Do You Have An Entrepreneur Mindset?

Are you hard wired for success or as a job hound?

Scientific studies have revealed that only 50% of the people are actually hard wired (in their mind) to be an entrepreneur.

So does that mean that only 50% of the people can develop an entrepreneur mindset?

The answer is of course, NO!

It just means that some people have an advantage to head down the path of entrepreneurship.

Nobody is born successful.

It takes dedication, commitment, persistence, hard work and many other characteristics to become a successful entrepreneur.

There is no magic bullet to become successful but if there is one quality that would stand out more than others it would be the ability to create an entrepreneur mindset.

Ask yourself a simple question.

Is there enough business training, knowledge and tools and resources available for anyone to be successful?

The answer is a resounding YES, so why then are more people not successful?

It is simple, they have not invested enough into themselves to create a powerful entrepreneur mindset.

You can have the best tools, systems and resources at your disposal but if you have stinking thinking then you will fail.

Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneur Mindset

Do you have an entrepreneur mindset or coin operated thinking?

Most people have grown up with coin operated thinking.

This means that you think of getting paid first and then do the work.

An entrepreneur thinks about doing the work first and then getting paid.

One of the qualities that stops a lot of people from venturing into entrepreneurship is  the risk factor.

If you are squeamish about risk then you will find it very difficult to transition into the entrepreneur world.

The false sense of security that a job offers makes people feel more comfortable.

You do “X” amount of work and you know exactly how much you will receive and you accept that.

Someone else has put a value on your work and you have to live according to that.

This limiting belief determines where you will live, how you will live, the car you drive and the type of lifestyle you have.

Entrepreneurs are willing to take risks to create a life by design instead of default regardless of the risk.

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur you have to do as Brian Tracy, the business coach puts it, pay the price up front and in full.

Becoming an entrepreneur is both exciting and scary at the same time.

Are you thinking of becoming an entrepreneur?

If you take a close examination of the corporate world you can clearly see there is far less security in a job than any time in history.

Millions of people have been cast out into the street in order for the company to stay profitable.

Do you think they care about your future or the fact that you have a family to support?

Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneur Mindset

The trend of entrepreneurship is growing rapidly and there is more opportunity available than ever before.

Do you want to wait to react when your turn comes to be cast out or do you want to respond and prepare yourself?

What is your passion?

What do you want?

Do you want to have someone else be in control of your life, like a boss?

Becoming an entrepreneur means taking responsibility and making the decisions.

The cool part is that with the internet you can actually start something part time while you still have your job.

Entrepreneurial ideas for you to explore

Are you creative?

What knowledge do you already have that could be valuable to others?

There are so many entrepreneurial ideas to entertain as a business model for yourself.

Network marketing is one of the fastest growing trends in the marketplace.

Now, you may or may not like the concept but unless you really understand it, I would suggest you open your eyes.

Before you think I’m trying to steer you into my opportunity I want to say, I’m not involved in any network marketing opportunity.

You can start for a low cost, you learn a lot of business skills and you get exposed to a lot of positive like minded people.

There are lots of benefits and you can have significant tax advantages like any business owner.

Other entrepreneurial ideas to look at at internet marketing, such a as affiliate marketing which means all you do is promote someone else’s product.

You could learn social media and manage other people’s social media accounts.

You can become a blogger and share your passion with others.

The knowledge you already have could very well be the solution to other people’s problems or pain.

Ask questions, do some research and open your eyes to a new world of possibilities.

How To Succeed: 5 Steps For Getting Ahead

What are the entrepreneurial skills you need to develop

It all starts with knowing what you want.

There are many entrepreneurial skills you will need to be successful and you work on them one step at a time.

Here are some of the basic fundamentals you need to work at:

  1. Identify your passion and skillset because you are going to have to work at it everyday.
  2. You need to start where you are. It will never be perfect so just begin.
  3. Stop trying to figure everything out on your own.
  4. Create a daily routine of what you need to do.
  5. Pick one business model and master it.
  6. Find a mentor who will help you achieve your goals easier and faster.
  7. Set realistic goals.
  8. Get rid of distraction. Work on things that will help you move forward.
  9. Get focused and establish your priorities.
  10. Invest into yourself.
  11. Work on building an entrepreneur mindset everyday.

If you can pay attention to these entrepreneurial skills you will begin to build a solid foundation for your journey to success.

Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneur Mindset

To become an entrepreneur you must think like an entrepreneur

Do you think that going to your friend or neighbour who has never built a business is the smartest place to get advice?

Then why do so many people who have ideas run to friends and family who have no experience and tell them of their great ideas?

What would have happened if Steve Jobs had of asked someone if he should continue on his journey, and they told him he was foolish?

What if he had quit?

FREE advice is often worth every penny you pay for it.

It takes courage to believe in yourself and follow through and go for it.

Its not going to be easy but it will be worth it.

My suggestion for you is to find some people in your circles of influence who have been or are entrepreneurs.

Offer to take several of them to lunch and ask them a series of questions of what it took to do what they did.

You will see patterns start to emerge with common denominators that all successful people follow.

The most important thing that any one can do for themselves is to “Believe in Yourself.”

What goes on between the 6 inches between your ears will determine more than any other factor of two things:

  1. If you will be successful.
  2. How successful you will be.

If you are looking to build an internet marketing business and you want to work with experienced people who have been in the trenches for many years then click the link and get your FREE membership today.

Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneur Mindset


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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  1. I grew up in an industrial area and my role models had hourly paying jobs. It took me quite a while to get over thinking that way and realizing my full potential as an entrepreneur.

    • Most of us grew up with that mindset Gerry and the education system keeps us in a fixed mindset but once we get exposed to other possibilities then we have to make new decisions, stick with the old or bring in the new.

  2. yes agree entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone but with hard work commitment & consistency we can achieve as a successful entrepreneur

  3. Love this David! I especially liked “an entrepreneur thinks about doing the work first and then getting paid.”

    I used to struggle with the employee mentality where o wanted to be paid for my results that week. But later had the realisation that as an entrepreneur you get paid on “entrepreneurial time”, so you put in the work first and the rewards show up later.

  4. What an awesome post David! Every person should adopt this entrepreneurial mindset, especially those who used to work in corporate. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. great post David, yes entrepreneurial ship is not for everyone but most certainly with hard work and dedication you can achieve success in your own business but it does take enormous dedication but most rewarding when done right… 🙂 thanks for sharing

  6. Awesome tips David! These really are hugely beneficial in life and business. Love that you said you should pick one thing and master it. So many come into this and then sidetracked with a million different shiny objects. You have to FOCUS… follow one course until successful. Thank you for sharing such massive value to help others live on purpose.

  7. it has to start with mindset for sure. thank u david

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