David Thompson interviews Rob Fore at Empower Network Chicago event

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The internet is presenting itself as one of the great places for you to discover great success.The challenge for most people is that it is so vast and you can go in many directions to build a business.For the beginner it is confusing and can be frustrating.All you want to do is create some internet magic and make some money. There are many online business ideas to choose from.Where do you start? Like any business you need to understand the fundamentals to be successful.Most people are looking for that magic button or tool that will make them a fortune. I can honestly tell you that you need to  first know exactly what you want and know what your “Why” is.The first place to invest is in you because you will be constantly dealing with challenges that you need to overcome.

commitment to excellence

What is it that makes you fail and what makes you succeed?

I am going to outline what are 6 of the top reasons why people fail. 1) You have no plan. 2)You do not have clarity for what you want. 3)You lack real belief  in yourself 4)You lack confidence in your abilities. 5)You lack the necessary personal and business skills and you don’t invest in improving them. 6)You lack the necessary knowledge.

Six of the top reasons why you will succeed. 1)You know exactly what you want. 2) You have an outlined plan of action to achieve it which includes a commitment to excellence. 3)You understand the need for preparation and do it. 4)You invest into yourself because you know the road ahead will have some rough spots and you want to be ready for them. 5)You have a strong core belief in yourself. 6)You understand that you will need help to succeed and are not afraid to ask for it.

If you are ready for great success watch the video clip below in which I interview Rob Fore who is one of the top SEO experts online and why he has chosen Empower Network as one of his business vehicles.



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