Effective Online Business Strategy

You need an effective online business strategy to succeed.

Can you imagine getting into a plane and you are going to parachute for the very first time.

You and ten of your friends.

Everyone is excited.

There is just one catch, you are the only one without a parachute and you have to jump out of the plane and figure out a way to land safely on the ground.

How would that make you feel?

Your heart would be racing and you would be in total panic mode.

Insane to think about it isn’t it.

No one would do such a thing.

You would not jump out of the plane without a parachute, training, mentoring and practice.

Have you ever tried to start an internet marketing business.

Most people jump online without an online business strategy.

They just jump and hope that they can figure it out before they hit the ground.

Does this sound familiar?

Starting a business with no preparation, no plan and no strategy.

Does this sound like the perfect recipe for failure? Guaranteed!

Online Business Strategy

Online Business Strategy

How to start your internet marketing plan

You have chosen your niche and target market and now it is time to put a killer internet marketing plan in place that will be your blueprint.

It fundamentally comes down to you asking some very basic questions to understand what problems you have to solve for your potential customers.

That’s ultimately what it is all about.

Everyone has a problem or a pain that they want to resolve in their life or business.

You are going to create an internet marketing plan that addresses the solution for your potential customer.

The first problem is that most marketers put on their marketers cap and think from only one end of the process.

How can you get them to buy your stuff?

There are two people involved so you need to put on two caps to figure out what goes into the process.

There is the consumer and the marketer.

What is interesting is that most marketers forget that one thing we all have in common is that we are all consumers.

You need to think from both ends of the process and connect the dots to get the optimum results.

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11 Reasons Internet Marketers Fail

Your internet marketing strategy to riches…

The first thing I will advise you in your internet marketing strategy is not to be thinking of the money you will make first.

That’s another recipe for failure.

Focus on the value you can bring to others.

It begins with a needs assessment.

What is the relevancy of the product or service you will be providing?

It has to be 100% value based.

Too many internet marketers are looking for the short cut to riches.

Give your potential customers what you would want as a consumer.

Do you like to get ripped off?

Do you like it when some marketer gives you lousy customer service?

Of course not.

Neither do they (your customers).

Your internet marketing strategy needs to be congruent from the beginning of your process on a capture page or blog to the final stage which is the actual sale.

Online Business Strategy

Online Business Strategy

A brilliant online business strategy gets insane results

You start with a marketers perspective and then determine the consumer relevancy which is value and benefits.

Regardless of whether it is an optin page on your blog or you are marketing through capture pages direct you need to look at the display and how is the message being presented.

The best online marketing strategies always have the purpose of the result you want to achieve embedded in the design.

Confusion in the message causes people to take no action and click off.

You have to mind map out the strategy of the entire process before you put it into action.

You need to refine your online business strategy into a process which will become your system to work from.

Successful marketers always create a blueprint of the process before they put it out there.

Like any process you will always be tweaking and doing split tests to see what is the most effective strategy that is giving you optimum results.

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Best online marketing strategies to create results that rock…

Total clarity on what you want to achieve is paramount.

It’s interesting because in the formal education system if you copy someone you are a cheat.

In the business world you are told to do the exact opposite.

Go find someone who has achieved the goals you want to achieve and model that success pattern.

You start with an effective strategy, turn that into your process which becomes your system and this is your blueprint for success.

Once you are getting your desired results you simply rinse and repeat often.

You show the value and benefits of your product and/or service, then instead of negotiating for the price or sale you will have customers lined up to finish the deal with a purchase.

This is all the beginning of building relationships with what I refer to as permission based marketing.

Once you get the process right you will see your results soar.

Online Business Strategy

Online Business Strategy

Christopher Columbus School of Planning…

-when he left, he didn’t know where he was going.

-when he got there, he didn’t know where he was.

-when he got back, he didn’t know where he had been.

Do you want this to be you with your online business strategy?

Framework of planning…

1) Establish your goals and objectives

2) Define the present situation

3) Forecast aids and barriers to goals and objectives

4) Develop action plan to achieve goals and objectives.

5) Develop budgets.

6) Implement plans.

7) Control the plans.

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Online Business Strategy

Online Business Strategy


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