Easy Tips How To Be a Better Blogger

How to be a better blogger to create online success

One of the fastest growing trends online is blogging.

It is very simple to set up a WordPress site now and start publishing content.

There are over 1 Billion websites online so if you want to get noticed you need a strategic process.

What do you do when you land on a blog or website and it is cluttered or confusing?

You are probably like most people, you simply click off the site.

You might be able to get away with posting all kinds of trending info short term.

If you want to stay in the blogging game you need to learn how to be a better blogger.

If you expect to launch your website today and be on the front page of Google tomorrow and stay there you are dreaming.

There are blackhat strategies which are short term strategies that game the system but you will have to start all over from scratch.

Build and maintain a compliant website and use ethical business building strategies.

How To Be A Better Blogger

How To Be A Better Blogger

Becoming a blogger takes a certain commitment

If you are interested in becoming a blogger then you are going to have to develop some writing skills.

You need to put your patience cap on and do like everyone else who took up blogging.

You start where you are at and practice, practice, practice.

In 2008 I was interested in becoming a blogger but I was not very good at writing, especially structured writing with a clear focused message.

I would put down my thoughts and then look back and try to figure out what I had written.

If I didn’t understand my own writing, how could I expect anyone else to?

I didn’t let this deter me as I knew like any other venture you listen, learn and apply.

I would write articles and then show them to some friends to critique them and of course I got better at communicating with my words.

Now that’s fine for a few articles but if you want to have a blog that people land on and return you better offer some value to them.

You have to learn as much as you can about what you are writing about and keep providing more value for others.

Commit to the process of learning and applying what you learn.

Creating a successful blog takes time and a strategic process

Google is the primary search engine that controls over 70% of all search queries.

Creating a successful blog is two primary components.

  1. You have to follow the rules as best as you can to satisfy the search engines
  2. You have to provide value to your followers and the people who land on your website

You have balance between the two to get your website going.

How To Be A Better Blogger

How To Be A Better Blogger

Let me make something perfectly clear.

If you are taking the blogging route for your online business it is a long term strategy.

There is no overnight success with this approach.

You position yourself as an authority in your niche and this will satisfy both Google and your followers.

If you provide no value to anyone then both Google and your followers will abandon you.

One of my mentors gave me great advice that applies to any marketplace.

Know the game you are in.

Once you start to get traction with the search engines then you want to focus on providing more value to your followers.

There is a few criteria that you need to understand from the search engine side that will help your site.

Google provides a free resource through Google webmaster and that is the analytics.

Set this up and attach it to your site.

Watch the short video below to get an idea what you need to pay attention to.

Google Analytics Getting Started

How to be a better blogger by setting up your blog structure

If you want to be successful in anything you need to understand the fundamentals.

There is the pleasing Google search engine basics and also catering to your followers.

The basics that I was taught by one of the top bloggers in the world are:

  1. Set up the formatting of your blog in short 150-180 word paragraphs. Instead of running it together like a normal paragraph in a book you start new lines with each sentence.
  2. People don’t read blog posts like they do a book. They usually skim through it so it is key to break up the information and identify what each paragraph is about.
  3. Use relevant images and videos as images create visuals and video is more likely to get watched and you have a 53 % greater chance to get on page 1 of Google with video. If you have produced relevant videos use the embed share code in your blog as this helps your Youtube ranking.
  4. In WordPress you see under the tab paragraph. There is H2, H3 etc. Use H2 for the first paragraph and don’t use H3 more than 3 times and then H4 4 times and so on.
  5. Although it is not search engine relevant try to use your primary keyword and secondary keywords in the H line for each paragraph.
  6. Select 1 primary keyword and 3 relevant secondary keywords. You can then switch them around in other posts. Try not to use a primary keyword more than once.
  7. Understand your followers pain or problem areas and provide value and solutions.
  8. Great content keeps them on your site and keeps them coming back.
  9. Make your article subject line with the keyword and try to make it interesting or compelling so they will continue reading. I use a free tool that is a headline emotional analyser. Click here to check it out.
  10. When you have produced content of any kind go to http://pingler.com  and ping the search engines which notifies the search engine bots faster.
  11. If you ping video url’s use the url in the browser not the share url.
  12. If possible join a blog syndication group as you can get more traction when you have engagement with comments. A blog syndication allows you to go and post comments on others sites and they do the same thing in return for you.
  13. Make sure you hook up Google analytics to your website so that you can keep an eye on some of the stats. Tracking is critical in internet marketing because it allows you to see what is working and what is not.
  14. Make sure you put at least 2-3 calls to action with hyperlinks in your posts. Decide what your outcome of the call to action is and use only 1 call to action per post.

Copywriting tips that can help boost your blog

There are lots of copywriting tips that can help your blogging but I will keep it simple here.

One of the effective things that great writers do is to tell a story.

How To Be A Better Blogger

How To Be A Better Blogger

When you go to the movies if there is a good story we get more drawn into it.

Some other basic copywriting tips to use for blogging are:

  1. Use emotional triggers that grab people.
  2. Ask a lot of questions because people will read the questions to themselves and if that question is relevant to them they will try to answer it.
  3. Make sure that the information you are writing about flows. If your writing creates a scattered message then your readers will lose interest and leave.
  4.  Show your vulnerable side because people will identify with you more. Explain why you started down the path you did, or why you were frustrated and then discovered this product or service and how it transformed your business or your life.
  5. Be authentic. People connect better with others who appear real to them.

One of the common challenges of internet marketers or new bloggers is overwhelm

If you follow too many people or try to do too much all at once you will get frustrated.

Remember that every expert or guru started as a beginner.

Its okay to start where you are at.

If you want to know how to be a better blogger than start doing it and never give up.

Practice, practice, practice.

Shoot for excellence not perfection.

Be authentic with your followers as nobody likes a fake person.

Provide lots of value and serve others.

It really comes down to building relationships with your audience.

Happy blogging!

How To Be A Better Blogger

How To Be A Better Blogger


David Thompson

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