Discover a New Life With The Power of Passion

Is your life on fire with passion every day…

It’s great to be excited and embrace every day with passion? Do you love what you do? Is there a spark in your life that ignites you with passion? What is your “Why”? You do have dreams don’t you? Your not going to let any dreamstealers rob you of your dreams, right! Do you remember when you were a kid playing and you pretended to be a doctor,a nurse,a fireman,a president or an athlete? You were fired up with passion because you were playing and with your imagination anything was possible.

Do you remember how much fun you had with your childlike enthusiasm? What happened to it? Do you still have it? Passion is your fuel that will inspire you to accomplish great things.



One of the keys to happiness is connecting with your passion…

Did you ever have someone tell you, you can’t do something? Of course,we all have. When you are in touch with your passion then it does not seem to matter what anyone says,you are just inspired to take action. Everyone chases after happiness in life,but most never journey out to the edge to connect with what inspires them and follow their dreams. Funny thing, happiness is not out there,it is within you. You have to connect with it and embrace it. What are you passionate about? Why are you not doing it?

Most people tend to define passion as something they like and would prefer to do if…Those damn ifisms will reach up and grab you by the throat and choke the life right out of you. Find your passion and do it now and you will live a more fulfilling life. If you want to be surrounded by people who support and encourage you to go after your dreams then click the link now.


Do you wake up every day with a powerful “Why”

There was a study done in the U.S. and statistics indicated that 80% of people were not passionate about what they do and did not feel like they were living fulfilled lives. Think about that, these are the people who have a great deal of influence on you like teachers, coaches and some of them are your parents. This is staggering to think that 80% of the people are trudging through life with little meaning. What happened to these people’s dreams? Why are their lives so empty?

Everyone has so much potential to achieve whatever they want. It is easy to tell the people who are truly inspired by their passions. Their energy,enthusiasm and demeanor are completely different. Finding your passion is key to living the inspired life you want. Imagine what would change for you if you woke up tomorrow morning and you were passionate about what you were going to do that day. People would notice the difference in you because you would be projecting an energy that would be shining.

You deserve to live a fulfilled life and be happy,don’t you? It starts with you,so go find your passion and start living that life you imagined when you were young. Watch this video now and maybe you will discover something for you to ignite your passion.



Living the dream is not just an idle expression…

When I was growing up I was very passionate about sports because it was fun and I actually enjoyed the attention it brought me. As I grew older I realized that this was not very important as I did not really feel that there was much meaning in this. I used to work with children in sports camps,I coached sports for a few years, I was a volunteer instructor at our Tai Chi school and I also volunteered a lot in addiction centers. I began to discover my passion was helping people. It felt so much better to  make a contribution to others without pay. Now of course this does not pay the bills and I also discovered that one of my other passions was business. If you are in the right business you can help a lot of people transform their lives. I have come across an amazing group of people who have created an incredible community of like minded people who are very passionate and enthusiastic about helping others find their passion and supporting them to accomplish their dreams. If this is something that appeals to you then click on the image below and watch the free video. Click on the link now and I will see you on the inside.




David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine.

P.S. The best time to plant a new seed of passion was 20 years ago, the second best time is today!

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