Finding Your Someday

Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,Someday….

Did you ever notice that there is no Someday on the calendar? You hear a lot of people talking about someday they are going to start that business, someday I’m going to go on a diet, someday I’m going to quit smoking. Unless you use a different calendar then me, someday never ever comes. If you want to build your dreams, whatever those dreams are, you have to create a plan and then take action. Life will go on without you regardless whether you are an active participant or not. Stop wishing and get going.


Get Out of Your Own Way!

What is holding you back? Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection or are you afraid of what “they will say”? Putting off your future by saying you will do it someday is a lame excuse. No one has ever been successful at anything by perfecting procrastination. The only person who is standing in your way, ever, is the one you look at in the mirror every morning,YOU. I have met many people who have piled up a heavy load of regret because they did not get out of that false sense of security called a comfort zone. If you shift the way you think by saying that the worse case scenario is that you will learn, you will be able to adapt to the moments in life you have experienced temporary defeat and move on. 

How to Overcome The Fear and Do It Anyway

If you do a proper evaluation of the possible consequences of both failure and success, which one do you think would be more healthy for you? Actually, most people will tell you they learned more from a failure but to experience success is a wonderful thing. The more you put off doing what you say, the greater the stress build up in the body and it literally sucks the self esteem right out of you. A lifetime of somedays and you will be like a beaten down dog with your tail between your legs and head down. Psychologists have studied the effects and it is recommended to be more aggressive or assertive in your action plan than it is to be passive and sit around thinking about it. 


Your Current Environment is Like a Boat Anchor or a Sail

The people you spend the most time with, your upbringing in childhood and more importantly the story you have bought into about yourself are 3 of the most critical components that either lift you up or hold you back. You have the power to choose something different at any time. If your friends and family have opted for a life of mediocrity then you either stay stuck with them or you  find quality people to spend quality time with to create a new life for you. I’m not saying abandon your family, but you can choose to limit the time you give to anyone who is a negative influence on you. Tough decision but its your life being affected.


If You Want To Have More You Have To Become More 

Someday is not a plan that you can afford to adopt as your strategic plan to achieve success. Disciplined action on a daily basis is a great way to overcome fear and procrastination. Will you encounter obstacles, of course you will, everyone does. The up side to that is by you becoming more, it will have a direct and lasting positive impact on all areas of your life. The quality of your relationships will improve, your level of happiness will increase and this will start to attract into your life the people and things you need to achieve even more. Becoming a better version of yourself allows you to handle any naysayers trying to deflate your ambitions. No more somedays for YOU.

Success is yours to discover…imagine!


David Thompson

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