Effective Blog Strategy = Results!

The right blog strategy will rock your results…

Are you headed in the right direction with your blog?

Or do you have one of those helter skelter approaches and you are winging it every day?

If you are doing this, let me ask you a question.

How is that working out for you?

Every successful business has a blueprint and if you don’t have a blog strategy in place for your blog then you will be wishing and hoping for results.

The same principle applies to when you bake a cake.

There is a recipe to get the desired result.

Take out one ingredient and it will not turn out like you expect.

A little research goes a long way to achieving your goals with a solid blog strategy.

Once you learn the fundamentals of how to structure your blog and set up your categories  which will reach your target market you can start creating content to attract more eyeballs.

It is crtical that you select a blog theme that is mobile responsive because 55% of searches are done on mobile devices now.

Google also punishes you for ranking if the theme is not mobile responsive.

Blog Strategy

Blog Strategy

Fundamentals of your blog strategy

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when you are doing your blogging.

Google being the king of search engines has a list of relevant criteria (SEO)that will help your site to rank and their algorithms are constantly changing so do not try to game the system and take shortcuts.

Blogging is a long term approach.

One of your priorities is establish yourself as an authority both in the eyes of Google and your future customers.

No one wants to read crap content anyway.

Here are some simple steps to factor into your blog strategy.

1) H tags which are the heading tags for your subject title and your paragraphs have guidelines to follow.

Your subject title is an H1 so you never use H1 anywhere else.

You need to break up your blog posts into paragraphs so your header for the first paragraph should be an H2.

Typically you don’t use any more than 2 headers with H2.

Then you can split the headers with H3 (no more than 3 headers) H4 (no more than 4 headers) .

2) You can do blog posts with no less than 300 words.

SEO smart is longer posts.

A good blog post is 1,000 words, a great post is 2,000 and the best is 3,000 plus words.

When you consider that entire books are written on many of the subjects of your posts it will take 1,000-3,000 to show Google that you deserve to be an authority.

The most important thing is consistency so if you have time constraints then do a couple of posts at 300-1,000 and do 1 or more 1,000+ per week.

3) When you are doing your keyword search to select your focus keyword and usually 2-3 other keywords to spread throughout the post.

Don’t keyword stuff.

You can add the plugin Yoast to do some analysis on your writing and it will give you the % and number of times your keyword appears.

Try to stay in the .5-2% range for your primary keyword.

If you need other suggestions for keywords you can do a Google search on your primary keyword and at the bottom of the page you will see 10 suggested other keywords.

Use what is relevant and filter these in your writing.

4) Link to other relevant articles on your blog. (SEO)

You can also get a plugin that shows 4 related posts from your blog at the bottom of the post so people can click on other articles.

5) Link out to other related articles on other relevant blogs . (SEO)

Don’t be afraid to share others info.

Google will reward you for it.

6) Use several related images to your keyword focus and also use Youtube videos.

Images and videos help you get better ranking and views.

7) When you look at some of the criteria Google uses to rank you it tells you to pay attention to what you post unless you can totally depend on driving all your own traffic.

Page views, bounce rate (when they click on and how fast they click off your site), Average session time, pages per session, # users (new and returning) and engagement ( comments, likes, shares)

8) And of course good content.

What is your audience struggling with, what pain do they have?

Your content is the solution.

9) Consistent posting to keep your audience coming back and this also serves Google.

Blog Strategy

Blog Strategy

Designing your blog marketing strategy

Now that you have written your blog post what do you do? You need to start the blog promotion process. Your blog marketing strategy should encompass several key aspects to get more traffic and engagement. Here are some of the things you do with every post.

1) You can use Pingler.com (Free) to get your keyword and post url indexed faster. You just enter the keyword and url and then it sends it out to a variety of places for the search engines to find it faster.

2) You publish your post on your Facebook page and your personal profile. You can also join many relevant groups to publish your content in. You then jump over to Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn (any other social media networks you create accounts)

3) Email your blog post to your email list. Great traffic builder.

4) Join a syndicated group and post your links and you share comments on others posts and they comment on your’s and this is great engagement.

5) If you do videos (recommended) then you post your video on Youtube and then you separately post it on Facebook. Do not post your Youtube video directly on Facebook. It will get pushed to bottom of the list.

Do you want to know how to implement a successful blog marketing strategy?

Do you want a blueprint for mastering blogging?

Do you think you could learn from someone who gets 900,000 views per month?

Click the link and watch the FREE video to have a sneak inside look.

Blog Strategy

Blog Strategy

Great business blog ideas…

There is no shortage of great business blog ideas for you to create a successful online business.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start because you can simply promote others products.

You can sell banner ads for your site once you start to generate traffic.

There are lots of tools and resources that other internet marketers will need for their business so you can create a tools and resources page and have people buy from you.

Things such as an autoresponder, hosting, domain purchasing and keyword search tools.

I have lots of these items listed on my tools page for you to check out.

Do a little research and find what you love to do and get started today.

Are you looking for some great business blog ideas?

Do you want to work with a system that was built by internet marketers for internet marketers?

You get access to training, tools, resources, mentoring and a community of people ready to help you grow your online business ideas.

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The power of mastermind with others

Ask any successful business person and they will tell you that their learning curve changed when they found a mentor.

Faster acceleration to results.

Less mistakes.

Take blog content creation for example, there is an effective and simple way to do it right.

If you want to read a full blog post on content click here.

There is a system behind every success.

Do you want to struggle to figure it out on your own and burn through your time and cash?

Results are what keep people in the business game.

You can get them sooner or later depending on how quickly you want to achieve them.

Click the link and see what thousands of others have discovered.

Blog Strategy

Blog Strategy


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