Energy Vampires and Dream Stealers

The one thing that changes the game -confidence

Do you have confidence in yourself? Energy vampires and dream stealers are lurking everywhere. They might even be hiding in your house.

The unfortunate thing is that sometimes they are disguised as friends and family. Have you ever had a great idea?

The first people you normally turn to are family and friends. You are all excited about this new idea and then WHAMM, what you get back is not what you expected from people that are supposed to care about you.

“That will never work.” “You don’t know how to do that.” “You have never succeeded at anything so why bother trying something new.” Ouch! That stings.

If you have developed confidence in yourself you can usually withstand the negative comments.

The interesting thing is that most people who try to steal your thunder or put you down have never done anything with their life so what they are really conveying to you is their story.

Confidence is like a protective shield that lets negativity bounce off you.



What story have you bought into about yourself?

Most people grow up in environments that lack high self esteem and self confidence. By the time you are 5 years old chances are you have heard a lot of negative comments or criticisms in reference to yourself.

All these impressions can leave a lasting effect on you until you become consciously aware of it and then make the decision to do something about it. The sad part is that throughout all of this you have made up a story about yourself and right or wrong you have come to believe it.

Unfortunately everyone has opinions that are usually not founded on facts and they like to cast these opinions on others.

Studies have been done and what was discovered is that 87% of what we hear, see or experience in the course of the day is negative.

What’s on the news, negative stories.

What do people talk about more often, negative stories.

What is one of the biggest things coming to light in schools, bullying, which is picking on others for being different.

This all leaves an impression on the subconscious mind and guess what is coming at you again tomorrow, more negative crap.

You can reverse all this when you learn to build self confidence.

Confidence allows you to make the tough decisions look easy

The choice is yours. You can buy into a story of limiting beliefs and live a life of mediocrity or you can break free of the negative crap and accomplish anything you want to. Just take a look at anyone who has accomplished anything in their life.

They overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles. A prime example is Oprah Winfrey. She was raised in an extremely abusive environment and also grew up in poverty. She had all the reasons or excuses not to do anything with her life.

She made a conscious decision to change all that for herself. Look at what she overcame, developing incredible self confidence and set her life on a new path.

The result is that she has become one of the most influential women on the planet. Not her town, not her state, not her country, the entire planet.

Look at the thousands of lives she has changed by building confidence to overcome her circumstances. She is only one example.

Are you going to buy into your limiting beliefs or are you going to write a new chapter in your life?

Do you want to change your life? Do you want to be surrounded by abundant thinkers or are ready to help you step up your game?

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How to be confident is a shift in mindset

What do you believe about yourself? Do you have confidence or are you controlled by your limiting beliefs?

The precursor to change is awareness. This comes from taking a good long look at the person you see in the mirror every morning and being honest with yourself.

The next step is making a conscious decision that you want to change. This is where the tough decisions come into play.

Take a look at the environment you are in and the people you spend the most time with. Are they on the same path as you and/or will they be supportive of your new path?

If not you have some weeding to do because they will become your energy vampires and the dream stealers of your future.

If you want to know how to be confident you have to be around confident people who can teach you.

Believing in yourself is one of these most powerful things that will shift your life. When you stop needing others approval and acceptance you will change your life forever.

I want to emphasize again that often the people that try to hold you down have insecurities about themselves, low self esteem, limiting beliefs, so when they are spreading their negative mindset on you, they are just revealing their story not yours.

Ask any successful person how to be confident, and they will tell you make a decision and take massive action.

Do you believe that anything is possible? Do you want to work with people that do believe that anything is possible?

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How to be successful – Confidence

Confidence does not mean that you will not make mistakes or experience failure. If you want to know how to be successful then you must accept failing as a learning process to succeed.

Given the level of negative crap you experience in the world on a daily basis more people will kick you when you are down than the ones that will put out their hand to help you back up.

Misery loves company, that is why energy vampires and dream stealers want to bring people down to their level.

Pay attention to what you read, what you listen to and more importantly who you surround yourself with.

Those that have a lack or scarcity mindset feel that they have to compete with you because there is only room for so many winners.

How to be successful is about thinking and acting differently than the masses who love swimming in their life of mediocrity.

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