Financial Security – Is It An Illusion For You?

Time to get your badass in the workplace to create your future…

You have just spent the last 12 years of your life in school and it’s time to  choose your next path to create  financial security for your future. You may not quite realize it yet but those 12 years you spent in school did nothing to prepare you on how to build your financial security.

No lessons about banking, how to invest money, how to get a mortgage and really nothing about how to effectively manage credit and debt. Without the proper fundamentals how will you possibly create financial security?

So, decision time; go get a job with a high school education or go to college or university to get a degree or option 3, become an entrepreneur.

Start working on financial security now or…..

Now, you have decided to go to university instead of joining the workforce. What courses do you take? It’s not that simple any more because in 4 years the economy will have shifted and maybe your chosen course is no longer in demand.

What do you like to do? How much does this pay? Will you even like what you have chosen? This is a big load of responsibility to take on when you are 18 years old. I remember when I was faced with this situation and the counsellor I spoke with only focused on one point, how much money will you make,period.

This is a huge financial burden that you will have to pay back after you graduate. Financial security seems to be getting further away.

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Financial Security

Financial Security


This is not a game of monopoly….

It was fun playing monopoly when you were a kid. You got hotels and property and it was all just a game that you packed up and put away at the end. Unfortunately it does not work that way in the real world.

You just spent the  next 2-7 years getting your degree. Like most, you have your diploma and you also have a $25,000.00-$100,000.00+ debt depending on what course you had taken. In most cases you still don’t understand finances, how to buy a home, how to create a budget or where to invest money for your financial security.

You would think that this would be an elementary thing to teach young people. Having the right perspective on how to handle money is essential to you creating your financial independence.

Of course you could always just give your money to the financial institutions to look after. They will leverage your money to make billions and pay you pennies. Hmmmmm. Why didn’t they teach that in school? For a great article on financial security check out this link.

financial security


Financial security and the system…..

If the financial institutions are making billions of dollars a year in profits from yours and my money and giving us a fraction of a % , it is time to ask yourself some serious questions. School did not teach you how the real world works. Who can you trust with your money?

Financial planners earn money from  fees they get with your investments. Win or lose they get their fees. Does this seem fair? This is your hard earned money. There are lots of ways to earn good interest on your money but ultimately the responsibility and decision is yours to make.

You need to do your due diligence and understand how the financial world really works. Everyone felt very secure with banks and investment firms until the dark reality of the financial crisis kicked in back in 2007. Many people lost everything they worked hard for because they trusted the financial world to look after their money.

Now, instead of FREEDOM 55 many of the people who emerged out of the global financial crisis are looking at retiring, maybe 10-15 years later than expected. Quite the reality shock.

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Chasing the illusive dream of financial freedom…

Everyone wants to have financial security. The sad reality is that most people will never achieve this goal. The financial world is a complex one to understand but the responsibility for your financial freedom falls on your shoulders.

In these insecure times it is even more challenging to figure out what to do and where to put your money to work for you. Like in the great depression, bad times do bring with it an abundance of opportunity and ones that don’t have to be high risk. You can take control of your financial future and create the life of your dreams.

More people are becoming millionaires than any time in history.

Financial Security

Financial Security

Exploring options that might work for you…

The world is changing at a rapid pace and the demands in the marketplace are shifting, especially with the introduction of new technologies. One of the trends that is exploding is the work from home business sector.

Due to many corporate jobs heading overseas to cheap labor countries the long term career opportunities are fading away. Downsizing and outsourcing is commonplace. But the good news is that there are literally thousands of opportunities for you to create your financial security. The key is to find the right one that resonates with you.

The advantages are huge and most of these opportunities have the basic infrastructure already there to support you. Therefore the risk is minimal and statistics have proven that work from home businesses actually generate more income than jobs. There are many online business ideas available through the internet.

There are 4 basic options for you to choose:

1) You could keep on doing what you are doing. How is that working for you?

2) You could upgrade your education or skills and stay in the job market.

3) You could start your own business and try to figure it out.

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Financial Security

Financial Security


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