waiting for the right time to begin. Start where you are and begin. The process will shift your mind from I will to I am.


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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