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Understanding the power of leverage

Knowledge is potential power but applied knowledge is where the real power is generated. Take the number of hours in a day for example. Everyone gets exactly the same. 24 hours a day. No more or no less. The average person puts in their time while the wealthy person uses the power of leverage to create mailbox money.

Wealthy people understand that you can work for money and then the key to riches is to have money work for you. When you start applying this wealth philosophy you can build up your mailbox money.

The working class usually climb on the time for money treadmill and never get off for 40-50 years. The problem with this strategy is that with only 24 hours in a day you can’t build mailbox money.

Mailbox Money

Mailbox Money

Create mailbox money to have your freedom

The principal behind mailbox money is to leverage other people’s time and other’s people’s money. Typically speaking the average working class person makes enough money to get by, pay the bills and maybe take a little vacation every year.

Wages usually are not enough to build your beach money account so that you can retire early. One of the primary problems today is that we live in an instant gratification world and we want everything now.

Lack of discipline leads you to spend more than you earn so you have to keep pounding away on that time for money treadmill. This is part of the cause of 85% of all people not being able to afford retirement when it arrives. Does this perhaps sound familiar.

Mailbox Money

Mailbox Money

Ways to create mailbox money

If the wealthy people can do it so can you. Financial discipline is necessary and so is financial education. One of the most common places wealthy people use to maintain and build the wealth they created is with real estate. You live in one house but when you buy a second, you can rent this out. This is like you creating your own 401K or retirement fund.

If you look at the prices of real estate over the last 60 years have they gone up or down? Of course they have gone up. You get to rent your second home and have someone else pay off your mortgage. A second home can lead to a third and so on. This is residual income that keeps on coming in. You now have one strategy that allows your money to work for you while you work to earn more.

Network marketing is another great way to generate mailbox money because you will be building a network or a team and leveraging other people’s efforts. This applies to building any network. The network marketing system is actually more fair because anyone can apply the same strategy whereas a telephone or other typical network only makes profits for the company.

If you want to look at a franchise style business model to create your mailbox money click the link and watch the free video.

How to use a system to build mailbox money

The great thing about technology is that it works 24/7. Having a system is brilliant because you do the work to set it up and it goes on its own. With the explosion of the internet a wide array of business opportunities can help you build your beach money account. Affiliate marketing is a great concept because you don’t even have to create a product. You only have to drive traffic and convert the leads to sales.

Once you build a loyal following you find products and services to fill your customers needs. Some affiliate products pay you one time while many others pay you over and over as subscriptions renew. For example everyone doing internet business is building a list and they all need an autoresponder. You can sign up as an affiliate for FREE and everyone you recommend you get 30%+ every month. And you don’t do the work.

I make money on hosting (every website is hosted somewhere) , autoresponders, keyword tools, article tools and lots of other systems. The key ( to me) is to be an integrity marketer. Don’t be a sleazy sell every thing marketer. This will turn off your audience. There is lots of good stuff out there to make mailbox money with. Take a look at the tools section on my blog for some great ideas.

Here is a link to an amazing done-for-you system that has had rave reviews.

Mailbox Money

Mailbox Money

Retirement comes faster than you think….

Planning your future is not rocket science but it takes discipline. Live within your means but get the education you need to create your mailbox money account. Leverage, leverage, leverage is the way to your dream lifestyle. Buy a second home, build a network or use a system to generate mailbox money.

Before you know it you will be looking back and wonder where did all the time go. You can either be part of the 85% crowd who will crawl into retirement and struggle to maintain a mediocre life style or you can be part of the beach money gang. Your life. Your choice. The clock is ticking. Making money while you sleep is a great cure for insomnia.

If you are looking for options to discover your mailbox money then check out this link now.

Mailbox Money

Mailbox Money


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