How you create a dynamic personal brand.

Personal brand or corporate identity….

Are there advantages to building a personal brand? Is it better to tow the corporate flag? Trying to discover the pros and cons of which way to go with branding depends on who you talk to. If you are in the typical corporate environment then the choice is not yours to make. You must be a brand ambassador for xyz company. Brand awareness  strategies have been altered ever since the world starting going viral and corporate America starting to outsource and downsize. Two of the top brands in the world today are Apple and McDonalds.  McDonalds has been prominent for decades with it’s two golden arches and Ronald McDonald. Every parent has been caught in that web. The top brand today is Apple. Steve Jobs through his vision created amazing brand loyalty with Apple products.

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Move over corporate identity-bring it on personal brand..

The days of hanging your corporate flag are dwindling. The world has been shifting it’s ways to the direct sales industry and private contracting. Direct sales or network marketing has been growing at a very steady pace due to the economic crisis of 2008. The changing of the guard has brought with it another dilemma. Do you follow the typical company brand or do you create your own personal brand? One of the statistics that you should be aware of is that over 85% of MLM or network marketing companies will fail,very similar to private sector. When the opportunity you are representing is gone, are you just going to bring out another flag? People really connect with people instead of companies. In network marketing. affiliate marketing or even online marketing you must do your brand positioning with you front and center.Business opportunities come and go and what remains is you and your network.

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Amazing tips about a personal brand…

Instead of you having to pick up the pieces and start over each time, put yourself in the drivers seat.If you apply the right positioning strategy you will be the personal brand that everyone will come to know,like and trust. The key component is to serve people with value and give great customer service. The KLT (know,like,trust) burger is the best thing to feed your network.Find a way to serve the masses and you will have a loyal following.You could easily adopt the simple philosophies of Apple as their brand was the shining light of brands with it’s followers. People stand in massive lineups to get the next generation Apple product and at full price.Build relationships and serve your network.

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It just makes sense to create a personal brand…

In the network marketing  and online marketing industry you are responsible for building your network and doing a lot of the training. If you create your own personal brand then it is also possible to diversify the products and services you offer underneath your umbrella. It is becoming an ongoing debate in the marketplace whether you should use both online and offline strategies. Every major business in the world is using both strategies out of necessity, so why not you.How to brand yourself is important to the future growth of your business. It is also becoming more common for independent business owners to create multiple streams of income with their personal brand. Besides the primary business you are in, coaching is a big business to capitalize on.Having more than one source of income makes sense as you will not be starting at point zero if something happens to your primary opportunity.

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Take control of your future with your personal brand…

Once you learn how to build a brand you will be grateful you did. The business landscape is always changing but when you build the relationships in your network you are creating what business guru Seth Godin refers to as your own tribe. Once your tribe bites into that KLT  (know,like,trust) burger they will come back and bring their friends. Plant your personal brand flag and start creating your tribe. If you want to experience a master at building a personal brand then go watch the FREE video on the link below. You will discover a business model that has cleverly branded itself and also has opened the door for you the marketer to brand you. click the image below now.

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