Do You Want To Get More Traffic, Leads And Sales?

Every business dream is to get more traffic, leads and sales.

If you ask any online business or internet marketer what it is that they want the most and what they struggle with the most…they usually say to get more traffic, leads and sales.

If you look online there are hundreds of systems that will have traffic beating (that’s what they tell you in the sales letter) at your door and customers with their credit card in hand wanting to buy whatever you are selling.

So why do business owners struggle with this?

There are two answers to this.

One is that a lot of the systems that internet marketers are selling are a piece of crap.

If there is a good system out there, and don’t get me wrong, there are great systems out there that can solve your problems but it is not as simple as push this button, copy and paste this and watch the results pour in.

Maybe some of you have even bought one of these miracle fill up your bank account systems.

Secondly, there is no easy button so you need to stop falling for this crap sales pitch and hoping that you don’t have to do any work.

Ask any successful internet marketer or any business owner for that matter and they will all tell you (if they tell the truth) that there was struggle and a lot of hard work involved to be successful.

Get More Traffic

Get More Traffic

There are three separate components to the equation

If you try to approach the problem of how to get more traffic, leads and sales as one component you will likely fail.

There is a separate strategy for each component.

There is also a few different approaches depending on what you want to accomplish.

This is where a blueprint of your strategy needs to be mind mapped out.

I would highly recommend that you find a mentor to walk through this mine field as you can take years figuring out this puzzle.

You need to decide what strategy you are are going to start with.

For example, there is the paid traffic approach and the free traffic ways.

Most people for obvious reasons (budget) start out with the free traffic ideas.

You need a way to capture the leads using capture or landing pages or an optin form on your blog.

Now paid traffic or free traffic has turned into a lead by opting in as a subscriber.

Now you need to turn into an email marketer using some copywriting skills to get your subscribers to buy from you.

Hopefully you are skilled enough to turn them into a buyer.

Do you want a blueprint for getting more traffic, more leads and more sales?

Do you want to work with internet marketers who have created a system with a step by step process to guide you through the maze?

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How to make money from websites?

Regardless of what you are trying to sell you need to figure out how to get more traffic which turns into leads which turns into sales.

First of all I highly recommend that you provide value to your subscribers and not turn into a junk online sales person.

The key (in my eyes) is to provide lots of value and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

Relationship marketing is a little slower to build but long term thinking versus transactional marketing which is make a quick buck on anything you can.

I use and teach the long term approach when it comes to how to make money from websites.

When you create value you keep people coming back and buying more stuff from you in the long run so your lifetime customer value is high.

Get More Traffic

Get More Traffic

How to get more blog traffic!

The key to how to get more blog traffic is using SEO in your articles.

Doing good keyword research and long tailed keywords that are not too high in searches.

Pick keywords in the range of 100-300.

The reason for this is that the big guns on the internet are going to out rank you on higher traffic keywords because many have teams of people pumping out back links and using paid traffic strategies.

You set up an optin form on your blog and use a lead magnet to attract more subscribers.

Read this full blog post on lead magnets.

There is going to be organic traffic that naturally finds your site, returning traffic to see what’s new and then paid traffic that you drive to your blog.

If you strategically use social media to syndicate your blog posts along with your email list you get more subscribers (leads) which you can turn into customers.

How to get more blog traffic is about having patience and taking consistent daily action to build your content and email marketing to provide your subscribers more value.

Are you struggling to figure out how to get more traffic, leads and sales?

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Get More Traffic

Get More Traffic

Targeted website traffic strategy

The more targeted your market segment is the more you can apply laser focus on getting those eyeballs on your capture page or blog.

One of the biggest mistakes internet marketers make is trying to push a cold market lead directly at a sales page and doing the buy now crap.

You want to first get subscribers and then you start to drip constant value on them, helping them to solve whatever problem they have.

It’s called building a relationship.

You can also shoot short videos and post them on a Youtube channel for FREE and then you have a call to action on the video that either directs them to your blog or a capture page.

Videos are powerful because it is proven that people will watch a short video (make sure there is value) before they read text so you can introduce yourself with a video and then re direct them.

If you want to read a full blog post on how to be a star on Youtube click this link.

Here is a bullet point list of the strategy on how to get more traffic, leads and sales

1) Define your target market

2) Create an optin page with a lead magnet on your blog.

3) Or create a capture page with a lead magnet.

4) Write consistent blog posts with tips and resources (value).

5) Use SEO on your blog posts and/or Youtube videos.

6) Post blog posts to social media networks to syndicate.

7) Create Youtube channel and shoot short videos.

8) Do consistent email marketing to your new subscribers.

9) Be strategic in how often you make an offer in your emails. More value then selling.

10) Drive all your traffic to a place (blog or email list) that you control. Pull them off social media.

11) Make sure you promote good products/services that you believe in and can stand behind.

Do you want to learn the to master traffic, leads and conversions?

Do you want a blueprint for success?

Do you want training, support, mentoring, tools and resources to help you be successful?

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Get More Traffic

Get More Traffic


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