Financial Freedom Or Security – You Choose!

Do you believe that financial freedom is a reality?

What story have you bought into? From a very early age the majority of people have been told to go and get an education so that you can get a good job. How is that plan working out for you?

The world was humming along with its usual up and down cycles of boom and busts. Then along came came 2007 when it seemed that someone took the world and tilted the axis and tipped it upside down.

The global economy was shaken to its core and millions of people who had bought into the story of financial freedom had suddenly woken up to the reality that most if not all of everything they had would be gone.

This all seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. The perplexing question on everyone’s mind was -“Now what do I do?”

Financial freedom versus financial security

The path of least resistance seems to be the one most people choose. Now, if you ask most people what they want, right near the top of the list is financial freedom. Going out into the workplace to get a J.O.B. (just over broke) seemed to be that easy thing to do.

The education system promotes the idea of working for someone else far more than it teaches you to be an entrepreneur and go take risks building a business. Statistics have proven that financial security is a false perception, otherwise why would 85% of all people be ill prepared for their retirement.

Does the education system fail to prepare you or are you just to lazy to take the responsibility of your life into your own hands?

The global economic crisis (2007) has proven that when you put the decisions of your life into others hands you are subjected to the consequences of others bad decisions.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

The shock when you find out the story you believed is a lie

Their was a caption on the issue of USA Today November 30, 2001 in the “money” section, a large color photograph of a 58 year old man. He appears intelligent and distinguished looking. You might confuse him for the CEO of a large corporation but in reality he is another dedicated employee of ENRON, a company where the real CEO and top executives appeared to be riding off in the sunset with millions but the company was now bankrupt. OUCH!

All the employees who had their life savings into investments (401K) and shares in the company had crashed and burned. This happened with WorldCom and other companies that left millions stranded financially. So, whose fault is it, the companies for doing what they did or the people that put all their faith and trust (and money) into their hands.

Regardless of the blame, countless numbers of employees were now jobless and broke. BAMM! Just like that.

The lack of financial education can serve as a cruel life lesson! How many times has this happened since 2001?

Is it time to wake up and take charge of your life now?

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The system is a great promoter of financial security

Have you ever noticed that when you have money you have a lot of friends? One of those friends is the financial services industry. They will gladly take of your hard earned money, for a FEE.

Profit is not a dirty word, when there is a fair exchange of value given. Why is it that the banks and financial services industry make millions and billions in profits and they pay out what seems like pennies.

In good times no one seems to mind. The banks and financial services companies win, you win. But, in bad times the banks and financial services companies win ( because regardless of what happens they get their fees and commissions) and you lose. Wait a minute, that’s not fair!

The banks draw you in with their, you can trust us to watch your money idea, after all they are a bank with billions in their portfolios.

I remember walking into my bank looking after my regular business and over time getting to know the teller, I find out she was living in an apartment with her husband and advising me how financially poor off they were. Barely paying their bills. After a few months I walked in the bank one day and looked in a corner office and this teller was now looking after the selling of financial services investments for the bank.

Would you want to trust someone who has no investments, very little knowledge and obviously very little financial ability to run her own affairs telling you where to put your money? This is very common for people with great salesmanship to convince people where to invest their money.

They make their commissions, the financial services company makes their fees and you may or may not make your money. The result of the global economic crisis proved to a lot of people that system is suspect to greed and corruption.

So, do you still want to put your investments in other’s hands?

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Shifting from security mindset to financial freedom

One of the challenges you will face if you come from a security mindset (job) and want to create financial freedom you must do a paradigm shift. The education system teaches you theory and principle but it fails in teaching you the practical application in the real world.

Before you get upset with me and think I’m against education, I’m not. In lots of industry formal education is necessary but as Jim Rohn put it, “Formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a fortune.” Ask yourself this, who do you see as the world’s richest people. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson… all these people have a tremendous amount of self education and they hire the people with the formal education to work in their business.

It’s like learning about residual income for the first time. It blew my mind when I realized I could work once and get paid for a long time from that effort.

Residual income teaches you to leverage the most precious commodity there is, TIME, you and everyone else only get 24 hours a day. No more, no less. Residual incomes compounds your efforts over and over and in some cases with an infinite return.

You can either get into a business like real estate, which has a high entry barrier, known as capital, or you could get into a low entry barrier with high rewards, if you do it right.

Mistakes in the real estate market could cost you everything or you could do something that provides you with the education, knowledge, training and support. Your choice.

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Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Network Marketing – Is it really a better way?

Let’s look at the real world system of jobs.

1) How much chance do you have of being president? Virtually none.

2) Can you make as much money as the president? Never.

3) Can you get fired ANYTIME ? Yes.

4) What do you have to give versus what you get?  A lifetime of work and dedication and sacrifice that can get wiped out in a second. The financial reward is less attractive now because pension plans and benefits have been altered or eliminated.

5) Can you go on vacation as often as you want and when you want? This usually works with seniority and since the forecast is 5 careers in a lifetime now you can’t build up vacation time like before.

This is the new reality everyone has to face now. Companies are continually looking to downsize and outsource because they have to compete and it is 100% about the bottom line.

Network marketing is not for everyone.  Some people are wired to have someone tell them what to do and when to do it.

Let me ask you this, if you looked at selling as serving, (which it is), and you were able to serve people solutions, does this sound appealing? Have you ever referred someone to a movie, to a store or a restaurant because you loved it. Have you ever been paid to recommend these people. Probably not.

What’s wrong with the concept of referring business to a business and getting paid in exchange? Sounds fair to me.

You can start at the bottom and work your way to the top. There is no salary cap. You get paid on performance.

Network marketing provides the structure, the delivery system, the admin system and good ones provide great training to help everyone get started and move up the ladder of success. You can never get fired! You set your own schedule.

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Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom


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