Content Marketing Is King

What is selling?

Do you like selling?

Most people don’t.

A lot of that distaste for selling has to do with false perceptions.

The fast talking slick car sales person or the one at the discount furniture place who sees you as $$$ written all over your forehead.

I’m sure you have all encountered them in your quest to buy something.

That’s the impression that people get when they hear”What selling is”.

In reality for professionals, selling is serving.

It’s simple, if you have a problem or a need, what you are looking for is a solution.

As much good education as there is out there about the right way to be a pro there are still too many who are just lazy and want to make quick bucks.

The internet has changed the business landscape because almost every purchase people are looking to make now, they go and research it on the internet.

If you want to know what, how, where and how much you Google it.

This is where the shift is on towards content marketing.

Content Marketing – what it is supposed to do for YOU!

Traditional advertising through the various forms of media such as newspapers, flyers and television was the norm until the explosion of the internet.

Then the hunt was on to figure out how to transfer the communication online and especially using social media platforms.

It was obvious that the companies that did not get it offline would simply not get it online either.

Jumping in people’s faces with loud continuous messages of “Buy From Me” online would simply cause people to remove you with one click of the keyboard.

Building relationships creates know, like, trust and it works in any environment.

Remember I mentioned above that people are looking for a solution to their problem.

Content marketing is about educating people to make the best possible buying decision for their problem.

Do you want to learn how to craft the right content? Do you want to learn how to attract more buyers?

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Teach don’t sell with content marketing

Content marketing is more about teaching then selling and building that relationship.

Marketing used to involve finding more prospects, delivering your pitch and selling your products and services.

Today, consumers increasingly use the internet to control the buying process and research products and services before they go shopping.

Content marketing focuses on giving customers what they need.

Regardless of whether you or your company is the brand content marketing helps establish credibility and TRUST and this develops an emotional connection, which has a powerful influence on buying decisions.

Publishing educational blog posts, videos, case studies and how to guides is an effective brand marketing strategy.

How To Add Stunning Value

An effective marketing plan includes content strategy

The first thing is you must have an understanding of who is your customer and what are they looking for?

If you take a journalistic approach by being objective and telling both sides of a story, showing prospects not only what to do, but when not to apply your advice, even if this means they will turn away from you for the sale.

This creates value in their eyes.

If you reverse engineer your content strategy by analysing from the point of sale back to the start of the process to wanting to buy a such and such.

Use yourself as an example because you are a consumer too.

Go through all the steps of a buying decision.

This will help you to identify the critical step by step process of educating your potential customer to the end result of making the buying decision.

You can easily differentiate yourself from most other internet marketers because most take the easy road to do the TRANSACTION versus building the relationship.

Do you want to learn how to build more effective relationships with customers?

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Content Marketing

Content Strategy

Using your content marketing to do brand marketing

What is your brand?

The old traditional way of branding was creating a logo and an image and mass marketing those to create impressions on your subconscious mind.

Perfect example was the golden arches.

Anywhere in the world you see them you automatically think of McDonald’s.

Since the fast progression of the internet has tipped the scales on how business is done anyone who grasps the power of internet marketing can create a unique brand which is themselves.

Trainers, coaches and millions of entrepreneurs have launched their business online and are building themselves as the brand.

Content marketing lets you educate, teach and position yourself as an authority in any niche.

The more value you create for your followers the more they come back and refer their friends.

The power of word of mouth advertising is even more significant in internet marketing because everyone has a network of friends or connections, often times in the thousands.

When you create value with your content marketing you create raving fans.

Now you have created content, how do you promote it?

The one thing I want to caution you on with content marketing is that it is a marathon approach versus a sprint .

Building your brand and positioning yourself as an authority takes time both from a search engine perspective and from a marketplace perspective.

When you have decided on your niche you need to do keyword research on relevant terms (phrases or words) your customers will be looking for to put in your posts.

This starts the process of having Google recognize you as an authority to rank your keywords and your site.

This will start the flow of organic traffic.

If you publish crap people will click off your site quickly and not return.

This increases your bounce rate and affects page views which are two key components to increasing your ranking on Google.

Publishing videos on both Youtube and Facebook is a great idea because they already have billions of users.

I will go into more specifics about the video marketing strategy in another article.

Share your blog posts in social media platforms and in email marketing, because you will be building a list.

Value, value, value.

I will go into more specifics about email marketing, list building and promotion in another blog post. Stay tuned.

Do you want to master the art of content marketing?

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing


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  1. Lorraine Menza says:

    Anyone who is in internet marketing has to be a value creator! Answer the questions that your niche has and answer them!

  2. Great post! I still relatively new to content marketing – only started about 4 months ago – but am loving the journey! It’s an amazing way to express yourself too and showing that you’re a real person.
    Thanks for the great value here 🙂

  3. Daniel Ndukwu says:

    Nice post, Content will always be king bt in order to get your content in front of the right eyballs, we need to do a little extra too.

  4. content marketing is a great way to connect with ur audience. thanks david

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