Easy Email Marketing Tips That Get Results

The money is in the list

If you have been around internet marketing for any length of time you will have heard this expression a thousand times.

The question is, “Is the money in the list?”

It would seem that a lot of internet marketing gurus would have you believe this.

This is dead wrong.

The money is in the relationship you build with your list.

What do you do when someone sends you continuous emails telling you to buy their stuff?

99% of you would unsubscribe .

No one wants to be subjected to another commercial on their emails.

One of the pillars of the foundation of success in internet marketing or any business for that matter is relationship building.

If you are just sending out email blasts to your list without providing any value then you are just another noisy marketer.

Unfortunately, 90% of most internet marketers are too lazy to take the time to build and nurture a relationship.

Before I jumped into the internet marketing business 5 years ago I have been building offline businesses for 30 years.

My success was built on hard work, persistence, integrity and building relationships.

Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips

Targeted email marketing requires an effective strategy to be successful

Do you have a target market that you have selected?

If you are using a lot of different strategies to grow your list you need to first segment your list.

Don’t make the common mistake of sending email blasts to everyone on your list.

You can start to filter your lists by using surveys to better understand each of your customers needs and where they might be stuck.

All of your subscribers are at a different point in their process or journey and the sooner you establish this the better.

Targeted email marketing needs to be specific to get you great results.

Engaging with your list by using a high tech and high touch approach will increase your know, like, trust score.

My formula has always been simple, unless you want to play psychic with your customers, ask them what they need.

When you ask caring questions in an authentic way it is amazing how your followers will respond.

This allows you to effectively segment your list and be strategic with your targeted email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing tips to take your business to the next level

Here are some email marketing tips or guidelines to get greater results.

What are the components of a great email that you send to your list.

  1. Subject line
  2. Content
  3. Call to action

The first thing that everyone will see is your subject line.

Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips

There are a number of reason to focus on the subject line.

One obvious reason is that it is the grabber or attention getter that compels them to open or click off it.

The second main reason is to pay attention to how you craft the subject line in order for it to pass the spam filters and get to their inbox.

Spam filters have trigger words and if you simply use your own spam filter to examine why a lot of emails don’t make it to your inbox.

Certain characters, numbers and other symbols will increase the chances of a failed email.

If you are using a legitimate email autoresponder service they give you a spam score on your email sequence before you send it out.

Here are the two autoresponders I have used and recommend.

The higher the score the more likely it will get pushed to your spam filter.

Your content is critical because that is where you can provide value for your followers.

Always be thinking that if you give them value now they will buy from you later because of the know, like trust factor you built up.

Every email you create should have a call to action.

What is the outcome you want?

Do you want them to watch a video, read a blog post or this a promo email that you want them to buy something?

Do you want to learn how to create effective emails?

Do you want to learn a step by step process to help you become successful sooner than later?

What if I said you could have this step by step guided training at absolutely no cost to you?

Go here and check it out.

Common mistake of internet marketers with sales funnels

Most internet marketers especially the ones that focus on affiliate marketing use the same strategy.

They direct cold traffic at an offer to purchase a product or service.

You are leaving a lot of money on the table if you use this approach.

If you want to read a blog post that will explain the process in more detail about sales funnels click here.

You can choose to be amateur and get poor results or you can choose to be a pro.

Sales funnels work if you set them up properly.

I would highly recommend that you go click on that link above to see how to create effective sales funnels.

It goes through all the sales funnel stages.

Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips

There are different reasons for using email blasts

One of the most exciting things in internet marketing is a new product launch.

Especially if the product or service is coming from a highly reputable source.

There is a strategic process to using your email blasts to building the excitement to a climax.

You want to prepare your followers step by step so that when the buy button is exposed they can’t wait to push it.

If you have ever followed an Apple launch when the great Steve Jobs was alive you would have experienced the ultimate product launch.

The same principle or psychology can be applied in email blasts.

The idea is to create build up with anticipation.

The technique applies tension and then releases.

This is conducted a few weeks before the actual product release.

You create suspense and excitement about what is coming.

Steve Jobs would make reference to what is and what will be.

This piques the curiosity which triggers the desire to know more.

People are curious by nature and can’t stand suspense without following up to learn about what is coming.

Just take a look at the line ups that Apple products had every time new products were launched.

Great companies that understand how to create and implement this strategy become very successful.

The key of course is that you actually have a great product or service you are launching.

Are you looking to experience a breakthrough in your game plan?

Are you looking to learn the step by step process that is changing the way internet marketing is being conducted?

What if you could make money online in 14 days flat regardless of your level of experience!

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Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips


David Thompson

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  1. Great tips David! I went months without creating a campaign and it was a deal breaker for my business. Thank you for sharing this so that it will help many get started the right way! Love and Blessings, Heidi

  2. Funny how we are handling Email marketing and ending on The same subject..Tips to get those conversions and yo have made a strong case for these easy email marketing tips David. Without a system to collect the details of your audience warm or cold you arent really marketing and with a poorly set funnel, you need help. And the majority of network marketers fall in the later category.
    That email marketing cheatsheet Info is real good and I will be sharing it!

    Thanks for helping more get closer to their goals David!

  3. My strategy is to deliver as much value through my emails, so that people will know, like, and trust me!

  4. Very interesting post. I am going to launch a new product soon, and I don’t have a mailing list yet, and I am still thinking about creating one, or working more via affiliate marketing and letting other people do that work (making less money per product sold, but having more time creating more products). What is your opinion on that? How essential is it to do your own marketing?

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