Create Success With Youtube Video Marketing

Crush it in your business with Youtube video marketing…

How are you delivering your marketing message in your business?

Blogging is a great long term strategy to build your brand and provide lots of great content for your audience.

The game changer is really Youtube video marketing.

More than 65% of the bandwidth used on the internet is with videos.

If you put a 1500 word text post in front of somebody and a Youtube video over 80% of the people will choose to watch the video.

Youtube dominates the video market.

The question is, what are you doing about it?

If you are not producing videos for your business you are missing out on a great opportunity.

You can combine your blog post with a Youtube video and that gives you a 53% greater chance of getting on page 1 of Google.

Do you want to be a work hard marketer or do you want to be smart and do Youtube video marketing to more exposure?

Youtube Video Marketing

Youtube Video Marketing

Youtube marketing strategy to crush it

If you take a close look at any successful business model you will discover that there is a systematic approach to each component.

It takes time to define the exact process that is the most effective.

That is what marketing is all about.

Continual tweaking to get you the best results.

Youtube video marketing is no different.

Here are 4 key steps to implement into your Youtube marketing strategy now.

  1. Intro – You do a brief introduction of yourself. Remember this is for cold market traffic. You don’t need to get into a story about yourself because you only have a short time to capture their interest. They have landed on your video because of the keyword you used in the title. This keyword was used in their search to find a solution to a problem or a pain they have.
  2. Question – You are going to ask a question to drive home the point of their pain and you need to use the keyword because this ensures them they have come to the right place for what they are looking for.
  3. Content – You want to highlight 2-3 points that are a solution to their problem. One great trick to use is to mention that you have 4 major points to solve their problem and then hold back on the 4th point and use this in your next step.
  4. Call To Action – This is the main point than many marketers really miss out on. They give out information and then stop there. You always need to tell people what to do and where to get more information. Ultimately you want to capture a name and email so that you can start building your relationship. If you can get their name and email and drive them to your blog (if you are using blogging) then you can create more exposure for your business there. Cold market videos should be no longer than 3 minutes.

Your Youtube marketing strategy should always factor in, “What is the purpose of this video?”

You will create some videos for lead generation and some for training.

Youtube Video Marketing

Youtube Video Marketing

There is a strategic process for everything that you do in all your marketing.

You always start at the end by asking “What is the outcome you want to achieve?” and then you reverse engineer back to the beginning.

Whatever your niche is, look at other competitors sites and see what they are saying.

I always recommend to my students to come up with the 10 most common questions that your customer will ask.

These are the main focal points for you to create your content which is a solution for a problem or pain your audience has in their business or personal life.

Youtube marketing tips to take your videos to the next level

If you want to become a Youtube rock star then you have to understand a few key components.

There are two sides to the equation.

There is the search engine side which of course Google is king and then you have the audience side which is who you need to win over to buy your stuff.

The cool thing about videos is that you will likely get people to watch a video then read a text post.

Here are some great Youtube marketing tips to use as a guideline to win both sides.

  1. Don’t use risky keywords. Youtube (owned by Google) does not particularly like home based business (network marketing) or affiliate marketing. Typically a lot of these marketers are spammy with their videos or emails making ridiculous money making claims. This will get your Youtube channel shut down.
  2. Do your keyword search with Google keyword tool (FREE) and kep your keyword search volume between 300-1000 because you will have a harder time ranking for major keywords at the beginning.
  3. Optimize the video description – select 3 related keywords at the bottom of the Google search page and write a few things about that. 1-2 sentences.
  4. For Google you are after 4 main thins: likes, comments, embeds which means someone posts/shares your video link on another site and full video views (partial views are like someone going to your blog post and being there a short time). Full views means that your content was engaging and educational or interesting.
  5. Backlinks – You can go to Fiverr and get 3 sets of backlink orders ($5.00 each) and have them process them over 5-30 days. Backlinks from Fiverr are okay on videos but not for blog posts.

More Youtube marketing tips to use on your actual video to attract more people. 3 principles of language.

  1. Use visual words – When you are speaking people are visualizing a picture in their mind. When you use visual words they get to paint a clear picture in their head.
  2. Use emotional words – You want to engage them emotionally by mentioning the pain around their problem
  3. Use in motion words – words that talk about your journey because most people can relate if you have carefully chosen your target market – people like to feel that they are going somewhere – a solution is going to a new place for them
Youtube Video Marketing

Youtube Video Marketing

Youtube marketing is an art you need to master

The emergence of videos as one of the dominant forces in marketing is a trend that is not slowing down.

You need to jump on the Youtube marketing bandwagon to create massive exposure for your business.

Think of it as having a conversation with your customers.

You don’t need a slick, polished video to attract people.

You need to be real and authentic and you must provide value to others.

It might take you a little while to get comfortable speaking into the camera but what it comes down to is you being confident in yourself and knowing what you are talking about.

Your key to success is always in how you can serve others.

Youtube Video Marketing

Youtube Video Marketing


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  1. Thanks for all the great information on YouTube marketing. I agree that videos are definitely the way to move forward today in your business.

  2. Stephanie Arwine says:

    YouTube marketing is so right. I am getting leads from a product that I stopped actively promoting 6 months ago because of videos that I promoted then and are still producing now! Great job. Tweeted for you.

  3. Oh wow! I never knew that… ‘You can combine your blog post with a Youtube video and that gives you a 53% greater chance of getting on page 1 of Google.’ That is HUGE!

    That is a great 4 step strategy that Ray Higdon uses, so it’s a proven winner.

  4. David, these are awesome tips! Yes video is king, everyone needs to make it part of their marketing.

  5. Well this is a great guide about youtube video marketing here 🙂

    You nailed it David! Straight to the point with everything!

    I would also add to put the keyword of a video in the filename before you uploaded on Youtube.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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