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We live in interesting times with the economic situation changing all around us, and at warp speed!

It is fascinating that as we were (are) growing up, many of our parents were thinking how wonderful it would be for us to go to university and get a degree so that we could have a secure, good paying job.

It is time for a reality check on this, as the ‘career for life’ days are over.

I’m not knocking the need for or value of higher education. I want to show that there are viable alternatives.

If you take a University student and send him to school for 4 years, he will have accumulated a $70,000-$90,000 debt. That debt is no different for a female student. If someone were looking at becoming a professional (doctor, lawyer, etc.), that would require an additional 1-3 years of study with a correspondingly greater debt. Very often too, extended education does not improve job prospects because the experience that could have accrued during those additional years is in more demand by companies than is the higher qualification.

We have all been conditioned in our minds to accept this job career process and investment as the norm.

Did you ever question what you were told? Has anybody ever changed anything by asking questions? Of course they have.


There is an alternative life model, and a business model called network marketing that in fact has become a mainstream way of doing business in recent years. Business leaders like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump are two big proponents of this model. Paul Zane Pilzer is a former economic advisor to past presidents of the United States and he is claiming that two of the strongest emerging industries where growth will occur are wellness and network marketing.

Probably the most vital resources required for anyone to succeed in a business or a job are life and personal skills. Unfortunately, these skills are not seriously taught within most public education systems. Network marketing companies, however, do recognize that they are an essential part of people’s success, and they excel at training their associates in this respect.

It would be interesting to compare the success potential of different kinds of business models – conventional career-oriented versus network marketing – with and without an emphasis on life and business skills. Both can have miserable failures and incredible successes, as we know. What do you think really makes the difference?


There has been a somewhat negative stigma to network marketing schemes associated with home-based businesses, that has been justly created early in the evolution of this marketing model. However, that has changed significantly in the past few years. Both governments and independent auditing organizations have developed principals of governance for network marketing companies that provide the same assured integrity as for conventional businesses.

I believe that if most people investigated how network marketing really works today, they would be amazed at the consistently high level of quality in products using this marketing approach, at the experience and ethical conduct of the industry, and at the potential for equitable success of participating distributers.

In reality, every industry, whatever its model, has a ‘rotten apple’ on occasion. When was the last time you tried to reach your internet provider or home/cell phone provider about their billing and service? Have you ever had a lousy meal at a restaurant or seen a bad movie? Of course, but we don’t stop going to restaurants or the movies. We look for the next right one, often recommended by our friends.

There is good and bad in anything. We make mistakes and we learn to get it right or do it better.

In the network marketing industry I have met and worked with numerous people that generate average to insane incomes. They have learned that if you want to be successful, you must develop personal and business skills.

We are our own greatest resource. Yet, although we follow the mind-conditioned route in our public education and career development, we tend to invest in our own personal development last or not at all. Many of the wealthiest people in the world have less than a university degree but they have invested a lot in themselves, and they have succeeded.

Whatever you choose to do in your life, invest in yourself and keep an open mind.

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