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Is your heart showing with your advertising techniques…

There are several fundamental components to understand before setting up your marketing and advertising techniques. Before you get started you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you know who your market is? Are you looking to build long term or are you trying to make a fast buck?

Are you clear on your intentions of what you want to accomplish for your customer and for you? I will tell you right now that if you are looking for a quick buck you can stop reading this because I believe in over delivering value and building relationships. We are bombarded every day with emails, promotions, news media, social media sites and videos on Youtube.

Great marketers who know both the offline and the online game will be using solid advertising techniques to build relationships and offer value. They know it’s all about YOU.

Advertising Techniques

Advertising Techniques

Creating know, like ,trust with your advertising techniques…

It is becoming more common today for marketers to  try to achieve instant gratification and go for fast money. Who wants to take the long road to success? Remember, success is not only about the bank account. There is a lot of conditioning from the advertising techniques of yesterday.

The marketers who have a lack mentality and are desperate and they feel it is necessary to shout”Look at me”  thinking that the one who is loudest gets the gold. Great advertising techniques starts by giving the customer value. It is unique and it will separate you from the screaming crowd. People (customers) actually would prefer to do business with a company they know, like and trust.

I like to refer to this as making your customer a KLT burger. If you actually think about this…with you able to provide something unique and novel, your product or service will be shouting “New” and “Discover” above your competitors.

If you want to learn the KLT approach in business and you want to work with people who over deliver then click the link and watch the FREE video.

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Creating a loyal tribe of customers with killer advertising techniques…

Most marketers have the idea that advertising techniques are all about selling. This is transaction based thinking. Real selling is actually all about serving someone. Everything you own has been sold to you in some way. If you create value and connect with your customer in the buying process you will actually have happy customers.

Great marketing techniques attract your customers and you get to keep your customers by creating an experience for them. Let your advertising techniques demonstrate how your customers will solve their problem by buying from you. You need to sell quality so that you can guarantee your product. This is a comfort to your customer.

Offer to show your customer proven results with your product or service. This is reassurance to them. By displaying all of this through your advertising techniques your customer will come to know , like and trust you and this will turn them into your raving fans.

What better way to grow your business than through loyal, happy customers doing word of mouth advertising for you. Happy customers=Sales = repeat business.

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Using online business ideas to create brand awareness..

Do you have technical skills to get your business more visibility online? It is critical to your business today to tap into the growing online market especially using social media sites.With a little internet magic you can build brand awareness online. Regardless of how you build online or offline the key is to build relationships.

Create a blog or website that will attract your customers. Offer them some great info for free if they subscribe to your newsletter. When you give something of value to someone there is a  psychological trigger that goes off when you in turn ask them for something. This is  the Law of Reciprocity.

Be transparent and congruent with your advertising techniques. Don’t do what marketers call bait and switch. Create  a fan page on Facebook. Engage your customers. Think of yourself when you are creating your advertising techniques. You are a consumer too, right! What would you like?

When you offer FREE things to your customers this is called pull marketing. Push marketing is when you want them to buy. The ratio for success is about 8-2 or 9-1 with pull-push. Do joint ventures with other businesses so that their customers see your name. Make sure you align yourself with a like mentality business.

Create videos to put on Youtube to enhance your marketing ideas. Today you can shoot your own videos as this will give your customer a real connection with a real person. Post Free videos that have good info. If you want to learn about a franchise style business model that teaches all this and more click the link and watch the free video now.

Nothing speaks louder than the sense of community…

Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. You can use your advertising techniques to give people that feeling they will be part of a community. If you can let them contribute in anyway and you recognize them for this then you start to win hearts.

Remember the third element in the KLT burger.(trust) Trust is something that is hard to earn and very easy to lose so respect your customers especially if you end up with their heart in your hands.

If this theme resonates with you and you want to learn more about these and other great methods and strategies then check out the link below. The fundamentals of how to put together a thriving business online or offline is only a click away. Imagine being part of a business community that has an abundance mentality that wants to serve you  and help you discover great success in your business.

The cool part is that what you will learn applies to any business model you are building. Click the image below NOW.


Advertising Techniques

Advertising Techniques


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