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Writing a blog – keep it simple…

The business landscape has changed and regardless of whether you have an offline business or an online business one of the easiest ways to reach new customers and followers is by writing a blog.

10 years ago there was a distinct separation in how the two worlds of online and offline reached their target audience.

All brick and mortar business models have shifted to the internet to connect and communicate with potential customers (or there better be a plan in place to do so).

Its a very cost effective way if you do it properly.

If you were trying to build a house and all you knew was how to put the wiring in you would simply contract out the other work.

Writing a blog on the internet is the same.

You will only do content such as writing some articles or shooting videos on your particular expertise.

The rest of it such as the technical side you get other people to do that.

Now, before you panic about writing a blog post or doing videos I will go into a little more detail as to how easy it really is.

Writing A Blog

Writing A Blog

Writing a blog with passion and purpose

If you already have a profession then the passion part is already in place.

Unless, you really don’t like what you do and you want to make a shift.

Writing a blog is far less complicated than you would imagine.

If you have a niche you are working in then that is your concept.

When you are passionate about something the way you express yourself about what you do exudes enthusiasm.

Have you ever been around someone who is enthusiastic, it is very easy to be attracted to their energy.

Most people underestimate their own knowledge and abilities.

You already possess the knowledge or solution to the problems that people are looking for answers for.

Writing a blog is simply you having a conversation with someone in a different format.

Do you want to learn more about writing a blog?

Do you want to learn how to connect, communicate and engage with people online?

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Writing a blog for business success

Now that you have your concept you can begin.

You can write your blog posts and use videos to enhance or compliment your posts.

What are your customers looking to solve?

Simply ask yourself a few questions regarding your niche and that is what you are will write or shoot videos about.

Writing a blog post is answering a how to problem.

What to look for?

What to avoid?

The types of questions to ask the contractor when they show up.

Your communication is building a relationship with your customer.

Almost every business looks to get repeat business and word of mouth referrals.

If you address these things on your blog then people will come back and refer their friends.

Study other competitor blogs to get ideas.

If you educate and inform your customers then they know, like and trust you.

Don’t complicate it.

Writing a blog is just another type of conversation.

Writing A Blog

Writing A Blog

Best blog practices

When you ready to start writing a blog you begin with some keyword search.

What are the words or phrases that your customers are typing into Google to find answers.

You use 3-4 of these keywords in your post and select one as your primary keyword.

You will use this one more often than the other keywords.

This is especially important for your local marketing as today your potential customer is doing a search online first and guess what happens if you aren’t online?

Exactly, they go to your competitors.

Think of the words and phrases relevant to your niche market and write a few things about that.

Always be thinking about how you can solve their problems.

Other best blog practices is to create regular content.

Keep a fresh look.

Shoot videos of your work and interview customers who you have sold your product or service to.

The best blog combines text posts, images and videos.

Don’t worry about being a pro with the camera.

Keep it real.

Using SEO when writing a blog

I know it sounds complicated but SEO which stands for search engine optimization simply means using a marketing strategy that has keywords and phrases show up related to your site and consistent amount of it to give you what I refer to as Google points.

Google is the search engine where everyone goes to look up anything and everything online. Its a standard practice now.

Keywords are part of a SEO strategy. Google has another company you have heard of called Youtube, the world’s most dominant video platform.

Did you know that you can set up a FREE account on Youtube and have your videos hosted for FREE.

Caution, do not mix your personal stuff with your business stuff on either your blog or on social media.

You can also shoot and upload videos for FREE on Facebook on a fan page.

All this exposure for FREE.

All this helps to enhance the SEO on your blog because you will embed links to your blog everywhere.

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Writing A Blog

Writing A Blog

The best blogging platform to use

The old style websites used what is referred to as static pages.

WordPress is a blog format that appeals to a lot of people because it is FREE and you can use it as an interactive site.

Although wordpress is FREE you still have to set it up and install plugins to make it operate the way you want.

WordPress also has vulnerabilities because wordpress sites usually end up on servers along with hundreds or thousands of other websites.

This makes it particularly easy to hack into and crash your site.

The best blogging platform would ideally be hosted on a dedicated server but this is far too expensive for most people starting out.

Since most people are technically challenged the best blogging platform is one  that provides security and simplicity to use.

There is a new platform available that is simpler and it is more secure and powerful than wordpress.

It also allows you to run 3 separate domains from if you wanted to.

You can have training, support, mentoring and a complete blueprint for all your blogging needs.

You get this and much much more.

This platform also has integrated SEO so you can hit the ground running and not worry about all the technical jazz.

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Writing A Blog

Writing A Blog


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