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The need for time management skills is greater than ever.The one thing that makes us all equal in this world is that we all get 24 hours in a day.What you do with that time is your choice.With all the new technology and social media you need to take a course to improve your time management skills.It seems that everyone now lives their life on high speed and most of you are stressed out to get it all done every day.Simple time management skills would help you to clear through a lot of clutter and breathe easier.Do you know what you want?Are you scattered in all directions?Does every day seem like one big blur?

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Effective time management skills that work….

Why is it that people like Richard Branson can run 300 companies and most of you have trouble running your life?One of the keys to time management is priortization.You need to first have clarity about what you really want. You then need to set your priorities every day. First, let me tell you that no one ever gets it all done.The list of things that you have to do on a daily basis is ongoing whether it is work,home or your leisure life, it never stops.In today’s world there is a massive amount of distractions to derail you from achieving your outcomes.Time management skills are required to keep your sanity.Two of the key components are how you begin the day and how you end it.Most of you probably sleep 6 inches from your smartphone and without even opening your eyes you turn on the device and start looking at emails.Then you finish off the day watching CNN(constant negative news) Stop it!Take control of these two and it changes everything.

time management skills


How to manage time is a necessary discipline….

Now, you have control over the beginning and end of your day.This is important time for you.Setting priorities is based on what is important and what is not.If you are not going to learn how to manage your time you better learn how to manage stress because the stormy sea of distractions will scatter you.One of the many good time management books is the One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard.You need to break it down into small increments and constantly reevaluate.One of the good time management tools is a tracking system.It can be either your smartphone or as simple as pen and paper.You write down or record all the things you do in a day and you do this for minimum 7 or preferably 21 days.You will start to see a pattern emerge and managing time starts here.Time management skills does take a disciplined effort on your part but you need to remember that you don’t get it back once it is gone.

time management skills

Time management skills leads to a better life…

I’m sure you have heard the expression time is money.The people that have clarity about what they want and why they want it seem to manage time better.You could actually translate time management into life management.Clarity will help you to be more focused as otherwise the tsunami of events that happen on a daily basis will overwhelm you.Time management skills will allow you to lead a more balanced life because you know exactly what your priorities are.Now that you understand you all have 24 hours in a day and that time is one of the most precious commodities on earth because we can’t produce any more of it.The last thing you want to experience at the end of your life is the regret that you didn’t do more things because you didn’t develop better time management skills.No one really has any good excuses for wasting time.

What will you do differently knowing you have the control switch….

It is your life and you get to decide how you are going to spend your time.The quality of your life will be a result of how effectively you spend your time.Time management skills will enhance your quality and you will get so much more done.Imagine that the average person spends 21 hours a week in front of the TV and about another 15 hours texting or on social media or surfing the net.What value is this giving your life?Learn, grow,explore,travel and experience life to the fullest capacity you can.You have so much potential and if you develop your time management skills you will also be able to have more fun and be happier.

time management skills


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