Effective Tips On Time Management

How are your time management skills?

If you are like most people you struggle with time management.

First, let me explain that there is an illusion that you can manage time.

With or without your cooperation time marches on.

The clock keeps on ticking, the days, weeks, months and years roll by.

You can’t manage time but you can manage yourself to be more productive.

One of my mentors told me that there is one thing only that makes us all equal.

That is the amount of time we are all given.

Everybody gets the same amount of time.

24 hours a day.

No more,no less.

So, what separates the the successful people from the unsuccessful people?

Its called priorities.

What are your priorities?

Everybody wants more.

But are they willing to do more to get more?

The obvious answer is no, because most people are struggling financially.

I’m going to offer you some tips on time management to help you be more productive instead of just busy.

Tips On Time Management

Tips On Time Management

How do you hold time?

The way that most people are running around you would seem to think that time is an endless resource.

I don’t know if you have noticed but people are rushing everywhere.

If you stop and ask them something a common answer is that they don’t have any time.

Did something happen and some people were given less than 24 hours in a day?


Its called a major mix up in priorities.

Do you have your priorities straight?

Statistics state that the average person spends 21 hours watching television every week.

That’s almost 1 day of the week sitting in front of the TV.

Time is a non renewable resource and when you waste its gone, forever.

How many people do you know that either spend their time wallowing in the past or forecasting in the future?

Tips On Time Management

Tips On Time Management

Do you realize that there is only one moment that matters?

That is the present and so few people spend time there.

So, if you are off revisiting the past, of which you can do nothing about or looking ahead for tomorrow, what happens to the present?


It gets neglected.

What is the only part of time that you can do something about?

Right now!

The present.

You need to hold time , that this is it.

That is one of the best tips on time management that I can offer.

Do you have an effective time management strategy?

Let me make something perfectly clear.

Nobody ever gets it all done.

There will always be something to do.

Without a time management strategy you will be flying by the seat of your pants everyday.

This is exhausting.

Do you know anyone, that is successful, that has no plan?

Of course not.

Every successful person has a strategic process they follow and a time management strategy is a key component of that.

How to improve time management

Do you know what your priorities are?

If not, make that first on your list.

One way how to improve time management is to create a daily plan.

Brian Tracy, the business coach guru, always talks about eating the frog first, which means that you do the hardest thing first.

Tips On Time Management

Tips On Time Management

Your energy always dissipates during the day so you want to focus on the top priorities early in your day.

Learn the difference between “urgent” and “important”, and make time for the latter.

Know when to stop fine tuning your work, aim for excellence not perfection.

Write stuff out (or use your planner in your mobile device) as much as possible so you don’t clutter your mind trying to remember stuff.

Cross things off your list when completed and give yourself a little reward for each completed task.

A reward could be as simple as a 10 minute break.

How to improve your time management is a lot about the little things you do daily.

If you want to read a great blog post on time management go check it out here.

Time management strategies could change your life

Do you know what happens to people who don’t pay attention to the time they waste?

Not much.

They generally become part of the 80% club who wing it through life and then come face to face with all the regrets.

Time management tips are life changing if you want to achieve anything in life.

Here are some very fundamental time management tips that will alter your course if you implement them.

  1. Learn to say no.
  2. Set and maintain your priorities.
  3. Block of segments of time to perform tasks.
  4. Eliminate distractions. (as much as possible)
  5. Stop multi tasking.
  6. Set some time for you each day.
  7. If you feel overwhelmed, break things down into bite size.
  8. Establish goals and timelines to achieve them.
  9. Develop discipline.
  10. Stop thinking you can do it all.
  11. Get organized.
Tips On Time Management

Tips On Time Management

There is really no rocket science to this.

If you can slowly implement these time management tips into your life you will start to see completely different results.

Tony Robbins has a quote that says, “The past does not equal the future.”

Regardless of how you have been doing things if you will change the way you are doing things your life will improve.

One of the significant factors that adds to your burdens is stress and if you are not good at managing your time then you will become more stressed.

Stop chasing your tail everyday and start using these tips on time management

It is true that we do live in a world filled with distractions.

It is a challenge to put the blinders on and do what must be done everyday.

If you know what your priorities are and you stick to them things will get easier.

Things like saying “No” will free up lots of time because eventually you will start to feel resentment towards others you can’t say no to.

Do you know people that allow themselves to get pulled into every direction every day?

How productive are they?

Then why do you want to be like that?

Start empowering yourself and staying on track with your plans.

You get in life what you tolerate.

The precursor to any change in life is awareness.

You first need to learn about yourself from your patterns of habit.

If you don’t guard those precious seconds, minutes and hours then your life will slip away.

The past, present and future

Do you know what happens to someone who is always looking behind them in the past or ahead of them in the future?

They forget where they are going.

This is the perfect recipe to keep yourself scattered and off balance.

What can you do right now to make changes?

The only place you can make changes is the present.

The decisions and choices you make right now will have consequences.

Time management is really all about you simply taking control of your life.

You can always make more money if you lose it.

You can’t make more time so why waste it.

Time is one of the most valuable resources you have.

Have you ever noticed as you get older how much faster time seems to go?

Maybe you need to start getting ready for your new life by design instead of living by default.

Time waits for no one!

Tips On Time Management

Tips On Time Management


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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  1. Great tips and strategies David to use for time management. I have to say that technology has provided a great way to connect with people and build our business but it sure can eat up time if we don’t pay attention to our goals and what needs to be accomplished each day. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

  2. Hey David I absolutely love the time management and productivity tips you shared here, time is valuable and the only thing we can do is in the NOW. Setting priorities right is so important!

    Thank you, Vitaliy

  3. Excellent post, those are things I have to remind myself of or I find my day has slipped away on time. Focus and time management are two big learning lesions for me

    • If you have 100% clarity with what you want I have found that makes it easier to focus. We all need to remind ourselves daily. That’s why it is important to be around supportive people.

  4. You have to manage yourself. It is kind of hard to manage something that never stops

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