How To Create An Effective Online Sales Funnel

The number one challenge for all internet marketers is…

Getting more targeted traffic.

It might sound easy but it is definitely the biggest problem facing internet marketers today.

There are two other very key steps before you get to cash in.

After you have learned to generate targeted traffic, you must convert that traffic to leads and then turn those leads into sales.

For some reason a lot of internet marketers confuse this as a one step process.

If you try to skip any part of this process you will experience low conversions and poor sales.

The online sales funnel is a strategic process.

Once you understand and master the fundamental steps you will cash in big time.

If you are a lazy internet marketer or someone who wants to make money with the easy button you can stop reading this post now.

Any business model that you want to experience success in requires hard work.

I know that you have read a lot of emails from so called gurus that told you by buying their system you do hardly any work and then you watch your bank account fill up.


How is that working out for you?

Online Sales Funnel

Online Sales Funnel

Why is it so difficult to build an online sales funnel?

There is a learning curve that most people don’t invest into.

Most people want the easy button.

Let’s take a look at some of the key components and explain why the challenge is there for internet marketers.

  1. Keyword mastery.
  2. Sequence from keyword to landing page to email list to offer.
  3. Copywriting skills to create landing pages that attract.
  4. Email marketing skills for the follow up email sequence.
  5. Knowing how to set up the online sales funnel.
  6. Positioning yourself as an authority in your niche.
  7. Understanding how to build relationships.
  8. Creating congruent message to market match.
  9. Understanding Google Adwords and knowing how to bid on keywords.

You are probably starting to see why there is a little difficulty for most internet marketers to make big money online.

There is a strategic process to put this all together in a package that works.

Oh yeah, one more key step.

You have to create two or three landing pages in order to do split testing and then you keep split testing on an ongoing basis.

There is no set and forget with an online sales funnel.

Playing the online marketing game with sales funnels

The pay per click strategy to get more targeted traffic can be a very expensive game to play if you try to figure it out on your own.

Online Sales Funnel

Online Sales Funnel

All internet marketers who have experienced success had their business shift when they found a mentor(s) to help them.

There are so many moving parts to this equation that if you get one step mixed up you get no results.

Can you afford to waste your time and money to achieve your goals?

There is no easy path to success.

Sales funnels can make you a lot of money once you understand and implement the right strategic process.

The cool part is that this information can be transferred to any business model, product or service you want to promote.

Sales funnels can be used for lead generation and for generating sales with either your products or services or other affiliate offers.

Once you know how to drive your own targeted traffic you can create multiple streams of income and residual income.

Creating the sales funnel stages

One of the most common mistakes that amateurs make is by buying clicks and driving traffic directly to an offer.

This is the recipe for failure and causing you to leave lots of money on the table.

What’s wrong with this concept?

Firstly you are driving cold market traffic to an offer.

There are two types of buyers.

Now buyers and future buyers.

Who do people like to buy from?

Other’s that they know, like and trust.

What the pros do is to set up their traffic to go to a landing page where potential customers submit their name and email address.

Now that you have an email address you can then set up a follow up email sequence to drip information on them.

This usually means providing value which is the beginning of the relationship building process.

You build your list while you are marketing your offer.

The sales funnel stages are designed to monetize now and to use your list to monetize later.

You also want to set up your sales funnel stages with tracking pixels so you know what source the traffic is coming from.

If you have the right tools and resources you can drive targeted traffic from multiple sources to your landing pages.

Are you struggling to get more targeted traffic?

Would you like to have FREE access to a 14 day step by step training that teaches you what to do, how to do it and what tools and resources to use?

Go here to check it out for FREE.

Oh yeah, it does not matter what level of experience you have or whether you have made a dime online.

Online Sales Funnel

Online Sales Funnel

Building a content marketing funnel

If you do blogging or Youtube video marketing you are producing content.

There are generally three types of content online.

There is trending information.

There is crap which other’s try to pass off as content.

There is providing value for other’s by offering up solutions for your followers problems or pain.

This is otherwise known as becoming an authority.

You can curate posts and articles to get traffic to your site but this will not be very targeted so your conversions will be low.

If you are lazy and produce crap content then you will lucky to even get followers.

Providing value is the way to go if you are thinking long term business.

Your content marketing funnel is created from links with calls to action in your posts or videos.

The whole purpose behind a content marketing funnel is to get your readers or listeners to take an action step.

You always need an outcome and use only one call to action or you will confuse people.

All of these action steps need tracking so you can determine the effectiveness of your content.

The value of a good mentor for your online sales funnel

Do you see how many places that you could mess up the process?

What type of subject lines do you write?

What tools do you use to set all this up?

Online Sales Funnel

Online Sales Funnel

How many emails do you write for the follow up sequence?

What do you put in the emails and how long do you make them?

What colors do you use on your landing pages?

Dozens of questions that make up what goes into the strategic process that gives you great results.

Do you really think that you will figure this out on your own?

There are endless amounts of tools and systems out there, but which one is right for you?

Do you want free access to a step by step training that will show you exactly what to do, how to do it and what tools and resources to use?

Regardless of whether you are a newbie marketer or you have an established business you can learn from two of the top internet marketers in the world for FREE.

I personally have worked with one of them and watched as they racked up millions in sales and won every contest that this company offered.

You could have all that experience working for you.

Go check it here for free and you can thank me later.

Taking your online sales funnel to the next level

Once you have the basic model in place then you start to use advanced strategies to accelerate your growth.

One thing that are used more and more in follow up emails are surveys.

Surveys are a great way to understand who your customers and are and where they are at in the process.

This allows you to segment your list so that your followers are receiving relevant information for them.

This also gives you the opportunity to brand yourself as an authority in your niche.

Split testing is an ongoing process and this means that you are becoming your own competition when it comes to generating targeted traffic.

The sooner you get to that place where you don’t depend on anyone for traffic the better.

There are lots of great tools and resources to use but how will you know which ones are the best for you.

If you want to check out the high level tools that we have used for many years go check them out here.

I don’t believe in promoting anything that I do not use or at least know the source well.

Tracking is key to knowing what works and what does not.

One of the tools we use is on that resources page in the link above.

Tracking can save you a fortune and get you higher conversions.

The real basic key is to find a way to serve others value and you can build a sustainable business.

Online Sales Funnel

Online Sales Funnel


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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  1. Great information, David, you are right a sales funnel can make or break your conversions!

  2. Very thorough explanation of the sales funnel. There’s a few nuggets in there I’m gonna use to improve mine, thanks man.

  3. Ha haaa I loved it. There is so much crap out there that people pass off as content and actually expect other decent folks to optin to their offers. Seriously you nailed the sales funnel creation process. The only thing I beg to differ is “Its Not difficult” Only people are lazy and dont wish to take time out to focus and set things up right. Time well spent. Same reason many cant be bothered to learn who and where their true target market is located so they can get some traction going.

    One wrong step in the creation of a sales funnel kills the whole process. And then we get to the verbiage of our offers. Most Network Marketers are targeting Freebee chasers with he wrong words…A story for another blog 🙂

    Lets just say, every network marketer and blogger needs to read this!

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