Concentration Tips To Improve Your Results

Concentration tips and tricks to get more focused…

Do you have your eye on the prize or are you like a squirrel with ADD?

The problem with most people who are struggling to succeed, especially on the internet, is that their attention is scattered all over the place.

If you implement some of the concentration tips I will be talking about in this post you will be able to take control of the reins and get back on track to achieve your goals.

In today’s wired world it is increasingly more difficult to get focused and to stay focused on the task at hand.

There is so much stuff trying to grab your attention.

All the new technology toys.

Social media is a great one for killing time.

You need to learn how to become more disciplined regardless of what you want to achieve.

Imagine if you were able to look down from about 25,000 feet and observe all the things that are going on. It might scare you.

There is a definite need for concentration tips for the wired people walking around like zombies checking their cell phones and listening to their music.

Concentration Tips

Concentration Tips

Are you subject to shiny object syndrome!

If you are in business you know exactly what I mean by shiny object syndrome.

All traditional business is transitioning (or better be) to the world wide web.

For those of you who are just starting to make the transition online you probably feel like someone blindfolded you and dropped you in the middle of a jungle.

The good news is that shiny object syndrome is a treatable disease (lol) with some very strategic concentration tips.

The negative result can be twofold, one is that you whip out your credit card every time a new shiny object comes along online and the second impact is even worse – it ends up consuming that non renewable resource known as your TIME.

Money, you can always make more of but TIME, well, when it’s gone, it’s gone.

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Concentration Tips

Concentration Tips

Concentration tips to help find your way out of the jungle…

It seems like we are producing an ADD society today with all the technology and changes at warp speed.

The key is to learn how to be more disciplined and follow these tips to improve concentration:

1) Write out your goals… regardless of whether you are in business or not( especially if you are). Define specifically and clearly “What do you want.”

You need to know where you are going in life otherwise any road will get  you there.

2) Design a plan of action. A step by step blueprint on what you are going to do to accomplish your goals.

Like Dr. Maxwell Maltz said in his classic Psycho Cybernetics, “You are like a bicycle, if you are not moving forward toward’s something you will lose your equilibrium and fall over.”

3) Do not multi task. One task or project at a time. Darren Hardy, author of “The Compound Effect” and publisher of Success Magazine, (both excellent choices of reading material) revealed scientific evidence that when you multi task it is the equivalent of being stoned.

Robin Sharma, author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, also stated in an interview that it takes 25 minutes to get into a focused state of mind, so if you are switching back and forth multi tasking you will never be focused.

4) Pay attention to what you eat. It affects your mental and physical energy.

5) Exercise. Stress affects your health and concentration so exercise is a great way to burn off stress.

One of the best ways how to be more disciplined with exercise is to find a workout buddy.

A good workout releases cortisol and produces the good endorphins which are the feel good chemicals produced by your body.

6) Discipline. Did you ever go on social media to check a couple of things and then you come up for air in a couple of hours.

Discipline is one of the greatest assets of successful people because it helps you do the things you don’t want to do (we all have them) and to do the things you have to do even if you don’t feel like it (such as exercise).

7) Turn off the TV. This is one of the greatest mind numbing exercises you can do.

8) Meditation. This is a great way to calm the mind and one of the best tips to improve concentration.

It literally melts stress and clears the mind.

9) Create tasks and prioritize them. When you start on a task, turn off all distractions so you can focus.

If you keep looking at the computer screen and your phone for texts your creativity and focus is minimal.

Concentration Tips

Concentration Tips

If you want results you need to apply the above mentioned tips to improve your concentration.

What happens when you chase two rabbits? You go hungry.

Try to imagine that you are chasing after all those nice cool looking shiny objects on the internet.

I know from personal experience that it is difficult to maintain a focus when you see all the great tools and resources that promise to make your business easy and profitable.

I guarantee you that you will fail if you don’t conquer shiny object syndrome.

Your mental energy will be scattered all over the place trying to learn a new piece of software every week.

If you look at the example of any elite athlete you will discover that the mental focus they have determines the difference between good -great -outstanding.

The same applies in business.

Concentrate on one thing and get really good at that thing.

If you take internet marketing as another example you will discover that no one is a great copywriter, SEO specialist, know how to build blogs and be a techie to install the plugins and software.

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Concentration Tips

Concentration Tips


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  1. Focusing is really hard when you don’t train yourself to do it. I’m glad I ran into these tips to help me get more focused. Thanks David!

  2. I always this, amazing tips I am little ADD my self haha

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