Do You Need Life Skills And Business skills?

Do you really need life skills and business skills to succeed?

What is interesting is that a lot of business coaches teach their students about tools, systems and resources to streamline their business processes.

The challenge with that is all these things are external resources.

If you have ever read the autobiographies of any great athletes like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or John Elway they all clearly indicate that the mechanics of their physical talent would take them so far and it was the mental aspect of the game that took them to the highest levels.

Try to imagine the pressure from the media, the coaches and the fans to have you perform at your highest level all the time or at least consistently.

When you step into the limelight the expectation that is on you is incredible.

Imagine that you are a relief pitcher and your team has a one run lead at the bottom of the ninth in the seventh game of the world series.

There are 60,000 screaming fans and the pressure is intense.

Remember that most of these players are in their twenties when they go through this.

How do you hold it all together to perform at an elite level under such intense pressure?

Well developed life skills not the physical mechanics will allow you to perform at the highest level.

Life Skills

Life Skills

Life skills education is a must for success

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, had an expression, “You have to become bigger than your problems.”

Most people that jump into business as an entrepreneur have no idea about how to get your life skills education.

Entrepreneurs are usually thinking about the right system, tools and software that will help them sky rocket their business to success.

What happens when you encounter all the challenges along the way that are related to people.

You have to know how to be an effective communicator, a problem solver and a coordinator.

You need to know how to manage yourself before you can manage other people.

Life skills education is essentially like having a personal development program.

There has been a shift in focus the last 15-20 years because far too many businesses were failing even when there was a great system or blueprint to follow.

It was clearly evident that without the personal development happening at the same time as the business development that the problems were bigger than the people handling them.

Here is an interesting article on 7 essential life skills. Click here.

You need to work more on you than your business

In the business world people are always looking at what the best return of investment is.

When you put your money to work on something how much will it make you.

The best asset you have is yourself.

When you develop yourself you will get an infinite return.

The more successful you want to be the more you have to invest into yourself.

This is why you often hear about people who hit the marketplace with the right product at the right time and scored big on the financial return.

After the initial success the business would fall apart.

The challenge to understand what they had done to accomplish that success and keep on moving forward was far to great.

This is where most people have taken a fall and had their business failed.

They did not have the life skills developed enough to keep it all together and moving forward.

Life Skills

Life Skills

What is a personal development program?

Most people come from an environment where they were raised that had a lot of negativity.

You may have been told you weren’t good enough, you are not smart enough or don’t try too may things because you will just fail.

After you have experienced these type of impressions for about 20 years you create a story about yourself that has limiting beliefs.

Its just a story but if you believe it, it is true.

Have you ever experienced this?

It’s different for everybody but the majority of all successful people was a journey of struggle to overcome those limiting beliefs to have success.

Some of the ways to apply a personal development program to master your life skills are:

  1. Read good books that make you think and expand your mind.
  2. Listen to CD’s that teach you something.
  3. Find a mentor that can help you understand the personal growth process.
  4. Always be learning.
  5. Associate yourself with positive like minded people.

If you want to read a full blog post on personal development click here.

The Ultimate People Skills:”Positive Projection”

The crossover effect of life skills and business skills

Truly successful people understand that it is not how much you make but about who you become on the journey.

I have seen so many people miss the point of developing themselves personally in business because they thought it was only tools and great systems they needed.

Whenever you develop yourself in business it spills over into your personal life and relationships.

Learning business communication skills makes you a more effective communicator in all areas of your life.

When you develop good business writing skills you are learning to craft the right message and express yourself.

What shows up on the outside of you is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of you.

Human potential is far beyond the capacity of anything that we have ever experienced.

No one has ever achieved their full potential.

Are you looking to stretch yourself beyond your existing boundaries?

Do you want to achieve more in your traditional or internet marketing business?

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There are no shortcuts to success

If you want to have better business communication skills, better business writing skills, be a more effective manager of people or if you want to develop your marketing skills you need to invest into you.

Too many people are looking for the get rich button without having to put in the effort.

Business Communication Skills

Business Communication Skills

Brian Tracy, the great business coach has an expression, “You must pay the price for success up front and in full if you want to reap the rewards.”

Jim Rohn, one of the greatest business philosophers who ever lived said, “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

The journey of success has 4 main components to it, the beginning, creating success, maintaining what you have built and then growing it even bigger.

If you try to stand still after you have achieved a certain level of success you will not survive.

The same thing applies to you personally.

There is no arriving at greatness because there is so much potential to develop.

The question always is, “What do you want?”

If you look at life like a journey not a destination you give yourself a chance.

You need to embrace the process of learning, growing and failing.

Almost every successful person I have spoken with or interviewed said that they had their biggest breakthroughs right after a failure.

If you invest in yourself and your life skills along with your business skills you will succeed.

The spillover effect into all areas of your life will make you a better person.

Do you want success in your relationships and your business.

Then grow yourself more than you grow your business.

I never said it would be easy but it will be worth it.

You have to decide with 100% clarity what you really want.

Then you need to apply a plan of action to make it happen.

Do you want help to build your dream life?

Do you want to be successful at internet marketing or in any business for that matter?

Do you need help putting together a personal development plan that will take you to the next level and beyond?

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Life Skills and Business Skills

Life Skills and Business Skills


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  1. I absolutely enjoy reading your blog posts David, they are so insightful and full of practical or life lessons.

    We need both Life skills and business skills. Life is about balancing the two, in order to succeed in both fields. Of yo work all the time you wont have a life and if you focus on just learning or just playing you wont have much on the plate. Life skills are much more valuable in the bigger scheme of things in my view anyway!
    Self development is not just about learning its about applying oneself to the skills you learn and show others too how its done. And whatever you want from lifecan be achieved with a balance of life and business skills 🙂

    • Thank you Julie. I agree that we all need the life skills more because it involves everything in business and out. Life experiences teach us a lot and I enjoy sharing mine in hopes that it can enrich others. I have been so firtunate to have so much help on my journey. Always like to pay it forward.

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